We Need To Talk About Thumin

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    this is disgusting. anyone standing by this is disgusting. go and send thumin some love

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    1. Thumin

      I want to thank you so much for shedding light on my situation Shannon. I've been having to deal with countless of racists throwing slurs at me or telling me to die for a good 6 months now, all because they couldn't handle me drawing myself as an anime charecter. What bothers me the most is the fact that when i finally had it and decided to stand up for myself by speaking up, i was punished. Instagram took down both of my posts advocating against racism and deemed them "hate speech". They gave me a warning that my account may get deleted if i continue to speak up. Meanwhile the accounts i reported for calling me slurs and telling me to pick c/tton were not breaking instagrams TOS apperently? It's ridiculous. So again, thank you for adding ur voice to mine. It means the world to me!! 😭💕

      1. Abigail Scoggins

        you are so talented and amazing!!! do not stop doing what you love and you are not alone

      2. p0u

        I'll respect you! You did a great job drawing!!

      3. Ethan Biribonwa

        I'm so sorry you have to go through this

      4. Queenie YT

        Don’t let them bring you down.

      5. Krysal

        That doesn't surprise me. Instagram is run by the same idiots who run Facebook and I got warned and postblocked on Facebook three times for: calling out Facebook for taking down a post about the racist guy who got bashed by a Twisted Tea can to the face, calling out a sexist piece of shit, and calling out a racist catfisher. But when I reported a comment on Facebook where a guy literally said that black people deserved to get shot? "We understand this comment is upsetting but it's not against our terms of service" H O W ?

    2. Sandwich Bear

      As a black female I would just love to say thank you for spreading awareness on your platform on this issue, it may not be happening to me but I know the feeling and I know others can be in similar situations so I thank you for caring 😁 ( also thank you for leaving them 💩's usernames they deserve to be held accountable)

    3. XxCløudiiSkiixX

      Bro, wth- Imma just say this. People are sending hate towards Thumin(an amazing content creator) bc she has a different skin tone and made a drawing if she was Kiki??? At this point. I have no hope 4 humanity left, and even if I do it's very little. Her content is good. Everyone is different. Everyone is amazing no matter what. Thumin is still human, NOT A FxCKING GORILLA. Ppl r making a big fuss. At least CreepShow Art decided to step up for her, and I'm glad she did.(sry if this wasted ur time, just wanted to say this bc I was so disappointed)

    4. Thorn

      oh my god the title scared me i thought Thumin did something bad

    5. CharlotteDrawz

      Sorry but... who ever said you had to be successful to be stalked??? This is so weird to me... why is that a thing... "Be grateful for being so popular" N-no??? Why would you??? A mentally damaging experience is not a good thing at all - the only thing you should be glad of is that they've stopped, which you can never even be sure of to be completely honest. It's mentally scarring. I actually got exploited, stalked and damaged mentally by an incredible amount by a 'friend' not too long ago. Someone who I met online and had nothing to do with popularity - I am small beyond small and I still got hurt for 6 months because of this person. TL;DR: You don't need to be popular to be stalked. Don't be a dick. Also, stay safe and know who you're friends with!!

    6. -*Time Shifter*-

      I believe those ppl that are attacking her are apart of the KKK I have to go support you and thumin

    7. Fluffy Clouds

      Bruh, it’s 2021, there are people literally going out in the streets right now telling black hate to stop, I can’t believe racist people still exist.

    8. moonlight gamer

      How much yall wanna bet most of these r Karen's or ppl who don't support BLM?


      There are people who are obviously making us feel suffocated, making us feel like we can't breathe, quite literally choking us- yet there are people always asking us why we feel like we can't breathe.

    10. ღ ღ

      *As a person of color,this sounds so sad. I think I watched Thumin once but I'll check her channel again. From a brief overview of her channel,I think I have found another ytuber to sub to and love.*

    11. Ethan Biribonwa

      Question. Is it wrong to beat a racist?

    12. Wee Woo

      I love Thumin’s art but the one thing I never agreed with her about is how blackwashing is okay and whitewashing is not (I know this video isn’t about blackwashing)

    13. glitterraep 2

      i hate when racism is also in art it makes it so sad i wish it was not a thing everyone is amazing no matter what race and i hope people stop attacking black and other poc artists because its not fair and very dangrouse

    14. J X

      To Me I Would Draw Fan Art To Make Myself I Won't Use The Main Character As Me I Would Make A Character Of Myself

    15. Laura Vivian

      Really, what is the problem with people?

    16. J G

      This is why content creators such as v-tubers who are faceless on the internet choose to be represented by using a 2D or 3D FICTIONAL character. What did black people ever do to other people? If you are not able to give a valid answer to that question, the just shut up.

    17. Six

      I love how racists code anime characters as white. It’s fucking pathetic.

    18. GodMax, Drinker of Tea

      I gotta be honest, when I saw the thumbnail and the title, I thought you were against her. I'm relieved

    19. Richie Tozier

      Ohhhhh my god I read the thumbnail and title and freaked out thinking she did something cuz I love her art too 💕

    20. mel woif

      It's an adorable piece of art! I can't believe people would do horrible things because of it.

    21. Simply Mochi

      YESSIR! Spread the word, these racists are going *D👏🏾O👏🏾W👏🏾N* . Like how can these people litterly do this to an innocent person who did NOTHING wrong. They are the ones who are dong this and causing all of this negativity. (I STRONGLY care about this situation as I am a person of color as well) Anyway, Love you Thumin!

    22. KÃĪTØ Sãñ

      I once got told "this is why black ppl shouldn't draw" Nd tbh it broke me :/ but im thankful my followers had my back

    23. Lonely Coconut

      Wait people saying you should be happy youre being stalked tf

    24. Eyal Mor

      I checked out one of her videos, your right she’s amazing

    25. Studio Sketches

      It's disgusting how people think that just because they're on the internet it's okay to be a living piece of shit, poor Thumin.

    26. A Rezerd the mage

      its just because they look similar except for the skin. they thought it was blackwashing. which is a little bit understandable. but still bad.

    27. Jay Hayd

      all those people complaining about her "blackwashing" kiki are reminding me of how people will try to police black cosplayers who want to cosplay a character that is not black in the show. Like, who cares? They're not white either but white people are allowed to cosplay as them without being harassed.

    28. White Blogger Black Specs

      Racists: Snowflake Also racists: Reeeeeee stop blackwashing!

    29. Penny Mick

      One of you close friend is trans and is Constantly called slurs at are school and get stuff chucked at there head all the time just because they are different.

    30. Dante l'elegante

      "You should be flattered someone drew a drawing based on your drawing" said to an artist, getting hate for a drawing based on another drawing, taking about the hate she's getting. When her drawing was "I like and relate to this character so I drew myself as her" and theirs was "I can't believe you made the character like yourself so I'm going to take that drawing and caricaturize you by harmful racial stereotypes" One of these drawings is flattering to the original and it's Thumin's

    31. Nerina Blais

      Why do racism and discrimination even exist in the first place? Bullying someone because of how they look, because of how they act, because of any mental and/or physical disabilities they might have, etc. is wrong. I've been bullied because I'm different from the rest of my school mates from back in elementary school, middle school, and high school, but I can only imagine how much worse it would have been if I was black. I can't even begin to imagine how much worse it must be for the transgender members of the LGBT+ community either. The way I see it, there's only 1 race, the human race. It shouldn't matter if we're black, white, beige, or orient descent. It shouldn't matter if we're straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or whatever else we might identify as within the LGBT+ community. Our happiness is what matters the most. I can't stand the fact that so many people make such a big deal about everyone's differences because those shouldn't matter as long as no one is intentionally getting hurt because of those differences. At the end of the day, we're all human beings, and if you're going to be racist, sexist, or what-have-you, then keep those toxic opinions to yourselves. Sisi ni sawa, which means we're the same. We may be different on the outside, but our skeletons are all white regardless of what color our skin is. Would you racists be saying the same thing or something similar about a white artist drawing themselves in place of a black character? Whether you do or not, that's your problem. It's never the problem or the fault of the artist. If y'all don't have an issue with a white artist drawing themselves as Pocahontas, Princess Tiana, or Prince Naveen for example, then why should you have a problem with someone such as Thumin or another black artist drawing themselves as Kiki, Rapunzel, or King Triton? The answer is that you shouldn't have a problem with a black artist drawing themselves as a white character when you most likely don't have an issue with a white artist drawing themselves as a black character. FUCK RACISM AND FUCK RACISTS, THESE SHOULD *NEVER* HAVE EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    32. Audrey

      Can we just ask why they came at that drawing? Like I love KiKi and wouldn't change her- but that drawing looked just as good as the original (maybe better), if I drew myself as Katara (from Avatar: The Last Airbender) I doubt anybody who saw it would come at me

    33. Elderflower Sea strider

      Has anyone ever heard of cosplay bam people leave that wonderful person alone you girl for giving her love

    34. Shawna Battle

      I've seen so many people + black people drawing themselves as anime characters so idk she is getting so much hate. To all the people attacking her FU*K YOU!😡

    35. Dead X.X

      Looks like 2 people today have earned a subscriber

    36. Selected Shipper

      I will never understand the hate for the Kiki drawing. I’m Japanese and that movie is literally my childhood and I think the picture is adorable and I don’t find it offensive at all

    37. randomcarrotstuff's trashheap

      I'm so glad you weren't making a bad video about Thumin. 😌

    38. MathildaDee_Lillyluvsanime


    39. MathildaDee_Lillyluvsanime

      1:13 That's like when people treat r@pe as a compliment because, "well, you must be really attractive/they must have just liked you so much," um, no. Something that HARMS you, your choice being taken away is NOT a compliment, it is NOT a badge of pride. STOP GLORIFYING ABUSE.

    40. corndog goblin

      i thought this was gonna be thumin slander, so glad that it isn't

      1. inkou edits

        yeaa same

    41. ilovepitbulls2004

      I don’t get how that’s blackwashing it’s a self insert you can do anything with a self insert that’s so dumb I don’t get it.

    42. Naomi Hernandez

      What a privalaged person they get to be stalked. -sarcasm

    43. SimplyMilkyBlue

      I love all people of color we are all beautiful I hope this girl is doing ok I wish people weren't so bad how I thought people could do better I guess not

      1. SimplyMilkyBlue

        This is just messed up All People of color should be appreciated and loved because they are just like us I hope everyone is doing alright

    44. Ainsley Lochrie

      OMG like she didnt make herself kiki in the movie every witch wears the same clothes like wth

    45. Sub Storm

      Kiki is Asian...she’s Japanese? What the fuck is wrong with people, she’s just changing some aesthetic features to fit herself. (Ofc skin color is more than just a feature these days...sadly)

    46. yeonai

      With that logic, nobody but the Japanese should be able to do this- exactly, it makes no sense.

    47. Brandon Brown

      I 100% don’t agree with this racist bullying but I think the backlash comes from how people have been so upset about how some artists have been bullied off the internet for drawing characters of colour with slightly lighter skin. Now I don’t think this is the correct way of dealing with this issue because bullying is never okay, but I think there needs to be a conversation about how the colour of a characters skin really doesn’t matter, weather it’s black or white or anything in between, I think we all need to let people express what they wish through their art instead of being triggers over someone drawing a character with dark or light skin, I think it’s childish to be so upset over either side... I do hope Thumin will be okay and I hope she continues to create such beautiful art despite the harassment ❤️

      1. Nadia J

        Blackwashing isn’t really a thing. The term was thrown around when racists didn't like being accused of whitewashing so like "reverse racism" it just kinda built onto itself with no real base of an argument

    48. Da_Lonely_Frappe

      That’s pretty sad that people are racist

    49. Cxttxz Toonz

      all community's have terrible people but its about the good people in the community

    50. The Legendary Mean Bunny

      All ARTIST or content creator not only black, everyone, should rise up and draw edit whatever came in mind themselves in place of characters we like, and stay besides Thumin, we can't live in 2021 and still have all these problems, seems like BLM was a joke if now people tell other to off-themselfs only because they're black, this really need to stop

    51. dgyjbhhevc

      The people harassing Thumin said she was being racist, even thought THEY were. Such hypocritical behavior...

    52. Isabelle Hayes

      Thank you so much for calling this out!

    53. Sophia Sangha

      I clicked this video because I am subbed to Thumin and I think she is a great black artist but also what is with racism it's unreasonable because the person cant change what they look like and people hating on black people isn't helping and I find the racist people on earth disappointing. If I met a racist person I would tell them what they are: selfish pieces of crap

    54. A B

      i give the fuck up on humanity

    55. m i m i b e a r

      My heart dropped when you read out the DM. This is disgusting and I honestly can't believe people can be this horrible to others, especially when they are doing what they love and creating beautiful art. Just let people do what they want and be happy. I don't understand why people have a problem with that.

    56. nobody willknow

      When people said it's black-washing, I lost brain cells, Thumin didn't Black-wash any character, she drew herself as a character, but I'm surprised most white artists (if they did the exact same thing) wouldn't get that much hate, even though most of the anime and ma gas are obviously Japanese or from some part of Asia.

    57. Mario Baker

      Hey I just want to say thank you for spreading awareness for this racism on the internet I really appreciate it

    58. gon n killua

      it is literally so sad that we live on the same world with racists.

    59. Amanda Cano

      I respect you and your journey 💯 keep rising awareness on so many ways.

    60. Not Ash

      0:57 How is this person sending you this really say this. They're not a clown, there the whole dang circus

    61. wOw that's crazy

      I don't get it, what's the big deal about skin color. Its just a matter of genetics and melanin in general? What was the beginning of racism and why does it exist. Can I get an answer?

    62. 풀다LoveYourself

      How I see it Black people : BLM Racists : ALM Black people : whitewashing Racists : blackwashing Black people : talks about racism Racists : racism doesn't exist See we can't have shit we can't do shit. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    63. Reagan Hoff


    64. Yomas Riprud

      its a bummer you didnt do your research on the video where shes drawing that picture

    65. · FizzyPop ·

      Why are you standing up for her she literally was asking for it.

      1. papi zuko

        @· FizzyPop · lol sis you turned off all your comments bc logical people will come after you, you called black people sensitive but you cant keep comments on. Ur one of the most annoying and unfunny trolls I've seen. Your like six yr you shouldn't even have a platform, do your parents know? Btw it's past you're bedtime💗

      2. · FizzyPop ·

        @풀다LoveYourself Nah you should.

      3. · FizzyPop ·

        @Banana GamerCat No I dont

      4. 풀다LoveYourself

        Girl you called her and other black women The nword then called it criticism and posted that bs on youtube stfu.

      5. Banana GamerCat

        Let me guess, you say the same to survivors of SA?

    66. _*イチゴ*_*乳状*_

      People disgust me, if i ever meet someone like that i would ignore them until i can't and leave.

    67. Michael Aftøn

      why people dont get she didnt turn kiki into a black person she draw HER self


      do people not realise kiki is also a woman of colour, not white? she's literally japanese

    69. Fayelith Minamari

      I can't move on this because im a one

    70. Fayelith Minamari

      Wow how narcissistic and racist tf-

    71. Grace Loves Alucard

      Immediately subscribed to her channel after watching this video and followed her Instagram I really hope this hate stops

    72. Jinx_

      Alrernative title: Snowflakes being snowflakes to a creative person

    73. sm1l3_4m3

      What app do you use to make art?

    74. Zoe Sager

      It honestly pains me to think that these sh*t stains on the underwear of humanity are actual people with actual F--ked up morals.

    75. Zeynep Derin Sağanak


    76. Alexa Trzynaście


    77. Mrs. Haz

      Lmao wtf🏃🏽‍♀️

    78. OnskuBear

      I’ve been subbed to thumin for quite a while now and this video made me so happy :)

    79. Sharifatul Akmaliah

      Those dislikes are from racist people that don't like this video, and I agree with Shannon, screw the haters!!

    80. g_a_b_r_i_e_l

      umm, Im losing braincells rn

    81. Emo* cute Classy


    82. Itz Candi

      How dare this amazing talented artist show her culture in phenomenal art!

    83. • S a d i i e •

      I thought you were hating on thumin-

    84. egg yolk

      i feel like if someone drew kiki or any studio ghibi character with more Japanese/asian characteristic (tan skin ect ik not every Japanese person looks the same) they would get mad

    85. May Everlast

      Another example of "Yep, that's Twitter for you" or "Welcome to Twitter, where your general self expression is being kept lock/oppressed". But really? It never seems to failed me for being redundantly ridiculous at such minor things sometimes. One point, some of them would probably starts saying "Well, this whole thing wouldn't have gotten like this if it weren't for you" and all of us leaving them with "No, this wouldn't happen if you don't even make a hot take on such tiny things in the first place!!"

    86. Classy Ajpw

      What app do you use for your art?

      1. Classy Ajpw


      2. tort no

        She's using MediBang

    87. Lucith Manoire

      Racist: Ugh you're a snowflake be grateful! Also racist: **HAS A FULL MELT DOWN BECAUSE OF A DRAWING**

    88. Paulie

      oh thank god. i thought this was going to be a video calling out thumin. scared the crap out of me. thanks for showing her some love! she doesn’t deserve any of this. ❤️

    89. Itz Candi

      She is a beautiful artist, she is a lot of my inspiration. Thumin wasn't seeking their validation on her art, and she can draw whatever she wants. Nobody asked them to re-make her art, nobody asked them to comment such idiotic words in such. No one cares about their opinions. Because your hurtful words make no difference or stop her from making her art, they can just shut the [ __ ] up :) The haters are like a leaf trying to stop an ocean from flowing. They do nothing, if they think they can stop her from doing what makes her happy they must be using 1 braincell or maybe less! I love her art, and would never say such things to such a talented being. At least she has some kind of talent, so just STOP and appreciate the people who inspire.

    90. ShadowNinja

      Imagine telling someone to be grateful that they get bullied online and told to kys. Twitter is such a toxic place, this is why so many creators leave that site. I've been bullied before, but I can't even imagine how Thumin feels having so many racist people on her back. Her art is so pretty and this is all so ridiculous

    91. Chloe Liu

      I loved Thumin's how to color a POC, since I never knew how and I never colored a POC

    92. IncognitoCheeto

      how the fuck is ANYONE going to justify for racism? Like bruh this is crazy! Btw Thumin you're cool, you've inspired me to make a channel with art related stuff in it God bless

    93. Lime Lime

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    94. MrGoldenIng0t

      you're fucking amazing

    95. Der Erlkönig

      The thumbnail and title of the video is purposefully misleading

      1. inkou edits

        yea lol

    96. meerky

      so this haves nothing to do with this but what program do you use to draw?

      1. Espadon , Rojaina Wendy

        @CreepShow Art Thanks miss , btw love your art and commentary , thank you for enlightening this situation and amplifying her voice ,this isn't right , racism isn't right and you've really help made people understand , and btw have a wonderful day/night miss.

      2. CreepShow Art

        medibang paint

    97. Haha ratchild go brrr

      as a Mexican who used to draw themselves as characters (Ash(Pokemon) , Tenya(MHA) , etc-) I got called slurs and a bunch of racist comments " go back and jump the border you stupid ape" " Donald Trump should've killed you off lmaoo " etc this hurts me , deeply.

      1. Espadon , Rojaina Wendy

        I hope you are doing well ma'am/sir , don't listen to those idiots using racism to gain clout , because they think that their idiocy wouldn't be called out . I hope you , your friends and your family are doing well in this pandemic and have a wonderful day/ night ma'am /sir!

    98. Darkened Abyss

      This situation shows racist are dumb and cruel at the same time Dumb cause they thing an artist changed the race, even when the artist said it was their character dressed as that one and in a scene And cruel that it wasn't about the movie, it was just to out down an artist of different nationality

    99. Stephania Charles

      are those the same people that say "you should be happy an older man likes you and did that to you ANY girl would want that" Uhmm...what girl? who?? please tell me who I'll like to know

    100. Sausage Raw

      It just seems she got caught up and confused as being part of those twitter artists who "fix" character designs. People should have been able to see it is a self insert and nothing about "fixing" the character. I guess you just get the people who just see the image and don't read the text, this obviously just promoted the racist are usually waiting for opportunities like this to justify any racist remark/act they do.