Why don't I use a better-sounding turntable?

John Darko

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    0:00 The Field
    5:00 Smog
    9:45 Regis
    14:09 Does he ever shut up?
    Rega Planar Two:
    Zu Denon DL-103r:
    Technics SL-1210GR:
    Ortofon 2M Black:
    An afternoon with Frank Schröder:
    Funk Firm Achromat:
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    1. John Darko

      *PLEASE READ CAREFULLY* This comments section is *moderated by a third party* who is under strict instruction not to approve racist or sexist remarks, URLs, (the seeds of) conspiracy theories or the unsubstantiated ramblings of grumpy geezers. You're in my house so please play nicely.

    2. Jz2CoolDude

      Praise the Lord! Thank god someone else finally raised my single biggest gripe... having to change speed at the belt level. Thats not hi-fi, that's half baked product! High audio releases on 45 speed are more and more frequent.

    3. Dead Andburied

      Is the Technics belt or direct drive?

    4. Mark Fischer

      If you like the sound of the Denon Zu cartridge and the functionality of the Technics turntable why don't you swap cartridges?

    5. seesea1980

      Instead of putting a quarter under one of the TT legs you can probably adjust the level by turning the leg to adjust its length.

    6. Ryan Chenoweth

      Love it 👏👏👏👏

    7. rom661

      I have a perfect solution for you (tongue in cheek). Get a Rega Planar 8 or 10. Push button speed changes. And speed adjustment so Fremer doesn't have a breakdown :-)

    8. Michael Roe

      Do you think if you had the Rega cartridge on the Technics it would make a difference?

    9. Maurice Parhamovich

      Well presented commentary...refreshing. Thank you.

    10. Space Hopper

      From someone who has seven turntables set up in 3 rooms in my house, I completely get the functionality over sound aspect to listening to vinyl. The four turntables I use the most are all direct drive with speed selection and of those four the twin Technics 1210 decks are used most, followed by the Technics SL-M3 (fully auto) and then the Micro Seiki DD-31 (low mass arm). Swapping cartridges between some of my decks the difference the table makes is not night and day. I find there tends to be more difference between different cartridges than different tables especial when fed through the same phono pre amp. Not saying that a high end top dollar turntable with all else equal would not bring a different sound improvement but like you say and from my experience with comparable priced good equipment it’s not jaw dropping. I would hazard a guess but if you did get round to mounting the same cart from your Rega Planar 2 on to a head shell for your 1210GR, assuming the compliance with the arm is ok, I wouldn’t be surprised that you would prefer the 1210 directly driven sound over the Rega. As you can probably tell I’m a fan of good direct drive turntables and not so much the light plinth band drive designs, though I’m open minded to the fact. Personally I’d love you to do a video trying the same cartidge type on both as it would be very interesting to get your opinion on this. Anyway, great video, well done and keep posting. 😀

    11. Smugglers Run

      What a great video l agree totally with the functionality of a turntable l have a Pioneer PL 530 and love it even though l have had better sounding tables. I always come back to the pioneer it's such a pleasure to use and besides it has that killer vintage look.

    12. Adrian Barker

      I use a technics as my hifi turntable. Popped a goldring cartridge on it and the sound is great. I can ask any mate to change the records and they all know how it works. I could buy a proper hifi turntable but what is the point? I can enjoy the sound every time it goes on. I am a sound engineer... i know your ears get used to a sound incredibly quickly when listening so as long as it is not wrong... it is right. A technics with a good cartridge is not wrong. A more expensive deck would only be noticed first seconds of listen unless I concentrate really very hard... which is not enjoyable it is work so is that worth the cost?. Great explanation from like minded enthusiast here.

    13. J J

      This ultralight turntable will catch any vibration or resonance of the environment and distort the sound. Also the ultralight rotor driven indirect by a rubberband will cause fluctuations and also every fluctuation due to the drive or possible current quality will lower the dinamic in sound which is not acceptable

    14. carl Jung

      weird video. the dude is having some kind of episode...

    15. Alex Richard

      I restore music, I need to deal with records from vastly different eras, specs, manufacturers, etc. A well-designed, well-built direct-drive is always best even if only for reliability and accuracy. Belts have never been technically better. As for the rest: get adequate cartridge and stylii, get a good preamp if your equipment doesn't include a good one already and set up properly everything.

    16. Claudio Baldoni Jr

      Functionalities aside, I guess that a fair comparison in terms of how each gear sounds, a blind test is the only way to go - same track, same amplifier, same speakers, hidden TT for the listener. Audiophiles in general doesn't like the idea but it should be like a wine competition, completely blind, an "audio degustation" process to really identify the hearing nuances between equipments, avoiding the influences of ticket price (usually overpriced), brand recognition, tradition and many other variables that could bias the listener. You would be surprised to see the outcome.

    17. legrandmaitre

      I've owned both these turntables myself. I thought I'd upgrade from my 1210 to a Rega Planar... but didn't like it, I sold it on after about 6 months. I agree with your description of how each sounds. Can I just say that in my experience, I found the 1210 had a better bottom note, more gravitas. A bigger warmer more vibrant sound, it also boogies well, really well. I found the Rega occasionally dry and sterile. Sadly I can't remember what the stylus was on the Rega.

    18. Barry Miller

      I realise this isn't the subject of this video but I can't help noticing that a pair of red Wilson Tune Tots seem to have taken up residence in your listening room. I saw your review of a white pair. Did that experience cause you to pony up and buy a pair?

    19. Waynes World Studio

      If the Rega sounds are better than I will do more work to adjust the turntable, sounds like the quality of the sounds are not worth the time! Lol

    20. Andy Gee

      The Technics 1200, along with the SP--10, (which was usually mounted into a desk/console), was initially a broadcast turntable used in radio stations to spin vinyl. DJs "adopted" it because of it's extreme build quality, sound and it's functionality, especially it's quick start-up speed and pitch control.

    21. Bence Mehesz

      Thanks to this video i found out what was wrong with my beogram 5005. 👏👏👏

    22. Rod Rocket

      The SL-1210GL is really a very functional well designed direct drive that's ideal for DJ's and has been that way since DJ's played records in clubs adapting the direct drive SL1200. It's originally for HiFi and adapted as practical for DJ's for all the reasons mentioned. The Rega 2 is a minimalist design where all resources are focused on technical performance rather than convenience. You don't change your cartridge unless your a DJ who will change the headshell when change over to the next DJ. The tone arms are compared on convenience not on the " CRITICAL " REGA design reasons for the non detachable head shell, the very large tone arm bearings, the large diameter tone arm, the magnetic tracking force adjustment and the drive belt. Plus the platter material. I own an original REGA 3 from before CD's with a Garrott Bros P77. The REGA design is to minimise mechanical loss from the stylus Tip through the headshell, the arm, the arm bearings and oversized platter bearing back to the record. The stylus must navigate microscopic undulations and a detachable head shell can loose some of that energy as it's flexed. So does every other part of the tone arm, bearing platter etc. The record drives the Stylus, the arm and table hold it in strict position relative to the record and the angle the cutting tool created the record groove. That's why the basic REGA 2 is good value for money as it's just playing the record to the best engineering detail in that price range. For myself I would stream online for convenience rather than use the best DJ table. To make cleaning the record and going to the effort of playing it worthwhile, the REGA 2 is minimalist cost effective high value engineering. My other table is a Thorens with the Rega arm and also a P77 which is better than my REGA 3 and costing 20% more at the time. Beyond that point the table engineering improvements are very expensive and it's better to spend the money on the speakers and amplifier. I have Yamaha C2a & B2x driving 1976 Klipsch LaScala's updated with Bob Crites crossovers and tweeters. Previously my Marantz 1200B is now driving Klipsch Heresy. I have stil performing DJ friends who used the SL1200 but now use USB for playing at Clubs. BTW my Home theatre system is an Ashly NE8800 driving a pair of PASS LABS X350.5 driving a pair of 2 way Klipsch Jubilee. My heritage C2a direct outputs to the NE8800.

    23. Donk

      I'd wager the arm is the main reason you prefer the Rega :).

      1. John Darko

        I'd wager you might be right. ;)

    24. Roberto Musitano

      Still got my technics SLRII which I bought back in the 90s

    25. gary wilshaw

      Thanks for introducing me to Smog. 👍🏻

    26. Chris Kosti

      Hi John, what about the Budget-Turntables? I think, there is a possibility for tune this things. Is that an idea for a Video-Series? Tuning a DUAL DT 500? Internal Phono-Stage Delete? Better Cartridge? Cables?? Capacity??? 😉 Greetz from Southwest Germany

    27. laika25

      Since the LS50 (wireless) come sans phono pre, is there one (phono stage) you can recommend? Thanks.

    28. mariusAlfa Holland

      The Rega sounds better so thats the most important

    29. Michael Duffy

      So why not updated the Rega power supply and then you have a 45 to 33 switch and makes it sound better. And what about the Pioneer PL707 that's a direct turntable fully automatic very nice indeed

    30. Vaughn George

      You Sir are a pleasure to watch !! I love watching an expert who is passionate !! VG :-)

    31. Blake Whittington

      I bought a Fluence RT85 turntable and I love it

    32. Eddie Teetree

      Do you own a Japanese toilet so you don’t have to wipe your own a*se?

    33. Roger E Gisley

      Have you tried the ZU/Denon mc cartridge on the Technics? Isn't it possible to get micro-dynamics and attack, that you are getting from the Rega planar 2, if you did so?.

    34. paul tuerena

      I don’t play many 45s. Though my Systemdek IIXE makes it pretty easy anyway… but I’d definitely play take the Rega over the 1210

    35. Edwin Eppel

      That's why I like the Project Debut Carbon EVO. Rocker switch is 33 one direction and 45 the other. Only have to change the belt for 78s. I wish I could replace the head shell though to swap cartridges. The dampened steel platter is ok but need to upgrade to the acrylic to match the Rega.

    36. Michael Nielsen

      The Technics is totally overrated! Good for dj-ing, f...... crap for hi-fi!😎😎

    37. Oleander Nerium

      Thanks for the cllip. I have a 2M Blue on a Project RPM 1 carbon. I upgraded the cable to Atlas. How much better is the 2M black on your Technics ? I did level my turntable - I use a pencil to change the band from 33 / 45 not my fingers I also put an acrylic top platter plate (3mm) to improve my VTA ( hell to adjust on my TT )

    38. matt S

      I use the pitch control on my turntable (made by Technics SL1200) for my black rainbow "Let It Be" album. The first CD is based on the same album. I also have the British, Holland, Japanese, American Apple, The mobile Fidility and a black Parlophone record. They all tend to fade except the black rainbow version of "Let It Be". The song I refer to is the version of "Two Of Us". It is 3:32.75, the first CD version and I make the pitch control equal that same time for the record album.

    39. ww1942digger

      Hey first of all nice video. I have got the rega planar 3 24 with a grado. Sounds very good. But on a Rega I have upgrade the table a little heavy. Plato made of delrin and sub Plato is cnc turned made of aluminium and an other bearing. So almost a Rega 6. And the modifications are inmens differance it sounds much better. Well rega is nice but when I go for a new player I'm going for another brand course rega is still compromised.

    40. scott guerin

      I have a Rega turntable, I usually plan to have a special time reserved for 45's & listen to them in a block. I have a 2nd turntable for 78's. Six ta five, whatever works!

    41. Debashish Chakravarty

      vinyl is superior in experience, not in audio. it is more enjoyable, involving and satisfying. the audio quality will never match even 320 kbps mp3,which is vastly superior to vinyl. audiophiles need to understand that if you really want the best quality of audio, you would understand that FLAC is superior to vinyl. everyday.

    42. Mike Plummer

      I purchased an NAD M33 back in September (arrived in the US in November), largely based on your review (and metaphors!). I’ve since paired it with a Rega Planar 10 with an Apheta 3 cartridge via a Rega Aria MK3 MM/MC phono stage (via M33 Line In obviously). Like you, I don’t mind the analog to digital to analog signal path if it sounds great, and in my opinion it certainly does. Just upgrade to a Rega that has the PSU with the critical 33/45 button and you are all set! No more platter lifting belt sillies.

    43. tb303

      Oh my God! I've got Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy on in my car at this very moment! Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh!! But the technics is in the living room, so there the similarity and imminent demise of the universe as we know ends.

    44. td Dayton

      I've always been a 1200s guy, from an ease of use/build quality/cost perspective, they're just superb machines. No idea why some "audiophiles" seem to have it out for them. I'd love a mofi ultradeck or something like this someday, but I'll always use my 1200s

    45. WDeranged

      Dank cheese to you too good sir.

    46. Piotr Burczyn

      The Field! ❤️

    47. Joel Baker

      Just getting into vinyl. The moment you put on the ‘The Field’ in the intro I knew I was in the right spot. Great video!

    48. Richard Green

      I had a Linn Sondek LP-12 for more than 20 years. When it was in tune, it was fabulous, but it would slip out of tune, and then it would sound less than good, and I had to take it to someone to re-tune it. I replaced it with a Technics SL-1200 around 10 years ago--and it always works! And for me, that is more important. I have never looked back.

    49. bondi5000

      Not to nit pick but I’m pretty sure the Technics 1200 wasn’t initially designed as a DJ turntable. The pitch adjust was intended originally so that musicians could pitch shift the record so it would be in tune with the instrument the owner was playing. DJ’s came later when they figured out they could beat match two records using the same function.

    50. derosa1989

      the rega 2 is pretty underwhelming. I mean, it's ok if the budget is limited, it's plug and play. I had an RP3 for many years, but it wasn't until i got my current P8/aria/apheta that i was impressed. Upgrading the table and cartridge also required a much better phono stage the make the most of the difference. The bass is so much more rock solid than on the lower end tables, frankly, if you can't do a better analog system, just get digital.

    51. Robert Vincelette

      I prefer a moving magnet cartridge, especially Ortofon. A moving coil cartridge, like any cartridge has a life expectancy of about 1000 hours playing time and the stylus is worn out. A moving coil cartridge cannot be re-tipped without it costing close to the price of the cartridge and the wires from the moving coil have to vibrate with the coil, causing fatigue breakage which is the end of the cartridge. If the cartridge costs $5,00 you pay $5 per hour to play records. I love a good sound, but the difference between MC and MM are too trivial to justify the ongoing cost after buying the cartridge. There are MM cartridges that sound very much like a live orchestra performance and they are dynamic.

    52. Norman Maslov

      Isn't the Tecnics twice the price of that Rega? Might as well get a P6...

    53. Norman Maslov

      At least Rega with their P6 and above allows you to change to 45 with a push of a button. I have an RP8 and the best upgrade was changing to an MC cart; the Hana ML.

      1. derosa1989

        RP8 rocks just like Mazzy!

    54. David Peden

      Love the living room chats, John. Such feelings of honesty and relish in pointing out the peculiarities of the equipment and how they interact with your own particular sensibilities. I don’t feel so paralyzed by the plethora of options out there. Many thanks for what you do here.

    55. Das Boot

      Also I have to agree with you Mister John, that functionality and visuality of the turntable is as much important as its sound quality !!!! I have two of them: 1. *Toshiba/Aurex SR - Q100* (Direct Drive) 2. *Technics SL - D1* (Direct Drive) ..... and I am so happy with them very much !!!! When I lived in communist Poland in the middle of the 80's of XX-th Century, I had own not that bad Polish turntable made by Unitra-FONICA model: *FRYDERYK G-621* (belt drive), equipped with the Polish magnetic cartridge Mf-105. Greetings from pandemic Canada :o(

    56. Lucian Higginbotham

      I have the technics SL-1200 GR. Changing the belt or having to buy a separate speed box looks like a pain. Those weights hanging by fishing line on project tables .... I'll stick with direct drive technics.

    57. MB B

      I don't know why people make such a fuss about this Technics turntable....This turntable is not even made for home use...It is a DJ, turntable, for God sake!

      1. Faulty Echo

        I bought one of those Technics for in the home and finished up sending it back. I really couldn't justify replacing my Thorens TD160 Mk V with one of those. No way. So yeah you are right imo.

    58. Greg's Gramophones, Hi-Fi and Music

      I love Turntables from the 70s, the ones that were in most homes that appreciate good sound, and not chasing anywhere near perfection. The old ones demand my respect for being survivors.

    59. Pietro Crespi

      I am often interrupted by the need to have a Schiit when listening to music

    60. Mikhail Tikhonov

      Thanks for what you doing, the best channel !

    61. Cameron Krause

      sometimes what the consumer really wants is not improvement, but instead they want change.

      1. John Darko

        Very, VERY true.

    62. Darrylizer1

      The sound is mostly in the cartridge. I have a modern manual direct drive Pioneer dj turntable with a Shure cartridge on and a Denon fully automatic turntable from the 80s with a Grado higher end cartridge and another headshell with an Ortofon. Different cartridges for different sound. Truth be told I use the Denon more because it's automatic: I put the record on and press play, it does the rest. I've heard good things about the Rega but I'm pretty spoiled by the Denon. The Pioneer sounds good too but it's not as easy to use. Convenience is king! Haha

    63. Piotr Konieczynski

      He keeps Technics because Rega can break any minute.

    64. jdrichmond237

      Yep, get what you like and enjoy it. I’ve been more than satisfied with my YU6s and Alva TT-sound good enough to me and gives me the flexibility to move my speakers from the living room to my music room for jamming.

    65. Graham

      Interesting video and I agree with your point. I have Ariston RD11s and Technics SL1700mk 2, the Ariston sounds better but the Technics is nicer to use, I swap cartridges out if I fancy a change and best of all it has auto return so I don't have to chase back at the end of the record. There is no way the Technics sounds bad in fact it is great for me and I like the excellent build quality and features, but the Ariston has a slight edge in performance to my older ears.

    66. Bhupendra Parekh

      Love my p3, but the dream is SME

    67. mikeos1

      So you can't level the Rega without a selection of coins. Unbelievable. Do they suggestr any particular currency, for optimum results?

    68. Nick Doughty

      The differences between systems. How can we be sure which is better though? My 'audio memory' must be poor even though my hearing is good. I cannot recall the tiny differences between systems/components over time as reviewers seem able to do. Even instant A/B comparisons I would struggle with.

    69. M D

      how can you say the rega sounds "better" than the 1210gr when they use completely different carts? and if the rega sounds better to you doesn't that contradict your assumption that you are an audiophile if you prefer to use the 1210? and what's the issue with liking MM carts because some integrated amps' phono stages don't support MC ? with all that pricey gear you have can't you rustle up a dedicated phono stage that supports both? i don't get you dude.

    70. jtrskaos


    71. scrumpymanjack

      Since John doesn't curate these comments, can anyone please tell me what that turntable of his is that sometimes features in other videos and that has a red base and a very thick chrome/metal platter? Oh, and how on Earth did he get that lid to work with hinges on his Technics? I thought you needed to be an astrophysicist to make those lids work with hinges.

    72. John Wascavage

      I have the same technics turntable and love it, except where the cuing lever is located. Plus, you can swap out a headshell and play old shellac 78's.

    73. John Wascavage

      In other words, it's convenience. :-)

    74. Paul C

      Wow!! I was looking at the Rega planer 2 , That does suck having to lift the plater off switching from 33-1/3 to 45 I don't like that, & the fact that it doesn't have a removable headshell (it's like my Dual 506) I kind of don't like it only because if I want to try different cartridges just to see which one sounds better it's a nightmare to set up!! But, I do like the glass platter & I don't play that many 45 (something to think about.) All my other three turntables have removable headshell, the Toshiba SRF-451 Technics SLB-2 & the Yamaha YP-B4. I do like the your other TT as well Yes easier to switch from 33-1/3 to 45. & the removable headshell is a +. Great video.

    75. Gerald Mosley

      Yeah , but you have a Rega that is cheaply designed today for someone who can burn money for crap, when back in the day the Technics gave you more bang for today. We in the states love OLD SCHOOL. Because of the build!!

    76. Jeremy

      I hate all the Rega/Music Hall stuff. It's horrid.

    77. old skool

      Just buy a rega P6/8 and you don't have that problem with the speed at all...🤷🏽‍♀️ the headshell swap is very easy indeed....

      1. John Darko

        A P6/8 does not have: a direct drive's instant start/stop adjustable VTA a removable headshell

    78. Anthony Anello

      John, The 2M Black is holding back the micro dynamics of the Technics. I had one and dynamics are not its forte. Try a Soundsmith high output MI and you will have sound and functionality.

    79. Bernard Mueller

      You're the luckiest guy on earth. BTW, I would buy that Technics. In my opinion, direct drives are quieter (no hum) than belt driven turntables.

    80. Yoda B.at1

      For me, being involved with loud bass heavy music, the technics has superior feedback rejection than any other tt I've used (except for perhaps the Garrard hf) which I put down to the mass of the plynth.

    81. freeperjim

      What are are the speakers in the red cabinet behind you?

    82. Jon Boy

      Fully automatic turntables are the best - with the price of vinyl these days why trust fat fingers to throw the needle on the wax when a machine can do it precisely? How people can be bothered to take off the platter and stretch a rubber band to change speeds is beyond me!

    83. Paul Wheatley

      The sound quality difference have much more to do with the cartridge than the deck here. Put that 103r on a technics headshell and you will have the attack and air you mention. Having said that the GR rolls of the highest frequency more than the G model.

    84. zulumax1

      Almost bought a Rega P8, but I can't give up the end of record auto lift and shut off feature of my Denon DP-59L direct drive, not to mention a dust cover

    85. Vinnie Morciglio

      Then a Carbon Evo is a better compromise?

    86. Suf Sanin

      Can you please make a video on listening music in an apartment? Do you soundproof or something so that your neighbors are not bothered by your music?

    87. pheanix [au]

      Love the lava lamp in the background !

    88. Giorgio C.

      Thanks so much John, I'm striving to improve my "music listening skill" 🙄 😊 and your video has been very "illuminating" to me ! But I'm far to be an expert for sure, so don't understand when people say "this turntable sounds better than that one"........ thus I think .....isn't the "sound" a matter of the cartridge quality only , or at least for 95%?

    89. Steve Porter

      Hi John, I have a quick question for you, I am thinking of buying the Technics 1500c or the 1210 mk7 as I like you, like the easy life when it comes to changing rpm/carts etc. My question is in a darkish room does the turntable cueing light help you see the start of tracks? Many thanks for you videos I do look forward to each one :)

    90. Cera Sette

      I think all the 1000 series by Technics is designed by God in person. For scratch practice or just for home listening with my 3m red I wouldn’t want any other tt....

    91. Andre Wohlrab

      I love your videos so much John! Thank you for doing them!!

    92. Marsipulamis

      High Output MC no step up transformer needed.

    93. Tom Hound

      had a rega in the 70's - pure audio with a marantz 8b and rogers ls35a and esoteric paragon 10 preamp. can't go back. have a p3 today with a marantz 5005 and b and w 607-2 - like your reviews.

    94. remy7721

      I own a number of tables, cartridges and preamps. I find the cartridge and preamp choices have much greater impact on sound than different tables and tone arms.

    95. il biggo

      I'd love to see anybody try to scratch Dre-style on that red weakling :D

      1. Cameron Krause

        you must be a total idiot!

    96. Andy R

      If we talk purely about sound quality and not functionality, the only way to make a fair comparison test would be to use the exact same pickup/cartridge on both turntables. BTW, I also own a SL-1210GR, and I love this turntable. It's direct-drive motor (with new technology) is also preferable, in my opinion, than belt-drive systems, which might require maintenance after some time.

    97. PhotoTube

      Put a Rega arm on the Technics and it will sound better than the Planar 2. The Technics is a superior turntable but with an old fashioned arm in standard form.

    98. Le Chiffre

      The Technics is like a Porsche 911. There are other models out there, but this one will never disappoint you. Both have lasted decades and Will last decades !

    99. irst DAVID Last FREEMAN

      Interesting subject! I continue to use my 40 year old Technics SL1200MK2 for the ease of changing speed...even though my PRO-JECT table is smoother sounding....

    100. Paul Demara

      Terrific Video John. Thank-you for doing what you do. Great hearing that everything is a compromise and that sometimes functionality wins the day. Couldn't agree more. Rolling cartridges on the Technics means you can change things up based on your mood or if you get bored. For many audiophiles part of the fun of the hobby is simple experimentation which creates an opportunity to learn new things.