Who Is Better Michael or Lewis? Answered By Max & Jos Verstappen

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    In a recent Interview done by CarNext.com \u0026 conducted by Ex. F1 Driver David Coulthard, Max \u0026 Jos Verstappen were asked who do they think is better Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher. Check what was their response.

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    1. Agotech

      It is stupid and foolish for Red Bull to criticize Lewis when Lewis does what Max has been doing all the time. Horner used to boast that Max overtook Lewis 3 times at the start, but ignoring that Max only did that safely because Lewis backed off each time. Max has been known to be the ruthless driver, now that he got what he deserves, they are all crying "foul". Each time other drivers ruined Lewi's race, like in 2010 by four drivers, nobody called for a harsh penalty. I think Horner and Marko are passionate racists. All the time Lewis said that the championship was a marathon, not a sprint, or that Max thought he had a point to prove, nobody understood that Lewis was alluding to the fact that Max only did what he did because others backed off. Even this time, it was Max's responsibility to make sure that Lewi's left front did not get entangled between his front and rear wheels. It cannot be that he drives just looking forward and others get out of his way. Look at the track where they collided. Max left a lot of space on the outside trying to squeeze Lewis out of the track. If I am driving, I would make sure someone's wheels do not get between my open wheels. The reason is when the front wheel is between the rear wheel and the front wheel, the front wheel of Lewis rotates upwards whilst the rear wheel of Max rotates downwards. So when they touch the resultant rotation is double and because Lewis's front wheel cannot go into the ground (track) it is only Max's rear wheel that has the freedom of movement and that points upwards, thus toppling his car off the track. So, Lewis and Max just touched, but PHYSICS threw Max off the track. It happens this way all the time. So, Max caused the crash by jeering into Lewi's car, expecting Lewis to jeer off as Lewis did in Baku when Perez cheated as if to crash into Lewis. This caused Lewis to touch the brake-balance switch that caused him to lose the brake and land in DNF. So, the Redbull of Perez caused Lewis to have DNF in Baku. Nobody followed this incident in Baku. So, RedBull denied Lewis 25 points after Max got a puncture. When RedBull does such a thing, Horner and Marko keep quiet, but happily, thinking that Perez has done a good job. Even Lewi's losing the brake could have ended in a collision in Baku. Red Bulls are talented in hypocrisy.

    2. Edwin Hipolito

      Hamilton best ever

    3. Greg Dixon

      Jos Verstappen on who’s the GOAT. Hamilton will never be better than Schumacher. You know he's black right?

    4. Jeremy Stig

      They asked Jos for a comparison because he raced against Michael and they asked Max to acknowledge Lewis skill. I dont think they asked Max to compare Lewis against Michael.

    5. Dawood Pervez

      Don’t think Max would be saying that after the British GP 2021!

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    6. Sakalbudhi 123

      Senna, Schumacher, Hamilton are the greatest ever. All 3 had the machinery to deliver, however they were & are phenomenal talents to deliver. Its difficult however to compare them as ots different eras.

      1. Motorsports News


    7. Bear

      Pair of clowns

      1. Motorsports News

        @Bear 😅

      2. Bear

        @Motorsports News spoilt rich kid & entitled daddy

      3. Motorsports News


    8. V B

      Max zegt dat Hamilton heel consistent is, bijna geen fouten maakt, maar dat komt omdat hij eigenlijk nooit zo fors onder druk heeft gestaan. Hij kent die stress niet. Bottas is een eitje voor hem. Zaken zullen gaan veranderen als hij straks ooit een andere team maat krijgt en nu battled met Max

    9. FPL Asssist

      Micheal watch the way , he brought people to Ferrari , The way he competed from 1997-1999 with an inferior car is what makes me decide that he’s the GOAT 🐐

    10. Michal W

      So looking at results when Young then Kubica was much bigger talent than Hamilton, but not with such big support in adult life

    11. Leslie Rawstron

      Deal with it max it's sport

    12. Clayton RD

      Hamilton. And it's not even close.

    13. Mgm GranTT

      The Schumacher periode Ferrari was superior but not by the margins Merc is today.

    14. Jamyang Singye

      No comparison. Michael.

    15. EdjeMr1975

      Max Verstappen is a better F1 Driver then Lewis End of story

    16. Vidit Kamat

      Yes Max is right Lewis doesn't crash 😕Silverstone 2021... Lewis didn't crash Lewis push you towards barriers

      1. Gary Kasparov

        @Otman Boudarine so a driver deserves to be in the barriers at 51g because they won’t bow down to Lewis like Bottas? Wow your life must be a sad one 😂

      2. Otman Boudarine

        well deserved for this aggressive kid

      3. Motorsports News

        It was a terrible accident

    17. Honza Saurus

      Max: “He doesn’t make many mistakes” Silverston 2021: hold my beer

      1. Jimmy de Jong

        @Trevor Speedy Max didn't say that he doesn't make mistakes so why comment about that? Max is still growing as a formula 1 driver and this year he has the most consistent season so far. But like he said if you have the best car you also don't need to take risks and that is mainly the reason why Hamilton could be so consistent for lots of years. This year is the first time in the last 7 years that he really has competition for another team and he already made 3 big mistakes this season. Imola, Baku and Silverstone.

      2. fat Mac

        @Trevor Speedy thats what max said about lewis.. you didnt even watch the video

      3. Motorsports News

        @Trevor Speedy he got better than before

      4. Trevor Speedy

        Haha, Max doesn’t make mistakes. Hahahaha, lmfao Riccardo, Vettel, Kimi, geez, do you watch F1, max makes heaps of mistakes

      5. roasting miner

        @ahmad 12 why the monkey emoji?

    18. Deepak Urs

      Max then: he does not make mistakes Max now: such a d**k head .. he almost killed me ..

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    19. EL– JABBIE

      Very honest Max L. Hamilton is just the best. Period...You going to be one of the best very soon..:)

    20. Oscar H

      * As the same Top IndyCar drivers said, Hamilton in most of the championships that he won did not compete with anyone, I think I agree with it ... *

    21. It's Me

      Max is spot on! Wheneve Lewis isn't starting on the front, he makes waaaay more mistakes

      1. Motorsports News


    22. Mark Woldin

      I notice on the comments people talking about fitness. But there are superhuman geniuses who excel in sports while abusing themselves. I find them far more interesting. BABE Ruth was à drunk and glutton. George Best was an alcoholic. Pete Maravich was one, too. Drivers used to race without protection and drank champagne before a race. Wow!

    23. Douwe Egbert

      Funny to see this now , looks like when you pressure Mercedes and hamilton thye do make mistakes ..for first time in 8 years , just shows how good that car was during last 7 years and still capable of winning ..how many 1,2 they had all those seasons ??

      1. Motorsports News

        True, everyone cracks under pressure eventually

    24. Madmanmarque

      Jackie Stewart has an interesting take on greatest driver. When Faggio, and Jim Clark were racing, they ran F!, Rally, GT cars etc. which is why he places them above the modern F! driver. He doesn't take away anything from Hamilton or any of today's drivers, just that they were more rounded.

      1. CallmeRoth

        Greatest Driver =/= Greatest F1 driver. Jackie took the question out of context.

    25. j de vries

      The greatest of all time? Max Verstappen. At his age, only Vettel performed better with a world title already.

    26. tzsteve33

      It’s like trying to compare apples and oranges, the main reason most drivers feel MS has the edge over LH is the way Schumacher changed the way drivers had to prepare for F1 , his fitness level and determination was way ahead of everyone else on the grid, also the fact that he took the championship in what was not the best car. 1994 1995 the Williams was the car to have, but MS out drive everyone else, He was flawed in certain ways but the same can be said for Senna

    27. Henrikki Tahvanainen

      I think Lewis and many todays drivers would beat Schumacher If he came from his Prime to this Day todays drivers have so much More data available and they can train The tracks better with All The simulators and stuff. Schumacher didn't hit his possible Peak but only The Peak possible during that era. If Schumacher would start today it could Be diffrent.

    28. TheFlooable

      Did Lewis ever drive 3-5 seconds faster than anyone else in the rain? No. Michael did this in nearly every heavy wet rain race he participated. And even if the SF2004 was extremly dominant, his other championchip cars weren‘t nearly as dominant as the Mercedes of Lewis. It isn‘t even close.

      1. George 567

        No he drove 8 seconds faster at Great Britain and won by a minute… obviously schumi goat tho

    29. Pretorius Sarel

      If you put Michael in the same Mercedes car as Lewis, will Michael outrun Lewis each year on championship points, I don't think lewis will even feature in the Ferrari the way Michael did..! Conclusion = Michael is Better than lewis

    30. Dr Dread

      Shumi was UNbelievable.....Different Level, no matte how BAD the car, he pushed to the very end.......

      1. Motorsports News


    31. Fizdrul Cr7

      Lewis cannot compare with greatest schumi... Lewis is nothing without merc.. The beat car... How about lewis try another car next yeari wanna see can lewis win any single race witout the best car🤣🤣🤣🤣

    32. barbagiggia

      Michael was of another level respect Lewis. Lewis is a champion, Michael is a legend, only Senna or Fangio could be at that level.

      1. Logic’s Finest

        @L Mamet Ah yes. The personal attacks always abound. Have a great day.

      2. L Mamet

        @Logic’s Finest I think Lewis is one of the greatest drivers, I'm not emotional about it; you are describing YOUR state of mind, the way YOU react. You should really read, think and analyse what others say; better to be constructive than angry 😀

      3. Logic’s Finest

        @L Mamet Yet another person who proves what I keep saying. Emotional bias not based on facts and numbers. Number of wins is the measure of talent, that’s why we keep track of wins. Fans like who they like based on emotion. They attack the drivers they don’t like, then use that very same attack as some sort of proof when the driver they do like wins. Highly irrational. Your opinion is that Hamilton isn’t a legend or as good as other champions. That opinion is based on emotion. Bottas finished second in the championship for three years straight. An average driver doesn’t consistently score that high. Anyone can qualify in pole position, yet it takes a rare talent to consistently win and even rarer still to win multiple titles. There’s a reason only a handful of men have won more than 3 titles. If Verstappen wins this year’s title (and i honestly think Max will win this year) let’s see if you say the same things about him. Or LeClerc or any other driver. If Prost was the best driver he would have more than his 4 titles yet he doesn’t. To call,him the best as you say is 1-wrong since the numbers prove otherwise 2-your opinion which doesn’t hold up to the numbers. 3-once again proves what I say. All these arguments are largely emotional and cyclical and have little to any any rational thinking. 4-people like the driver they like and hate other drivers and don’t have much objectivity. People can argue emotion all day The numbers settle all idle gossip and emotional opinions.

      4. barbagiggia

        @Logic’s Finest No that`s a fact. And you are proving to NOT be a true knowledgeable F1 passionate. I have never said that Hamilton won 8 titles, read again my comments smoke less weed. You are quite embarrassing tbf.

      5. L Mamet

        The number of wins is not a good measure of talent. Look at Lance Armstrong! Lewis is very talented but an average driver like Bottas on a Mercedes beating most drivers for so many years proves that Lewis clearly has had the better car to get his titles. Talented drivers like Leclerc would do the same or better, even Russel when driving the Mercedes overtook Bottas, first on start and then on a corner, on the outside line! Schumi was in another class than Hamilton. The best driver was "The Professor" Prost; Racing Intelligence, self control, knowledge of engineering. Watch his racing.

    33. Lui Something

      Although I love MS I don’t love that he crashed into people to win.

      1. santiago perez

        Micheal picked slow curves, hamilton does it anywhere.

    34. B H

      Jim Clark. No question. Lol

      1. Motorsports News


    35. George

      Jos was friends with Micheal

      1. Motorsports News


    36. Colour Tech

      Michael hands down Hamilton would not make top 10

      1. HL45

        Pipe down kid, if you don't put Hamilton at least top 3 you're just a clueless and don't know anything about F1.

    37. Maverick Fonseca

      Hamilton make mistakes when on pressure like other pilots.

    38. Bruno Manco

      Nevertheless i would like that lewis wouldnt quit F1 after leaving mercedes. Hope he goes to a midfield team like mclaren or renault

    39. MrRodzilla

      its easy to not make mistakes when he has the dominant car, now that he is fighting you see him make mistakes

    40. Glen Sargent

      Micheal by fair look who set up the mec team before Lewis got there.

    41. Toomuchdebt

      Listen to what Alonzo and Schumacher has to say about Hamilton's talent.

    42. Chris Muir

      With the tool he's got I think that max is a very talented driver Lewis is the best but I'm routing for max

    43. ꧁ৡۣۜ͜͡ Hans ৡۣۜ͜͡ ꧂

      What I value the most about Max is that he never jumped ship. He did get a contract from RB and stayed there. MERC did try to get him to but RB signed him first and Max never did look back. Many said that RB did build a car especially for Max when Gasly and Albon could not drive it. But if that is so, more goodies to Max. It seems that they succeeded. Now, with some years of feedback from Max they have built a car, that is for now, the car to beat. It’s standing Nr1 in driver and the constructors’ championship. If Perez can adopt even more the RB13b looks unbeatable. It reminds me of the Schumacher times when he formed a team and won multiple championships with them. Somehow it deserves more respect then taking a gamble, jump teams, and end up with the team with the best car and win with them. Within the team the respect for Max must be incredible and for good reasons. Now we can enjoy the rest of the season and hope it will be as thrilling as the first 7, hmm 6 races! Statistically Max is in a good place now. With 14 wins he is in the top 20 of F1 drivers with the most wins. Al but 1 of the other drivers did become (multiple) world champions. It seems it is now just a matter of time.

    44. BushCooking

      Lewis is the best F1 driver of all time hands down save your replies

    45. Bill Tora

      I have to give credit to a competitor/racer like Max, who can set aside his race mentality and give credit where credit is due. Lewis is one of the best drivers F1 has ever seen. And honestly, I think Max is on his way there. I think Max is learning a lot watching and racing against Lewis. I can't stand how people say "It's the car, that's why Lewis wins". There have been plenty of people that have driven a fast car. But there is a difference between driving a fast car, and driving a fast car and winning, and then driving a fast car and winning consistently race after race year after year. No one, aside from Schumi, Senna, etc. have been able to do that like Lewis has. Lewis has turned this sport upside down because of his consistency and his ferociousness on the track. I've seen him do things in races that I've never seen any other racer do, he's just amazing, like seriously a freak of nature behind the wheel of that car, amazing! And again, I think Max is proving that he too can be one of those amazing drivers as well.

    46. SilentAdventure

      Lewis gone this yr

    47. volkrays99

      That’s cause Hamilton started his career with the best team! Schumacher started with Jordan Ford which was a horrible team then went to Benetton Ford where he won his 1st championship then it became Benetton Renault where he won a 2nd championship then went to rebuild Ferrari and ended up winning 5 straight championships. Hamilton never did that and has only won with one engine supplier and was always on the best team.

      1. ReachForTheSky

        And Schumacher benefitted from rule-breaking equipment with Benetton, particularly launch control, according to Senna and others.

      2. Glen Sargent

        Who was set up by a team by Schumacher

    48. Stanley Masterson

      Ive followed Formula One since it started in the 50's. There is NO comparison. Schumacher is easily the better driver for a wealth of reasons. Obviously Jim Clark is still the greatest of all time though

      1. Chris Sirvid

        A lot of old folk remember the good old days. Different sport today. No cocaine and champers for breakfast

    49. Chris Sirvid

      Great show team.lively debate

    50. Chris Sirvid

      Very subjective but I reckon Lewis is the better driver. Schumacher is very much overrated and lacked any class anywhere @ anytime. Boring conversations really, still, beats work.

    51. Cakan bih

      If vettel had stayed with Red bull He would have 6-7 titles for sure But instead he came to bad Ferrari team.

    52. Cakan bih

      Hamilton would Not never win those titles without Mercedes. Is the FACT !!!

    53. Cakan bih

      # 1 Michael # 2 Schumacher # Senna # Bottas

    54. michele auriemma

      Hamilton is a fortunate lad, no way he can equalise Senna and Schumacher class, even a certain Damon Hill won in F1, it's all merit of the material.. Verstappen a real talent.

    55. DJ

      It’s the multiple times world champion that has proved everything he’s gotta prove and the fast “rookie” that has everything to prove. F1 has had a lot of rivalries like this and they’ve all been great. Now that they have similar cars we could see who will come out on top.

    56. Toku91-

      Fernando Alonso.

    57. Jeff Elias

      I a few years or very soon, they'll be talking about Russel and saying he is the best driver of all time. Look at what he did when he had a chance to drive the best car in F1 nowadays? Lewis is good but without that car, he wouldn't be where he is. The same goes to Schumacher. Some could say : Well, Bottas has the same car. No he does not! No only that, he is not the priority so to go and say Lewis is the best driver of all time because he's got the best car, always racing in front and having priority within the team is completely unfair. The best driver of all time for example would be someone driving a Renault and still being able to do amazing things with it and driving the team. forward. Now, Mercedes have never been a Renault in the past and never will be. End of conversation.

    58. socialgames

      Typical mainland european arrogance. Hamilton best of all time on every stat.

    59. kÿhXX

      even max said lewis is an f1 god💥^ zZ

    60. fer262

      Lewis, because let’s not forget how Michael won certain championships... he was a cheater and a dirty driver. It’s true that Lewis has the best car, but he also is the most consistent with it

    61. Quick To Reason

      people forget that lewis beat alonso (reigning 2 time) as a rookie. the standings prove this.

      1. hani santa

        Exactly Hamilton beat Alonso in his debut year and only lost on 1 point against Raikkonen for the championship. Let that sink in.

    62. yin shah

      The last 30 seconds describes Michael Schumacher’s time with Ferrari pretty well no? Overtaking on track was rare when I watched as a child. I watched Schumacher win after win. Eventually I lost interest because nascar and CART cars pass each other back then. But now with DRS and at the twilight of one champion for the ages, it’s exciting again.

    63. Michael Singh

      There are better drivers walking the streets than lewis or michael. Its a sport for the priviledged so dont be fooled. Currently you have a billionnaires son in lance stroll who is crap but on occasion takes points !!

      1. hani santa

        Amazing comment, that's why they should take high level simracers more serious. They have all the fundamentals to become great race drivers. It's a much bigger talent pool.

    64. CunningStunts

      lewis has more followers on insta then michael so he wins hands down . . .

    65. Jung HaNeul

      I wanted Max to be like, "Who is better, Shumacher or Hamilton? ME."

    66. DB Photography

      As Rosberg said : If lewis is not on the top performing car on every race he loses interest and "becomes bitchy".... Nothing more to add...

      1. DB Photography

        @big Fast forward year 2021...Lewis not having the best car and he struggles...he makes mistakes...losing positions...Rosberg nailed it pretty much to me....

      2. Black Dragon

        @big Exactly...

      3. big

        Rosberg was too bitchy to race lewis without crashing into him lmao

      4. Black Dragon

        Coming from Rosberg...he knows....from the guy who as always behind the first one...no comment...he was speaking for himself..

    67. Sir Bonobo

      its actually Schumacher, senna , Lewis but by a really small margin. But all of those 3 drivers are unbelievable gods in driving. But what schumacher makes better then all of them is that i has droven his car ALWAYS on the limits and of course hes driving in rain. NO ONE COULD BEAT MICHEAL IN RAIN and few even in dry conditions. But if i had to put all of them on a podium, all three would be in place 1 nothing but respekt for them and all the other drivers

    68. rosco libra

      lewis hamilton and ayrton senna.......#1

    69. Cloxxki

      Portrait :-o

    70. Schumy 7

      Michael in his prime... Absolutely unbeatable.

      1. MrRodzilla

        @Logic’s Finest 1997 villeneuve cheated and williams/mclaren rigged the race, 1998 mclaren took him out while in the lead of the race, 1999 he broke his leg, schumacher very unlucky to only have 7 titles

      2. Logic’s Finest

        Not true. Michael in his prime took 5 years to repeat as champion. Nobody is unbeatable.

      3. MrRodzilla

        @Robbie Michaels schumacher beat rosberg at his old tracks, rosberg beat hamilton there, so its simple logic

      4. Robbie Michaels

        @MrRodzilla Utter stupidity. Another moronic comment.

      5. shahman7860

        No driver in formula 1 has ever been unbeatable and that includes Schumacher. It is and always has been about the strength of the combination of man, machine & team and certainly the Schumacher /Ferrari combination was the best for 5 consecutive years; But that doesn't mean that Schumacher in any other F1 team could have won the world championship.

    71. _ __

      What about Senna?? Where would he stand against these 2 champions?

    72. Carlo Moro

      I like more Max than Jos. Just saying. Still love more Michael than Mick.

    73. bhupendra mishra

      Max: 'He doesn't make many mistakes' Baku 2021 : hold my beer

      1. G0alz

        @Fajru Rahman wow that anything else then that would be pretty embarrassing considering the dominance of his car.. Even if he would make a heavy mistake and be at the back of the grid he would still be able to overtake half of the grid to finish in the points..

      2. c'est la Vie

        Unfortunately this didn't age well for Max 😬😬

      3. Chris Sirvid

        @Wolke Btarsound WTF has that to do with who's the better driver.

      4. Chris Sirvid

        @Tobias Weber that's a big wow mate. So more than one mistake is unknown in most sports?

      5. Tobias Weber

        One could say that by the very meaning of many you to come up with more than 1 instance where he did a mistake

    74. empire

      Lewis is consistent yes, but the modern cars are very reliable. Go back 20, 30 years, and there were way more DNFs. Im not saying that is everything, but having a dominant car that will take everything you throw at it week in week out really helps you pile up points, and win championships. I like Senna and Prost over Schumi and Lewis in terms of pure driving ability

    75. john pearson

      If Max doesn't become world champion one day it would be so criminal. I still believe Schumacher was the better driver. I can no longer stand Hamilton and his virtue signalling, Politics should never be involved in sport.

    76. Selwan

      Let's not forget, schumi built the team that Lewis is winning with the fraud.

    77. Marcel Smit

      When Lewis and the Mercedes team are under pressure they just fuck-up..

      1. HL45

        Yh that's why they beat Ferrari's ass in 2017 and 2018. I love how people think they know everything about F1 but they just don't know shit.

    78. S Kirk

      Lewis was dominant as a rookie with a poor team. That’s why he got the opportunity to drive for a better team.

    79. ronald carlo argate

      The uncovered hourglass essentially announce because liquor early nod with a low screen. tightfisted, expensive algeria

    80. Dendu Anareta

      Put Michael in Hamilton’s cars. Game over.

    81. Ivet Wolowitz

      I'm here after Baku race...

    82. funkjoker

      2:51 - we have to update that. 06.06.21 🤓

    83. C.M.L.

      Ten years ago the cars are all with automatic and computerized control, in Michael's era no, even some years he isn't automatic gearbox. Michael.

    84. Road Runner

      Huge MS fan. Lewis is racing in a time of regulation & restrictions. You have to follow rules and the grid has lot more cars and there is always the risk of DNF. Lewis does that well. He is insanely talented and I would back him . He concentrates on racing and he wins consistently. King Lewis 👑

    85. Vivian Nicholas Mojulat

      Michael schumacher not using drs during his old time


      In other words Schumacher is still King! How in the world did David get a helmet to fit his head??

      1. Glen Sargent

        David hated sch when he raced against him and mica with a car at least 2 seconds faster sch would always manage to get a head of David.

    87. Jatinder Kumar

      You can compare people only when everyone had fastest car for 6_7 years,I don't see why Alonso can't be greatest.two titles ,three time runnerup.and was in fastest only once perhaps.

      1. Jatinder Kumar

        @Toomuchdebt that was tie inspite Lewis scoring 9 consecutive podium

      2. Toomuchdebt

        Alonzo Got beaten in by his team mate. LH44.

    88. Jatinder Kumar

      Senna greatest ever lived.

    89. dernbuy

      Well after recent events, especially in baku, we can see lewis' weakness. He hates to lose. He hates when someone is quicker. Thats when mistakes creep in. If luck is on verstappens side and the car is solid, he should be the world champion. I think little mistakes from lewis will continue from time to time. Vettel started to find himself in the same position. I think with vettel its age but lewis isnt getting any younger too

      1. dernbuy

        @f181234 i have played team sports when i was in my teens to early 20s. Im not 100% sure exactly what you are trying to say. Like to explain what you meant?

      2. f181234

        @dernbuy you’ve clearly never been on the same team with other Athletes or Compete with them there mentality is completely different

      3. dernbuy

        @capa Luz you might want to check over who was being rude my friend. I was giving an opinion. I was attacked for it. Then you try to turn it around like im the one thats rude? Read over it mate

      4. capa Luz

        @dernbuy Kkkkkkkkkk what's your problem Mr "NLname F1 expert"? U can't go around being rude to people you don't even know what we're doing here is just "everyone" giving their opinion, right? be well be at peace and if you can't be at peace get some help

      5. dernbuy

        @capa Luz well forgive me gfor the 'everyone'. When i said everyone, i was referring to real motorsports fans that understand the sport. Not these johnny come lately sorts that got into formula 1 from watching the soap opera version on netflix. And don't tell me thats not you. Its a bit childish to start an argument with someone over their comment, its even worse to jump in to the defence of someone who does. The assessment i made makes sense. That is the reason lewis made his mistake. It wasn't to do with the car, tyres or track condition. It was driver error. He admitted after the race it was driver error. He made the mistake because of the pressure he was under. Which he has done since and will do again im sure. Hes fighting for the championship. In previous years, nobody could match him. Now we see the weakness in him. Now you can get back with your own analysis or you can troll me if you like but you must have the sense to learn which one your doing

    90. Raccoon H

      Hamilton is very good, but you will never be no. one legend if you lose twice against your teammate. Rosberg (a strong and underrated driver, but not a legend) and Button. Button was always very close to Hamilton. And in 2008 Massa was very close, altough Mclaren had no (big) disadvantage in pace or no disadvantage at all (it‘s hard to say because Kovaleinen was not a top level driver).

    91. Muhammad Ma'arijs

      Schumi & Jos with Benetton, Max & Mick with Ferrari.

    92. Beef McButchFace

      Baku says hi

    93. F A

      Lewis and Senna only Goats

    94. H B

      "he was a top driver but he also had the top material" as if schumi didn't have the best car by miles when he was in ferrari

      1. Chaitanya Bhat

        Only 2001, 2002 and 2004. That is only 3 seasons out of his first career. I agree that Ferrari was good, but Michael built it to be good from a place where it looked like it would barely win a race from 1996. He brought in the right people and made the team revolve around him, and it brought him the results.

    95. tibic

      Crashsour boys.....

    96. Patrick Dwyer

      Hamilton only rate senna because it was the password to enter F1.

    97. Johannes Berglund

      Lewis was a top driver even then the McLaren was not on top

    98. Dezee Fresh

      Well, Ballsman def Consistent. No Doubt. Dnt Mess Up n gt Serious Balls 2 tk U n a Overtake anywhere. But so is MadBalls Max, he'll tk U n d Edge of a Cliff. But fr me Watchg Smacker ( Schumacher ) fr his Ras ( Ferari ) dys. He wz a Go - man. Means he gts d Job dn fr d Strt. He wz a Key Role n Ras Phenomenal Strategies durg their Domination dys. He wd decide nt d Engineers, d tire choice. He wz a Genius Stategist. Ballsman ( Hamilton ), I Blv is nt really a key Role n Marc's Strategist Gang. So jst 4 dat Smacker tks " The Trophy ", 4 Best Overall we've seen so far.

    99. Roger Vallve

      If you listen Schumacher talk about his competitors, he said he always learned from them even the guy in the back of the pack. So he always learned and tried to improve. something all good sportsman have. I think both great drivers and great to watch

    100. First Knight

      The mercurial Michael SCHUMACHER worked his way up on his own... Lewis has had everything handed to him by mclaren and Michael never virtue signalling telling us all to bend the knee and become a vegan

      1. Senny

        "Virtue signaling" 😂😂 I can tell that comment has nothing to do with the sport. Let me guess, Lewis is a cultural marxist too? Also. Everything handed to him? Because someone recognised his talent and put him in a good car in his rookie season? Oh yeah, he really got everything handed to him when his debut season had him face off in a team against the guy who just came from winning 2 titles against Michael Schumacher, and he managed to equal out the score at the end of his *debut season* Yeah, the guy whose father didn't have the money that a lot of other families on the paddock have, he's the one who got everything "handed to him" Have you considered that he was recognised as a GOOD DRIVER and therefore good teams wanted to acquire him and put him in a good car? Cause if you say that bs about Lewis you can say the same about Max, who was put into RB within half a season of starting, is that "getting everything handed to him" or do you not care about that because he doesn't speak out political messages you disagree with?