WANDAVISION Episode 7 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Theories

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    WANDAVISION Episode 7 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Theories. We review, recap and explain the seventh episode of Wandavision on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We also discuss the post-credits scene and big reveal that Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness.
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    0:00 Episode 7 Intro
    0:45 Wiccan and Speed Explained
    3:14 Agatha Harkness Explained
    4:56 Episode 7 Sitcom Influences
    5:45 Episode 7 Breakdown
    20:57 Episode 7 Reaction and Review
    22:02 Jimmy Woo Disney Plus Show?
    Wandavision is a Disney Plus MCU Marvel Show by Kevin Feige starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. The Show features Agatha Harkness, The Grim Reaper and more. Every week we will be doing Wandavision breakdowns, easter egg videos, theories and ending explaineds so definitely stick around. We will also be discussing upcoming Marvel Phase 4 properties such as Spider-man 3, Loki, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, The Eternals and Black Widow.
    Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul aka the guy who's breakdowns you watch whilst you wait for New Rockstars to upload theirs and this video we have a lot to talk about.
    Episode 7 of Wandavision brings a lot with it and we pick up in the aftermath of Wanda expanding the Hex after she lost her Vision like daredevil. The malcolm in the middle esque entry had Vision saying you're not the boss of me now and the cliffhanger showed SWORD for the clowns they really are. Episode 7 evolves the two storylines in many ways and there's a lot to unpack from the entry.
    As always I'm gonna be discussing some of the more general aspects of the episode up top but if you wanna SPEED through the video then timecodes are linked below.
    Now firstly I wanna dicuss Billy and Tommy which just so happens to be the name of both my grandfathers.
    It's all connected.
    It's clear that the characters are becoming Wiccan and Speed and thus I feel this is the best episode to give you the 411 on who they really are. Originally in the comics the twins were introduced as Wanda's Children in the graphic novel Vision and The Scarlett Witch. This book followed the pair as they made a life in New Jersey but there was a twist in the tale. Because Vision was unable to have children, Wanda unwittingly used fragments of Mephisto's soul to give life to them and they were eventually reabsorbed by the villain.
    However the pair were brought back and they were reincarnated under surrogate parents to become the mutants that we all know and love.

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    1. Heavy Spoilers

      Let us know your thoughts on the big twist ending and what you think is really going on. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel nlname.info/fund/q3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ *Check out our BEST new videos below* *Willy's Wonderland Ending Explained* - nlname.info/project/video/jnve22_FmtGqaXk *Wandavision Episode 6 Breakdown* - nlname.info/project/video/ha-ZqG2aqtajb5s *Zack Snyders Justice League Trailer Breakdown* - nlname.info/project/video/npKpz27Zf6eGcXU *TENET Side Characters Explained* - nlname.info/project/video/kHurq3-meNqioZM *The Stand Ending Explained* - nlname.info/project/video/f5raqIu3lZmrrH0 *Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer Breakdown* - nlname.info/project/video/p57asYa5na97jIU

      1. Poppy George

        Bro Lagos ad is defo the reality stone cos the reality stone is the ether and that is not a stone when it is in Jane foster

      2. Drake Kyler

        @Marley Dario Testing it out now. Looks promising :)

      3. Marley Dario

        Dont know if anyone cares but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using InstaPwn. Just google for it ;)

      4. Lucian Starkiller

        @Ashonte Lee duh, she ain't gonna put on a cape and say "THEY CALL ME SPECTRUM!". She'll nonchalantly say something like "When I went through the Hex, i could see all the different spectrum waves."

      5. Ashonte Lee

        @Lucian Starkiller They will do a clever writing gag where someone drops the name or inadvertently names her and from then on she will be Monica except when refer to in some file or mission. That's Marvel. Steve, Tony, Bruce, Rhodey, Wanda...

    2. Dan Ross

      Love the channel man. And your comparisons and puns are awesome lol for real though. I lol at least 3 times a video. And your analogies are 🔥! Good shit bud. Keep it up, my fellow comic enthusiast! That being said, I'm super excited for the upcoming projects. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, shang-Chi, Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, Spider-Man: No Way Home. It's going to be a great year and I am so looking forward to all the content you're going to be putting out for all of it! From all of us nerds, thank you for your service good sir! What a great episode man. they keep getting better and better. Love your breakdowns, watch every single one of them every week. Well I watch all your videos LOL, great content. Keep it up bro! Really hoping mephisto shows up in Multiverse of Madness or just in the MCU at some point!

    3. GO! Go! Zeppeli!

      its been agatha all along ~

    4. student702

      @9:19 The License Plate says 122822 - Stan Lee's birthday!

    5. student702

      The Agnes reveal was terrible. I'm not sure if it was worse for comic fans or for people who never knew about her in the comics.

    6. Jesus Doe

      Fuck new rockstars that foo Eric is gay asf 🙅‍♂️

    7. moon

      also one of the wandas in the intro a message flashes after it which says something along the eyes of ‘we know what you are doing wanda’ with you being spelt u.

    8. DARKNIGHT3.0

      Who was the missing kid on the milk carton

    9. Tony Olanipekun

      I have a question that has been baffling me since we find out that Vision’s body wasn’t taken by Wanda - if his body isn’t inside the Hex then what exactly was Hayward tracking in there?

    10. Ceez B

      these recaps make me realize I missed 90% of the show... like I watched it but most of it went over my head.

    11. Blackholes Productions

      I watch this after New Rockstars heheheheheh im so diffrent

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      🔥🔥🤘👍 nice

    13. crimsonraen

      Thanks so much for the breakdown! Watched this a bit late, so onto watching your breakdown of the next episode! :P

    14. capp bizzness

      Bro hue jackman ain't t the wolverine we need in The MCU in my opinion. Wolvie needs to be more like the comics

    15. Ivana Greene

      Love these videos so much! As someone who hasn’t read a single comic book, you share all that info in a very easy to digest way. I look forward to these videos as much as watching the new WandaVision episodes!

    16. jameson stalanthas yu

      I can see Agent Woo being in charge of the Young Avengers.

      1. jameson stalanthas yu

        @• Chloe Bird • While Fury could/would be overseeing everything, Agent Woo could be like their government liaison for their semi-official government status. Like under the Sokovia Accords for minors in the US.

      2. • Chloe Bird •

        Oh wait nvm...I just realised he might of retired and stuff...ok nvm 😂

      3. • Chloe Bird •

        Wouldn’t Nick Fury be in charge of them

    17. thisispai

      That Munsters homage was perfect!

    18. Stellar Wolf

      I used to watch the Munsters all the time as a kid, so when I heard the Agatha theme song I was super excited. This is actually the first time I've seen someone mention it, thank you. :D

    19. The Dudios Studio

      That intro though!!! 😆 😆 😆 How did you know I’m subbed to them

    20. conn 133770

      This show has my mom and I just wondering wtf is happening lol

    21. Uncle Paste21

      We all want Hugh Jackman back I hope, not gonna lie I fuckin cried over Logan, my childhood hero gone, then I had to watch Iron man die 🤣😭 Spain without the s

    22. Wango Tango

      I just re watched all the episodes and found, I believe, a big spoiler. At the biginning of E7 when Wanda is first talking to the interviewer and reviewing the nights events, They show the clip of the Hex expanding. Listen to the background music. Bongos and a 'Woo Woo' Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones. It's faint, but it's there.


      i think wanda created agatha to make her the bad guy so that she had some one to blame after Rambeau said that sword thinks she is the bad guy. she also needed to explain why she was loosing control.

    24. seeni gzty

      "While you wait for New Rockstars to upload theirs" I feel attacked.

      1. seeni gzty

        "My name's Alex Russo, lovely to finally meet you dear " Imagine Alex being Agatha all this time , just got older so looks different 😂😂😂😂😂

    25. Yandolito

      this might be a huge stretch but I think Wanda's paisley bedding is picked on purpose. It could have been in a single color, but its not. I have three thoughts: 1. In contrast to the hexagons, and people being controlled, it's a sign that Wanda specifically goes back to certain memories from the outside world.the last time she and Vision could live peacefully, hidden away from the real world, kn a love bubble was in Scotland. Paisley - the town that that weaved most of the cashmere shawls and clothes for Westerners, IS in Scotland. 2. It could be the first sign in the episode that she is losing control of her surroundings - Paisley patterns on clothes, bedding and more was especially popular in the western world and the US in the late 60s, early 70s due to the hippie movements. Maybe this bedding actually reappeared from the 70s episode.

      1. Yandolito

        3. this I googled: the paisley pattern is based on certain religious and spiritual symbols that have been connected to Persia/Iran and Azerbaijan. The teardrop shaped piece that is repeated is called a Boteh or buta. from wikipedia: "The Boteh is the teardrop shaped piece that draws your attention in the paisley.«[Some scholars] believe the boteh is the convergence of a stylized floral spray and a cypress tree: a Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity." to me this could mean that Wanda has a strong connection to the multiverse, that's how I interpret it. So far the costume design and set design has been so meticulously planned, I have to believe one of these three things are true.

    26. Jane Calabro

      The magenta request currently battle because bread microregionally press towards a chivalrous microwave. questionable, oceanic castanet

    27. Karen Cox

      “When Jon Snow was up in the Antie” ha ha Ha ha ha great line!

    28. DJ Que Essence


    29. Dishinshoryuken

      Things you kinda missed- Cataracts are usually white which could explain how Vision will be when he comes back from the government tearing him down and being rebuilt. The Hexes show up in the Ant-man and Wasp movie when Ghost attempts to take the quantum energy from Janet. The sheets and pillow case look almost exactly like the machine from Ant-Man 2 machine. Also....the Hex was purple before Wanda walked out after the drone attack. This explains the reason she casts her own hex to reinforce it further. Also it explains how the house tried to change back vs wanda changing things. This could be a thing that Mastermind is doing this with Agatha

    30. Pmguino

      since the ending song shows Agatha controlling Quick silver (sorry I forgot how to spell his name) that’s why he knows that vision died, she was making him say that because she knows. Also when Quick silver says “snoopers gotta snoop” Rambo’s eyes lit up in purple, which are Agatha’s main magic color. All I’m saying is the since Agatha is controlling Quick, he finds out that Rambo knows about Agatha’s magic basement he put her under Agatha’s control.

    31. Fuyuno Hinotori

      that's a very sad intro lol - for the record, I watched NRS before I watched this xD so it's kind of the opposite for me (especially since i watched episode 7 late)

    32. J C


    33. Angela McMasters

      How does Vision have the stone? I'm assuming his body was picked up 5 years ago after the snap. The Blip happens...stones are returned back to timelines by Cap. Vision is for some reason STILL on a table being studied (5 years later). Wanda steals him. Then are we to assume she got the stone as well?

    34. ceerw buty

      “Please stand by” triggers me

    35. keelo brown

      I dont know why but when agathas eyes changed colour i thought she was gonna turn into ultron lol

      1. ceerw buty

        place , seems perfect. (Plus .... he can avenge sparky)

    36. Joe Pitzner

      Nice breakdown 👍

    37. Siyakholwa Mbewana

      Not sure if this was pointed out yet but when Wanda opens the fridge there is Kane soda. Weapon X (Garrison Kane) was a member of Cable's mercenary team.

    38. Pritesh Gandhi

      i think an exploration of Agents of Atlas is in order... With Jimmy Woo already in the MCU, and Shang-chi and Ms Marvel on their way, thats half the team. You could add Quake from the AoS cannon (she has asian origin through her mother), and possibly Amadeus Cho, with his mother (Helen Cho in AoU?) already established.

    39. ibpiano

      That New Rockstars joke at the intro was legendary

    40. Radhika

      "My name's Alex Russo, lovely to finally meet you dear " Imagine Alex being Agatha all this time , just got older so looks different 😂😂😂😂😂

    41. Jasmyn Collyer

      The show is getting better and better

    42. Isaiah Cook

      Guy’s there is a lot of truth to this in the Bible. Babylon the great is subliminal of a woman who try’s to wipe out God’s Messages and mislead people with false worship creating beliefs in Contrary to Jehovah will, having at least a billion of god’s worship, not to mention dealings with politics and warfare. This is the satan Agenda to cause division, Chaos, and Deception. Read this passage, Revelation 12:12 On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them! Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.

    43. Leon Josè

      Did you know that when Surtur has Thor chained up in his fiery domain, the actual links in the chains have a hexagonal pattern. Coincidence? Or is this important to hellish domains.

    44. Charley Darcey

      Show just keeps getting crazier! Paul, glad you are no longer a trashbag.

    45. TG09

      Great channel, one of the best so far

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      Needs more WandaVision

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      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates✌️

      1. yasio bolo

        I can’t believe Agatha turned Billy and Tommy into sandwiches

    48. Tyler Placeres

      We keep saying Jimmy Woo like that ain't John Krasinski lmao... so a confirmed Jim Halpert spin off XD

      1. G Jacobson

        best meta comment ever!

    49. Galaxy

      I saw a theory where we will be getting a secret 10th episode on March 10th

    50. EJ Clark

      Ok so I just rewatched Doctor Strange last night and noticed that there’s a book missing from the Ancient One’s private collection right? And in this episode of WandaVision a book that looks exactly like the ones from Dr. Strange is in Agatha’s basement at 18:26

    51. cablecow15

      Now that I've seen the Darkhold ... I have a few wild ass theories On The cameo we keep hearing about that Paul Bettany loved working with ... 1) Blade , Mahershala Ali ... he plays into the dark magic of this and is a great actor 2) Ghost rider played by Keanu Reeves... I know it's a rumor, but he loves motorcycles and they have been looking for his place , seems perfect. (Plus .... he can avenge sparky)

    52. Abel Quintanar

      I'm pretty sure the kids are shards of the soul stone. Look again and you see it in one scene the of the soul stone. Maybe she barrow 2 or 3 peaces of the soul Stone to created life 🤔🤷

    53. Omar Rice

      Man I was literally waiting for New Rockstars lol I felt so seen 😂

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      “And that had moments where Jon Snow was upping the ante” I’m over here making breakfast before work and I had to stop just to give this video a like. LOL

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      Vision will become anti vision an evil vision from earth 616 and marvel will introduce THE GATHERERS into the universe with eternals movie which will introduce the kree.

    56. Keith thebat

      Your breakdowns are always on point.

    57. Mitch Bidner

      That’s a cicada not a fly, any references??

    58. Daisy Swaffer

      Even thought we knew the Agatha reveal was coming, they somehow managed to make the reveal super satisfying with that catchy theme song and the flashback reveals. This show just gets better and better!

    59. DJ Ash

      You said two fake kids got poisoned ? Wrong

    60. JAC

      The aspect ratio changing doesn't necessarily mean the "real world" it changes anytime Wanda has her guard up and is focused on something, when she isn't "pretending" in her sitcom world.

    61. wavingdragon

      So Wanda's gonna avenge Sparky by using her magic to turn into John Wick and raise hell in Westview?

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    64. misolou fout

      I can’t believe Agatha turned Billy and Tommy into sandwiches

      1. misolou fout

        Harkness after like the first episode, some people before the show even started and B. There were hints dropped the entire way that she was so. Marvel always knows exactl

    65. Jeremy Barnes

      I think your Infinity Stones theory was correct, except Episode 6’s Yo-Magic is the Power Stone because it depicts the shark draining the POWER of the kid’s magic until he dies, and Episode 7’s Nexus is the Soul Stone because it reveals Wanda’s SOUL is unique across the multiverse, as she is a Nexus being.

    66. Dai Tony TV

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      What a burn!!!!

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      There were a lot of leaks circulating Twitter actuallyyy, but great video as always 0:

    70. merc

      This probably doesn't mean anything but I noticed that Agnes' license plates are always from Connecticut but the hex is in New Jersey? Also one of the plates in the Wanda theme song for this episode looked like Connecticut. Did the hex push all the way into another state or does this have some bigger meaning? It probably is nothing though haha

    71. Mayga Muze

      3:31 huge tell in eps6.. I feel like people still miss this detail. Every breakdown video seem to glance over this little nugget. Rewatch this moment and take note of Agnes Car.. the Gas lid...

    72. T I M M Y


    73. Kristofer Sandlund

      U R Simply the BEST! Great video!

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      thats not a fly, its a cicada!

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      FYI What Monica saw when she broke through the barrier were magnetic fields created by electricity moving through the wires. Notice the fields were much larger around the transformers and such.

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    78. Cole Baker

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        Keanu shall fight Kathrine it will be K vs K

    80. Mark Dowling

      I love the character of Agnes. Yes, she's always in the background, but she has also seemed to exhibit an ability to inform Wanda of the plot.

    81. Michael Alakija

      Its been Agatha all along!

    82. David Schuyler

      I think this was my favorite episode so far! There simply HAS to be some other big reveal coming, because A. Every theorizer on the internet guessed Agnes was Agatha Harkness after like the first episode, some people before the show even started and B. There were hints dropped the entire way that she was so. Marvel always knows exactly what they're doing, and find ways to deliver what we least expect (exception - Captain Marvel. That plot twist was way too easy to guess) so I gotta think something else is on the way!

    83. Charles Gibson

      Correction.......Jarvis was put into a body by TONY AND BRUCE to stop Ultron!!! He was not put into a body BY ULTRON.

    84. Michael Janicki

      I think that maybe quicksilver is already a good guy(after Wanda knocked him down)

    85. Jennifer Ford

      Love your recaps it really helps put things into perspective as I haven't read the comics.

    86. troutfeather

      1. Why did i not make any connections with visions body still being around 5 years later? I guess i was kinda part of the blip 2. Yes. This episode particularly sucked when the end credits started rolling 3. Marvel hasn't had very much success (besides agents of shield) with their shows. Maybe they just need to part of the mcu to be a huge success

    87. NicholasKreuz

      I didn't give the idea that Agatha ate the twins much weight... until I listened to episode 3's intro again...

    88. Yoshi Maeshiro

      Evan Peters is the real Quicksilver from Fox and the first Multiverse character to appear in the MCU. We will know instantly it's him because of a pair of earplugs and a song that will make us cry tears of joy and will usher in the X Men into the MCU.

    89. Hinka

      Personally I don't believe Agatha is actually evil. I think it's just Wanda blaming every single problem that's occurred in the show on one soul scapegoat instead of admitting fault. I think Wanda has fully become the villain because it's too convenient they can point the blame on one person.

    90. Kevin B

      Prediction: Instead of Hulkling in Young Avengers, we get She-Hulk.

      1. yuitr loing

        After she lost her vision like daredevil hahaaaaaa......funniest shit dis year

    91. Kevin B

      "While you wait for New Rockstars to upload theirs" I feel attacked.

      1. yuitr loing

        ...but, I love both New Rock Stars AND this channel 🙂

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      I sure hope that Jimmy Whoo gets his own show.

    93. Kimberley Morris

      A bit slow in the beginning but the ending was FANTASTIC

    94. Hoagie Short

      I hope john wick is the cameo and he goes pew pew on Agatha

    95. Marky Arroy

      But even if Agatha is behind all of it, what then of when Wanda has seen Vision and Pietro dead? Like when she's talking to them and freaked out? I wasnt too fond of the first two episodes but this has gotten good.

    96. gusonthebus _

      Keanu shall fight Kathrine it will be K vs K

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      1. Ashonte Lee

        I thought so too. I LOOOVED the Munsters.

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      Far from home happens after WandaVision! So does that mean we won't get to see vision after WandaVision, since vision is mentioned in the tribute video (farfromhome). BTW why is there no references of missing child posters in FarFromHome if its there in FarFromHome sequel???