Why Does Anyone Believe Anything On TikTok

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    Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on NLname, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

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    1. Bob Joe

      The dislikes are 7 year olds thinking their hard coz they think vampires exist

    2. Haley McCary

      If his teeth were so real why won't he touch them

    3. the muffin man official

      **Do you know the muffin, The muffin man, the muffin man, Do you know the muffin man who lives in dury lane?**

    4. rudyy idkk

      this girl would kill a dog for clout and wouldnt give a fuck

    5. Ev N

      Have you NOT seen the skin peeling videos that girls do? It's genius and I love it.

    6. frogtears

      who's gonna tell her that its pretty unlikely she'd get covid from licking a toilet seat...

    7. noobsforeverUwU

      random comment :)

    8. Krišjānis Pleiko

      16:07 Don't give ger new ideas. :D

    9. Jose Escobedo

      I hate tiktok HOOOWEEVVVER I'm willing to watch the ones that are vine material..... Pretty much funny videos but even some of those are just... Trash

    10. Jose Escobedo

      Wasn't this guy a vine star??

    11. Isumi Shigaraki MHA oc

      *When she sounds like junko enoshima and Chloe* 👁👄👁

    12. Joanne

      why do i lowkey think jefferey sent this girl to stay relevant or distract people from digging in his dark side

    13. Cyronical


    14. IPourMyMilkBeforeMyCereal

      Danny has made two videos on tik tok vampires... makes me a little suspicious 👀

    15. Izzy's Painting!

      Try not to laugh! 🤣

    16. Audra Grueneberg

      Danny your eyes are....glowing....

    17. Okie Dokie

      Maybe Danny is just saying that vampires aren’t real Bc he’s one🙄🥱 we’d all figure it out one day

    18. MewGaming XD

      I’m gonna get Instafamous so I can get my free laxative stuff

    19. Californium-252


    20. Auferen

      I know I'm way too late but vampires don't cast any reflection, so this post (4:28) wouldn't be possible Also vampire aren't real.

    21. Hal

      It’s bad to say but Craig seems like the type of person who is going to OD one day and try to get clout from it, even if it kills them.

    22. Journey Schaubhut

      You left Craig’s real name in at 15:07 btw

    23. Mochi The Queen Neko

      why r there so many dislikes?

      1. hi noobs

        people on tiktok seeing the title and not watching the video LMAO

    24. Annalise Kelly

      this girl is an alumni of my high school....

    25. Ib1x

      So im a female clout chaser now? Sick

    26. private Terry

      That idiot woman is named ava

    27. Angel Aura

      You’re funny

    28. Lin

      omg it's her (the dr phil girl) i remember watching a video from sssniperwolf on this chick and didn't think much of it

    29. mia


    30. Joao Santana

      God: Lets Satan rule for 2020 Satan: Let's Craig do this Also Satan: *Regrets everything*

    31. dr pill

      i get what danny's point is but by making this video it's kinda defeating the purpose lmao

    32. dr pill

      WAIT SHE SINGS THAT SONG- i actually really enjoy that song this is sad😐

    33. c h r y s a l i s m

      You look like my maths teacher if he had curly hair and im scared-

    34. c h r y s a l i s m

      You look like my maths teacher if he had curly hair and im scared-

    35. dokess Ezeaka

      Y'all really just believed a random white girl with "undisclosed" sources because...... Why?

    36. Eva Pilkevica

      OK but the music that started at 4:30 is just 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    37. mun the tune

      Craig thinks we all jealous of her like some who lick a toilet seat to test if you have corona is disgusting, not jealousy.

    38. Caramel Victim

      I'm sick of stupid people doing stupid shit and then calling it a "social experiment" ☠️☠️☠️

    39. Sans The Skeleton youtube

      Fun fact: on the desk there are may more Bacteria than on a Toilet, that means she mustn't lick a Toilet and just lick her desk ._.

    40. Emilee N.

      2:10 my vampire sims every time they get a new power

    41. Enzo Villaluz

      So funnyyyyy haha for real

    42. The Caribou

      Hey Danny quick question... should I get a Honda or Home and Depot lawn mower? Thx bro

      1. Yurio On Ice ;3

        Lawn mower

    43. ilovepetsforfam

      I got fangs but im not famous for it They said vampired arent real Im not a vampire :)

    44. wearetotaly_ fine

      his teeth WIGGLED bdfbjbjbkdb

    45. Asmita Bhoyar

      play it back in 0.25...

    46. babiestbear !

      i think that girl needs some kind of help. i cant stand her and others like her

    47. Ginnella Walker

      omg tbh craigs song is good tho T^T

    48. BlindStar LeaderOfMC

      15:35 is that the start to "Let her go" by Passenger?

    49. DRESDENEQUE !!!!!!

      Danny did it better.

    50. Sydney O'Connell

      danny you missed a craig and now we know her name isn’t craig 😰

    51. Kale Kale

      This real life

    52. all i do is cry

      Ava (Craig) is so toxic smfh

    53. Julia Gracie

      She made a tiktok saying that the docter phil show was fake.

    54. 3kids_vids

      Ppl think roblox builderman is dead too lol

    55. Applecatofwinter

      11:10 when I was younger we tested our science building to see who could find a germ and most of the kids immediately got their samples from the toilet and toilet seats. What ended up happening was only one kid got results because he got samples from the corners of the hallway. This is because those seats are cleaned maybe even twice a day especially on a airplane during the virus. So luckily she probably didn’t spread anything and somehow didn’t get sick.

    56. Mads

      Me thinking the video is ending:well heck Me seeing I’m only 8 minutes in: sweet great more juicy drama Also I always say juicy drama so seeing Danny say it’s like 🤯

    57. Rallkun Baldhr

      Vampires in Greek mythology have one bronze leg and goat legs

    58. its sav

      I'm dying and my grandma is confused why I'm laughing like a hyena lol

    59. Ok Then

      TikTok is going to make ppl think we are in a simulation

    60. Marissa Sutherland

      this girl want to be tana mongoose so bad

    61. Demiglitch

      I do like that Dr Phil flexxed on her.

    62. Itachievil

      Honestly if someone where to ask me who started the Jeffrey star thing I’d just say Craig

    63. Jescel Medero

      Ok but the songs a bop🤚

    64. N14_

      To be honest I'm quite worried about her mental health, she does seem to have some big issues

    65. Dax xx

      I hope that blonde girl doesn't have children

    66. JamesonWasHere 13

      tbh I think the vampire dude thinks everyone is joking.

    67. Ava G Varrette

      Nice coverup Danny. We know the truth about your mafia boss vampire dad.

    68. Obsidian_Wolfie_13

      Im sorry miss, but it seems like you have ✨narcissism✨

    69. Brandon Oliver

      "It was a social experiment" she pulled a Sam Pepper?!?!?

    70. Noah Calidonio


    71. Ramsey YT

      Shes also the one who licked the icecreams when covid hit.(not rly)

    72. Localbarb

      Ahh 👁 👅 👁

    73. The Meaty Marshmallow


    74. curious_ xgirl

      She said before that her friends weren’t really her friends, but people they found on the street. that could have been for clout too, but I’m not sure

    75. Jesus Trolley

      Plot twist: Craig is an advanced android developed by the Intergalactic Boomer Institute in an attempt to spy on what they imagined as people like us...

    76. Jesus Trolley

      I dont get why people puff their lips out, it looks dumb.

    77. Banyan Indigo Victor

      did,, did i just get deadnamed by dr phil

    78. Faith Catalan

      Craigs dream is to be paid for being a shitty-ass person. Puns intended

    79. Alexis Anthony

      2:15 Yes I'm a vampire. The secret to becoming one is to speed up your video, us effects, and catch the glare in your eyes.

    80. G A

      20 year old “CRAIG “ LMAO

    81. FrostInstant

      go to 9:35 u will see "Ava's posts" danny u forgot to replace ava with craig

      1. FrostInstant

        also 12:45

    82. Crunchwrap Supreme

      this girl is the female hard rock nick

    83. Crunchwrap Supreme

      Greg vs Craig

    84. delightfullyawkward

      If he was a real vampire he wouldn't show up on camera, doy

    85. Easton McDonald

      Bruh I knew it was fake when I noticed it was Ava because of Ryan trahans video lmao

    86. she's a maniac !


    87. Emily Russo

      She talks like my sister and that concerns me, also I'm gonna hate because she's an internet brat and doesn't deserve a platform

    88. Esther Ndegwa


    89. Esther Ndegwa

      The outro music just cheers me up all the time 😊

    90. Rigby Productions

      This isn't the only Craig I know...

    91. Quinn Smith

      To be fair, that tooth effect looked really good!

    92. MythicalMemer

      Props to Danny for putting a sponsor at the end of the video 👏

    93. Absolute Mae.M

      Oh my gawddd, I’m laughing so hard right now.

    94. Dreams *

      You know why he is not a vampire. He couldn't know his eyes glow because he has no reflection .

    95. Claire Murphy

      Craigs voice reminded me of Miranda Sings. Also she’s just straight up the worst.

    96. Claire Murphy

      “An immortal ageless being” Hmmm, interesting that Danny would say that...

    97. Ari Bunch

      10:09 LMAO

    98. Patrick star

      It’s confirmed that this chick is a karen

    99. Harri Smith


    100. Jennifer Maria Brocco

      Love u and Greg -Greg