WANDAVISION The True Villain, Maria Returns, Fantastic Four And Who Is Under Witness Protection?

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    WANDAVISION The True Villain, Maria Returns, Fantastic Four And Who Is Under Witness Protection? | Theories. After the ending of Episode 4 we breakdown our theories on what's going on in Wandavision. The Marvel show has a lot of questions still surrounding it but hopefully this helps to give you a new perspective on the show.
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    0:00 Wandavision Theory Introduction
    0:51 Who Is Under Witness Protection
    3:05 Mephisto Tyler Hayward Theory
    9:46 The Return Of Maria Rambeau
    10:46 Fantastic Four Setup
    Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers Show I'm your host Paul aka (cut the title sequence and put in footage of dead vision) the guy who misses Vision like a hole in the head and this video we're breaking down some big Wandavision theories.
    The show is slowly giving us answers every week but some of the big questions still remain namely who the big bad of the entire season is.
    Now though Monica came out blaming Wanda for it all at the end of Episode 4, I personally believe that this is a red herring and she's actually been manipulated.
    We're not even at the halfway point of the season yet and with five episodes remaining it makes more sense that this is a misdirect and that the real villain is hiding in plain sight.
    The greatest trick that the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist and throughout this video we're gonna be discussing why Tyler Hayward is potentially the big bad of the show along with a lot of other theories.
    The first of those is who the person under Witness Protection really is. Now though I have seen a lot of people guessing that this could be Dottie, from what Jimmy says we know that it's a man.
    (play clip with audio about how the missing person flew the coop. Not sure of the exact time stamp but I've added an image that shows roughly when it is).
    So Jimmy saying he flew the coop narrows it down to being only the male characters. Now initially I did think that this might be Norm due to the communist comment in episode 2 however I've started to think that's unlikely due to his face appearing on the board.
    Other than Dottie the only other person who doesn't show up on it is The Mailman.
    Now this is likely be because all of the characters on it are from Episode 1 and that SWORD hadn't come across him at the point of assigning the ID's. However after rewatching all four episodes back to back I think he does give us some hints to his true role on the outside.
    From the SWORD necklace and Beekeeper uniform we know that upon entering the bubble that there are certain things which hint to us at what the person was actually like and these are altered to fit whatever sitcom style it is.
    Someone under Witness Protection normally gets put there for giving information and a Mailman's job in general is to pass things on. Mailmen also move about from place to place and this could signify that he's not just been stationary in westview. In addition to this when we see the character in episode 2, Agnes says to him stick em up.
    He then puts his hands up and says don't shoot I'm just a messenger.
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    1. Heavy Spoilers

      Let us know whether you agree/disagree with the theories and whether you have your own. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel nlname.info/fund/q3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ *Check out our BEST new videos below* *Wandavision Episode 4 Breakdown* - nlname.info/project/video/qbKXx2yphZFwhJc *The Dark Knight Easter Eggs* - nlname.info/project/video/ZYPFw6amrLmOfIk *Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer Breakdown* - nlname.info/project/video/p57asYa5na97jIU *Suicide Squad Ayer Cut Explained* - nlname.info/project/video/q27cxLLViNixfmA

      1. MAMBOJAZZ1

        Unfortunately we now know from episode 5 that Heyward is definitely not Mephisto since he attempted to kill her with a drone. Still he is a villain for sure.

      2. Joey Rigsby

        I think he is Kang

      3. JMT_ 93

        You called it after episode 5

      4. Joey Lol

        If you saw a comment on a previous video the breakdown of episode 4 your welcome if u used it wink 😉

      5. TechRyze

        Excellent video. Spot on.

    2. Dark Spartan

      *characters breathe* Theory channels: iTs MePhIsTo GuYs! MePhIsTo CoNfIrMeD!

    3. J C

      loving this show

    4. CatFan ComicMan

      That vision zombie pic is creepy isn't it, and it's definitely not mephisto in my opinion.

    5. Patrick Musson

      For a super villain, Hayward sure seems to be going out of his way to appear to be your run-of-the-mill mustache-twirling human villain mwuhahahaha, lol. Maybe he is trying to convince comic book readers that Mephisto doesn't exist, good luck with that. Personally, I think Kevin Feige is trying not to bring too much comic influence in too quickly, but just enough to spice it up.

    6. Darryl Sladden

      Hey heavy spoiler show didn’t you know that hydra in Captain America the Winter soldier Gave Wanda her powers right?

    7. Jordan Waller

      Whether I win a competition or not. I thank you for helping all of us understand the show in such awesome detail. Keep up the top class work

    8. SmallandSweet99

      OK so has anyone thought that maybe the person in witness protection is HULKING??? He was rumored to be in casting. and Teddy is hiding from his family who is trying to kill him and he is Wiccan's BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND. And a young Avenger. The boys can age themselves up right?

    9. killerjob

      Hayward office is number 101 ?

    10. Shane Lewis

      I think that the theory that the director is evil and the bad guy might be correct you’re the first person I come to you right after I watch the show 🙂

    11. ItssxDante

      I think it’s norm

    12. iIllusionStudios

      Fun fact: Agnes house looks exactly like the house in Bewitched.

    13. blossomfirefan123

      Several astronauts 🤔 ok add in doom that = 5 with F4 but who would be the extra 2🤔

    14. Sleman Gerdy

      that sword guy might either be a skrull or just under mind control of mephisto or something

    15. Havoc Maverick

      Mephisto is the mailman because he is the daddy of the twins.

    16. Melissa Randall

      Interestingly, Josh Stamberg just played a villainous character on Law and Order SVU as well!

    17. Kenneth and Joyce

      I can’t help but be amazed about how much you can connect with different things in the show

    18. Ronnie Hill

      hayward is a skrull, This is set before far from home, we saw fury on the sword ship at the end surrounded by them. This is the start of marvels plan for secret invasion

    19. Kk Kimba

      Getting really saucy now, havent watched E05, dying to see your breakdown & theories after watching the episode!

    20. Mac aaron i

      I don't think he's the devil guys, I think he's just a white dude.

    21. Jeffrey Torifa

      You still never mentioned how Monica rambao is captain marvel . And that has nothing to do with your theorie

    22. dragonslayre1

      I’m surprised no one has considered the multiverse villain Mojo might be the one behind the television world surrounding Wanda. It’s kind of his thing.

    23. Xavier

      I feel like Mephisto got denied a gift unknowingly given to him by Thanos. Till the Avengers re-bliped the universe. If Mephisto is the main bad then I'd assume he's pissed.

    24. Pug Rito

      vision is mephisto

    25. Myst

      Dotties blood was red similar to the red helicopter, things only appeared in color back then when it was from outside The Hex.

    26. Adrian Moseley

      9:56 I think Monica's abrupt loss in her Mom is similar to Wanda's loss of Vision. Both haven't had time to accept the deaths of their loved ones and grieve properly. This similar correlation my help Monica with Wanda in some way. BTW your breakdowns are always some of the best.

    27. Michael Robosa

      My guess on who will be the villains in WandaVision are: Mephisto, Agnes, Grim Reaper, and possibly Nightmare at the last episode, leading directly to Doctor Strange 2. Mephisto is the obvious choice for the series, with Agatha and Grim Reaper as we saw the helmet in the 60's intro.

    28. cieldano

      imo agnes is behind everything

    29. kardez

      I’m excited for the Fox cross over

    30. Buddhi Dev

      I think the director is the one who responsible for disassembling of Vision.

    31. Mr1Elusive

      Nice Recap

    32. machiavellian18

      Am I the only one that sees a blip of a red man every time they say for the children? Is that the devil?

    33. John Canady

      I like what you are saying, but What If?...Hayward sent her there hoping she would be killed somehow, which would remove Monica as a threat to his leadership and he is just your average middle management dick, who got a lucky break and now wants to keep a job that he did not earn

    34. BlkOMNI

      My man definition!

    35. Steven Ginger

      Dude you were so accurate as to what happened. “Guns pointed at Wanda”

    36. Judo Flip

      The ready blanket unusually shiver because postbox pathomorphologically reply mid a able fire. lethal, repulsive need


      Your knowledge is over the roof

    38. jadedplacebo24

      We also have to think about the fact that Monica's loss of her mother makes her way more understanding and sympathetic to Wanda's loss/grief/pain. Maybe Hayward thought this grief could be weaponized in his favor by using Monica to infiltrate into Wanda's world?

    39. Bhavik Tibrewala

      3 spiderman theory is the best

    40. Jaye DoubleU

      " acting director"🤔.... get it Acting,,, Do rector... 👀

    41. Teddy Hashmi

      i don't think it's Mephisto cuz he's marvel's equivalent of the devil and since China is Disney's biggest market (china bans films with superstitious elements), i doubt marvel will include him. The easter eggs are just fun pokes or misdirects.

    42. Kta Miura

      Nice “when the guns stop pointing at her” (Wanda)... yeah they did point it at the director in episode 5 right after.

    43. Link

      I still feel like Tyler is Mephisto than Pietro cuz this series is linked to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. and MCU planning to merge or retcon the X-Men movies. They won't even replace Ryan Reynolds Deadpool and ppl are hype for X-Men's debut in the MCU. Also even in the comics Scarlet Witch can change reality in the house of M and other storylines. Maybe she brought Pietro from the X-Men Films or X-Men Comics universe.

    44. Karen Adie

      Did anyone else already mention Monica’s comment to Tyler in ep4 that “you look old as Hell”?

    45. BoriquaAteo

      Grim reaper

    46. Will Johnson

      In terms of Monica, I think she gained her powers when she was fired through the “television screen” protecting Westview. Just like how a Photon is fired at a screen in a cathode ray tube.

    47. Will Johnson

      I think Hayward’s with AIM and has been providing information to AIM on robotics and nanotechnology, discovered by analyzing Vision’s body. I can’t help but think that it is either Simon or Eric Williams, who turned state’s witness. Wonder Man might be portraying the dead vision, just as he provided the brainwaves to create him in the comics (and later was asked to do so again by Wanda after the Vision was destroyed). If it is Eric, then he is likely dead and we may get a flashback fight between him and Wanda. We already see signs of the Grim Reaper being dead - the bones and his distinctive headgear were shown in the crawl space of the home in the opening sequence of episode 1.

    48. Drake Valiance

      cool. Nice info.

    49. Everton Dantas

      Hayward the director of S.W.O.R.D or Quicksilver may be Mephisto in disguise but it is likely that Quicksilver is Mephisto in disguise to visit Wanda and Vision 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    50. ThatsSomeHoopla

      Im starting to not like this director of sword

    51. Justyn Riley

      I think sword being infiltrated by the enemy is unlikely as it'll be seen as a rehash (shield). I suspect the director is just a well meaning jerk.

    52. Trell Treezy

      You left out an important point that may support your theory of Miphisto wanting her children. There are no other children in Westview.

    53. Cuban Gator

      Wait a sec ... You mean that in a Hollywood show the big baddie is a middle age white male wearing a suit ???!!! No WAY !!

    54. Sith Lord

      I'm fairly certain we won't see mephisto until doc strange 2

    55. Mage Waifu

      As much as I hope Wanda is just being manipulated, I don't think Mafisto is the one behind it. Film Theory made a really good argument for this. To sum it up, Disney sells has a large presence in China, and a because a ridiculous amount of films get banned there, a show with the devil probably wouldn't be something they went for. I do have to agree with Film Theory that the parallels to Mafisto are just that, hints to throw us off. Something is up though with Wanda. She doesn't seem like herself at all - and I don't think grief can excuse the major shifts we've seen in her character. She's not warm, and doesn't show empathy to the others.

    56. Damien Hine

      Captain Rambeau didn't seem so happy when Captain Marvel was mentioned

    57. sf4k1as

      MCU is becoming MCM (marvel cinematic multiverse) Im so excited!!!

    58. Noori Piperdy

      Watching this after episode 5 and you right about a lot of things haha

    59. Alex Martinez

      No one has mention it but Agnes has a symbol that she wear in ever scene!! It’s always showing as ear rings, a pin, a necklace, etc.... I cant tell what it is but it has to mean something!’n

    60. Archie Sutherland

      I think he is controlling it with help from somewhere else

    61. choboutube

      I'm not watching this video yet, but not liking the spoiler thumbnail.

      1. codeqq

        It’s a theory not a spoiler wtf

    62. Stephen Iwagoh

      Your ideas as usual are sound and real...

    63. LycanTroop 3

      He wants to make her preggo to steal her kids? That's literally something mr sinister did, with cable and his brother right?

    64. rkmanzo

      Maybe he’s a skrull leading sword 🤯

    65. Jonathon Turner

      I still think that it's possible Ultron since half his download was complete in Age of Ultron. Nicholas Scratch, Agatha's sorcerer son who makes a magic only town. Maybe tries to redirect Vision to use the Mind stone to give powers to people? Franklin Richards who originally shatters Mephisto into the shards, 2 of which inhabit Wandas kids until he kills them to get the shards back, OR Baron Mordo who does not like magic being used against the laws of nature.

    66. Nero Von Doom

      Mephisto is the person in the background of the scene in an episode. Its going to be funny if its just Agnes.

    67. jamezilla0

      his room number 101 which means knowledge...and he brings a monica in who was created from dust as humans by god...so if he is playing her he is also a snake...yeah checks out lol he is Mafisto

    68. Steven Simmons

      The other person not on the board is the husband "Ralph" always referred to (granted he's never shown). Grim Reaper's helmet shows up in the shows intro so Grim Reaper being in the show somewhere could be possible. I feel like people want Mephisto in the show way more than Mephisto actually has a chance of being in the show. I think there are so many more things this could be (I mean, HYDRA keeps getting brought up in commercials) outside of Mephisto, which unless we start getting some explanations this would be sort of a terrible introduction. SWORD would have EASILY been infiltrated by HYDRA agents and considering we never heard about SWORD until now, post-End Game (which kind of makes no sense at all), maybe we're seeing them attempt to make Wanda a weapon like their plan was originally. BUT we already know Wanda was originally supposed to steal Vision's body back in an unused End Game post-credits scene so I think this may end up being a 50/50 deal of Wanda entering into a deal with people who promised to help her rebuild Vision.

    69. Rob Miller

      Agnes is really Agatha Harkness, aka the Salem Witch, and that's why she's wearing a witch costume in the Halloween preview in the trailer.

    70. Calvin Martin

      Are you gonna do snow piercer season 2?:) love the channel

    71. Crinkle Minkle

      If they really are setting up Mephisto as a big villain, I think he’ll be used to reinforce spider-mans secret identity, as i believe in one of the comics Spidey made a deal with Mephisto in which he had his secret identity reinforced after it was revealed during the Civil War comics, but hey that’s just me

    72. Julian Bowen

      I think Evan Peters is gonna be speed

    73. Stevendoesstuff

      Hear me out... what if the luke Skywalker type character who appears in the season finale... it could be 3 possible people... female thor, Dr Strange(most obvious) but... since its setting up the multiverse bringing back tony???

    74. C. Facci

      I’m impressed with the amount of secrecy that has surrounded this show. No next week on promos, no set leaks, the security is just so tight. I’m impressed.

    75. Eric

      Fantastic analysis! I think much of what you wrote will be spot on!

    76. Whispers In The Dark

      Are the specific number of hexagons per episode a nod to something? Or is that officially reaching too far?

    77. bo ramsey

      Another anti"White male" channel..

    78. bo ramsey

      You'll look good in a pointy hat...

    79. Mr. CLSr.

      That's a great theory on the villain!... Keep up the good work!!

    80. Beatrice Montez

      Wow interesting

    81. John Palumberi

      The most logical choice is the person who gave her the miraculous powers she now wields.

    82. hanunija

      The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Forgive one another and love one another. Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ.

    83. Knightkillabo

      Why isnt quick silver I here if Wanda made this happen

    84. L. Christianson

      I really don't think Mephisto is going to be the main Wandavision villain. He's going to be introduced into the multiverse, but the West View "bubble" doesn't feel like his doing. Maybe they could be using the story line that the kids are Mephisto's like in the comics, but I'd like to think Mephisto is being introduced so Hawkeye learns about him and Hell. In the comics, Hawkeye goes to Mephisyo's realm/Hell to try to bring his wife back after she died. In the MCU, his wife is alive and well, but you know he would do the same for Natasha. I have my own suspicions about the main WV villain (there probably has to be one one-and-done, right?), but I'm suspecting Wandavision is the MCU's vehicle to introduce a lot of the characters, villains and others, into the new phase.

    85. Aung Htet Naing

      Maybe mesphito is under witness protection

    86. Nienna Tromlin

      to be honest i dont think its mephisto. giving that they are bringing in mutants, i think it might be mr sinister. that would make a lot more sense.

    87. TayLord

      She and the audience are being led to believe that Wanda is controlling it all.

    88. Softmiddlepart Hardthobro

      This is all created by her fractured psyche over losing vision, the whole show will be tied in with with the comic no-more mutants (house of M) where she changes the universe.

    89. Cash Comm

      What if Hayward is “Starfox”

    90. Trajik Beats

      I think the guy that tried to leave town is the character in witness protection

    91. Neil Vicente

      Love the theory, mate

    92. mike lombardo

      love your page !! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👹=mephisto

    93. T J

      Calling it now Hayward is a skrull! Think about it , same timeline as Spider-Man 2 where nick fury is also a skrull , Maria Rambeu had connections with them and she was the one in charge before she died she could of easily gave it to a skrull . OR even worse a skrull killed the original Hayward and they are power grabbing SHIELD to help themselves . Idk but it makes the most sense to me ... think about it !

    94. Josh The Sasquatch

      I think Tyler Hayward is kang and he’s trying to steal the apocalypse twins

    95. KatieArtist 94

      2 episodes this Friday?? It’s going to be EPIC! 😍👏🏻❤️

    96. Chris de Alemania

      you just honoured your name perhaps a little too much for my liking. :D

    97. Z4RQUON

      The missing person will turn out to be Vision. Wanda couldn’t recreate the mind stone so she made a deal with Mephisto for a mind for Vision in exchange for her babies. Mephisto grabbed one of the locals and slapped him inside Vision’s body. It’s still MOSTLY Vision, though. Remember in Infinity War when they said the best parts of him are probably separate from the stone?

    98. Edson Portacio

      i would go a bit bookers and say that either Agnes is a drag queen or trans.

    99. E S

      One thing I've noticed all these years with fan theories about future marvel shows is that the shows are never as complicated or eleborate as the theories. I would be inclined to believe some of them still but they are always wrong because you guys seem to think they are more clever than they are with the shows and movies. Usually they go pretty basic with a few tiny twist that they don't even leave clues about till right before they show you. None of this will be true is my bet. They do the same with Star wars fan theories. The theories put way to much thought and try to make crazy connections.

    100. Chris C

      Even if he isn't behind the wanda issue, he's a skrull or hydra agent for sure. Dude sketchy as hell. But its important to remember sword is sentient weapon creation and he said they focus on ai and nanotechnology and all that. The could possibly have created wonderman, and hes the vision with wanda which could explain his new super speed. Or he'll show up in the finale