Why THOR Worked and WONDER WOMAN Didn't | Marvel vs DC SCENE FIGHTS!


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    Thor and Wonder Woman are very similar movies. They're both about superhero royalty from an isolated kingdom arriving on Earth to lear about mankind, and themselves. And while both movies are very good, only one of them has a satisfying ending. In this video we examine why Thor's ending was a masterpiece in setting the stage for the franchise to come, while Wonder Woman was a studio executive's checklist that made the franchise limp into Justice League

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Antonio Polito

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    1. ScreenCrush

      Thanks to CuriosityStream for sponsoring this video! Click the link curiositystream.com/ScreenCrush and use the code SCREENCRUSH to get an ENTIRE YEARS for just $14.99

      1. Венелин Севов

        I can say that WW worked and Cap. Marvel didn't. Oh wait, i was not allowed to say that, was i? Still i did.

      2. Joydeep Roy

        We cant say that wonder woman didnt work tho

      3. Vjcj Dj

        I'm curious...how do you avoid copyrights?

      4. Donelle Bullock

        I can't take anything WW says seriously nowadays. Literally talks about the evils of man like sexism, war and being weak. Yet HER race, a race of WARRIORS, that would execute (in some continuities) men by them accidentally washing ashore and fled to a magical island to hide. Basically nothing but hypocrites.

      5. Vinny H.

        Ryan..your researches are always perfect

    2. Nabongobong

      If WB produced Thor, final battle would probably be Thor vs a buffed/pumped up version of Laufey, who either got his final boss form from stealing Odin's life force or killing Loki and absorbs his body with him Like they said, DCEU is DARK and GRITTY

    3. W

      bc their producer is not kevin feige.

    4. cheapkah lol

      because guys support guys just like sport we support our sport star , but women didn't like to support women that pretty or fit then them, that why women sport or superhero movie is failing .

    5. Stevek812

      Great video and thank you for the Garth Marenghi's Darkplace reference!

    6. Justine Tyler

      DCEU could be so much better if Warner Bros focused more on the story rather than the spectacle and their CGI monstrosities for the final battles.

    7. D J

      Definitely wonder woman is better!!

    8. Frogly

      Quick answer I can say without watching the video: Loki.

    9. Athina Dillmann

      Why is DC always shot without any light? Can’t they afford a few lamps? 🤷‍♀️

    10. Ali iswadi

      Because ...it's dceu come on. Of course it's shit

    11. Nada Doyle

      You are full of shit. Wonder Woman was great movie and I enjoyed it more than either of the first two Thor movies.

      1. Frogly

        1- it’s an opinion. 2- he isn’t saying Wonder Woman is bad he is just saying he personally likes Thor more, I agree with him because I like Loki.

    12. M. Banerjee

      I would say Wonder Woman thematically feels more like CA: First Avenger. But I also think most people liked Wonder Woman would say it "did work". The thing that makes Thor a better movie is Loki. Loki is a GREAT villain and has the screen presence required to upstage every Avenger whereas Ares is never a real threat. Loki may be not super powerful but there are always emotional stakes. Regardless of how many times he deceives Thor, he still genuinely cares for him.

    13. Christopher Pryor

      Wonder Woman was a better movie

    14. Chad Farr

      WTF Wonder Woman did F'ing amazing in the box office!!!

      1. Chad Farr

        @Frogly I agree, both are good; I'm just saying that it "worked" w/ the first movie completely. Achieved what they were aiming for so to say...

      2. Frogly

        Box office doesn’t mean value, also both are good

    15. Jiyuun Huli-jing

      Wtf, Great! another studio meddling! never knew that was the case in WW :((

    16. Armani Martinez


    17. David Ramirez

      Wonder woman was meh until the third act. Then it became absolute trash

    18. gox Lau

      SC:yes DC, we made fun of you again.

    19. amber

      Tbh i think wonder woman is better than thor by a long shot

    20. Sean Lann

      Thor worked?

      1. Frogly

        Yeah it was fun in my onion

    21. mpbMKE

      This is some interesting revisionist history, considering we all agreed at the time Thor 1 & 2 did *not* work.

    22. Devollo

      Next up: why Black Widow worked and Wonder Woman 1984 didn't

    23. Kytsune-Izzie

      so sad, wonder woman was great, then the cgi happen..

    24. Cosmic K

      The real difference is the villain. Loki is an excellent villain with perfect casting.

    25. Kacper Suminski

      The other reason was that we hadn't seen Diana being defeated, having troubles at fight. She was unstopable so there was no reason to even think that she could lose. It made her fights less suspenseful.

    26. Yogesh nikam

      those who said WW didnt worked needs to check their brain

    27. Nishaanth Prakash

      Actually there is a time gimmick isn't Diana trying to save steve

    28. Nishaanth Prakash

      Marvel movies used to be more serious and now it's better

    29. Michael John Little

      I love "Get Smart"!

    30. גל אדרעי

      You know what's makes me furious? The goddess Diana is Roman and Ares is Greek. If they made Diana Artemis or Ares Mars (and Zeus to Jupiter) I would like it more. At least the gods in Thor are all Norse (The family tree isn't very accurate but doesn't matter).

    31. Brie Nuñez

      Wonder Woman is better tho… wtf you talking about? ….then again a men made this video so I’m not surprised

      1. Frogly

        It’s an opinion. Gender has NOTHING to do with this (from someone who is female)

    32. Filthy Clown

      I’m lost, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say Thor worked and Wonder Woman didn’t. Wonder Woman took twice as much as Thor at the box office. You’re just making shit up

    33. Maggie Maxwell

      This Frenchwoods crossover is blowing my mind......

    34. LeRoi Lockley

      Bro both of these movies suck

    35. Devollo

      Can you compare Snyder Cut and Avengers 1?

    36. Connor Hawke

      Honestly I would love to see a thor vs Loki almighty God battle That would be epic 🔥⚡️🔨

    37. MarvelPugs

      Wonder Woman was better than Thor 1-

    38. TurquoiseInk

      Thank you, Screen Rant. I alwayd felt they did Wonder Woman dirty with that ending - plus the whole next movie. Now they've gotten rid of Gal Godot, who did a fine job with the material presented. Ugh.

    39. charan saravanan

      Dark universe 😂

    40. Deadpool

      Yo screencrush, thx for the cameo

    41. Abcdefghigk

      Y’all didn’t like Wonder Woman...? Guess I’m apart of the minority.

    42. Fahasin Islam Adon

      Odin was a bad father. He couldn't raised his children equally. 👎👎👎

    43. Dosomestuff

      wonder woman was good

    44. Jedijazz4

      Wow I thought wonder woman worked nvm lol

    45. Marcos Parreira

      So, you're saying WB is ruining the movies. Interesting. Can Disney buy DC?

    46. Elliot Weigand

      The time code to skip the sponser is 4:37


      bro wonder woman flim was way better

    48. Harly Slamm

      Maybe WonderWomen needs a better actor...Gobby galot is wooden, her accent is annoying and her acting...well I've seen more emotions from a wooden spoon

    49. Kitsunekun2

      It could have been worse, it could have been Wonder Woman 1984:.

    50. Ar1xF

      Conclusion - Marvel worked and DC didn't

    51. Thomas Evans

      Thor worked?

      1. Frogly


    52. sagar Bakshi

      Wonder woman did work

    53. Arnold Graff

      Um... who wants to tell them that Wonder Woman worked better than Thor?

      1. Frogly

        Um... who wants to tell you that it’s an opinion

    54. Tracker Jacker

      I thought thor was boring but when i watched WW i dose offf 5 min. watching

    55. lakes

      I found wonder woman better than Thor 1, thir 1 was ass but both end fight scenes were also ass

    56. N J

      Tell me you're an idiot without telling me you're an idiot.

    57. N J

      Sorry you're very wrong that Thor is remotely better than Wonder Woman. Lmfao. Like absolutely trash channel confirmed. I can't.

      1. Frogly

        Opinions! Wow, not everyone agrees with yoy

    58. Jakewiththe Cake

      Should make a video about how Thor 2 sucked and how Wonder Woman 2 sucked even worse.

    59. antibrains55

      I like this vid. Ww vs ca comparison was stupid.

    60. Timothy Thomad

      I agree that the last third of Wonder Woman was just...bad. Like eyerolling bad. The problem is, that the first two thirds of Wonder Woman is WAY better than the entirety of Thor. It's darn near perfection (which makes the final act so disappointing).

    61. Dab Rab

      Director:this ending is good at so many levels. We did justice Wb producers: can we go more kapow, BOOM boom

    62. Charles Spratlin

      THIS! OMG SO MUCH THIS! the ending for WW makes no fucking sense when applied to the wider arc. unless the lesson she learned was humanity is capable of both deep love and deep evil

    63. George Washington

      Thor in my opinion was good expect for the fight scenes but everything else was gold

    64. Maryam

      The first Thor movie has always been one of my favourite MCU movies. It made me cry everytime I watched it lol. And while I love this movie, the love thing between Jane and Thor was soo rushed like it was something out of a teen's series. It was stupid how a grown ass woman fell in love with a man she knew for a only a couple of days. It would have been SO much better if they had some tension or infatuation with each other in the first movie and then later explored it in the sequel. They should've taken the time to build something between them and that would've made it more realistic and mature. But what they did with their relationship looked like something outside of a Disney movie where the characters fall in love almost instantly which is really dumb. This was the only issue I had with this movie.

    65. MyEconomics101

      Wonder Woman worked for me. Go home.

    66. Vjcj Dj

      Wait this was during WW1? Lol biggest mistake

    67. Vjcj Dj

      WB should have learned by now that they have money and not skills

    68. Loya Frostwind

      Also reminds me of soft-hearted Luke "Father, I will not fight you." Thor didn't want to hurt Loki either.

    69. Aspettare! È stato perfetto!

      In my opinion Wonder man it's better than thor and thor the dark fade, but thor ragnarock it's just amazing and one of the best marvel's films

      1. Frogly

        W-wonder man?

    70. Prophet Over Profit

      Great video.

    71. Freedom First

      So.....basically.........cut and paste for all super hero movies.

    72. Dalton Roberts

      Ares was not the general though..

      1. Frogly

        Who was?

    73. Francisco Ojeda

      5:04 I just wanna remind you that loki never wanted the throne at the time, he only wanted a spot from his family

    74. Raiza Hasmath

      DC will succeed only if they get better with CGI

    75. Joseph Felix

      in fairness to Thor Natalie Portman is pretty awesome

    76. bobmatzke

      So many of the DCEU's failings seem to come back to studio interference. Warner Bros needs to let their creative teams alone to do their best work.

    77. Pablo Gonzalez

      I know it’s not significant, but Mjolnir wasn’t crafted by asgardians, but rather the dwarfs of nidavellir

    78. Paulo Gutierrez

      Germans are frost giants?

    79. Ellius E

      also, she can't act...

    80. PedroAugusto Marques

      Wonder woman is better than Thor 1, but ok

    81. Christine Chan

      Wow, this is AMAZING. I never realized the parallels in Thor and Wonder Woman until you pointed them out! Also, yeah that Wonder Woman end battle was just so hokey visually too. Very cool observation that you pointed out about sizes of fight arenas that if you make the arena too large, there's no grounding and the audience can't tell what's at stake.

    82. Barb Wright

      Ares in the fight looks like the spawn of a Balrog and Sauron. Blech

    83. Renshi RadhaKrishna

      Wonder Woman 1984 vs Thor 2

    84. Jem Coones

      "IRREGARDLESS.." oh no! (LOL)

    85. SozBoz

      I would have bought curiosity stream if you didn't say "owen" instead of on.

    86. lamarrion

      The first Wonder Woman was dope.

    87. Z M

      You had a similar video about Why Wonder Women worked and why Captain Marvel didn't. So did WW work or not?

      1. Frogly

        It works, but not in comparison to all movies. It’s a game of spot the difference, but the differences change if you mix and matchi

    88. ragu suryanarayan

      I loved ww

    89. Christopher Mason

      Patty Jenkins has a problem with order in endings. Both of endings have the physical fight and the fight for our souls in the wrong order. In 1984, the plea for Maxwell and humanity should’ve happened first. Which would’ve pissed Cheetah off because Diana is so perfect and noble. She would’ve tried to kill Maxwell which would cause the final changes I'm her transformation. Diana would save him then go fight Cheetah... in the light as a part of principle photography. In the first movie the fight should've been about Steve's sacrifice. Ares would be trying to stop Steve and Diana from rerouting the gas. Diana would have to fight Ares and he would use her love for Steve and her frustration with humanity to try and convince her to walk away. Steve would make the decision to sacrifice himself for the good of humanity ruining Ares' plan. Ares and Diana would have the final part of their fight and Ares would retreat to become Diana's foil, a la Loki.

    90. Derek Lyon

      I'm a fan of everything marvel does, they are definitely better than DC as a whole. However, that being said, the original Thor movie was crap. Wonder woman was way better. It is the only movie of the DC extended universe that is actually worth watching.

    91. Hank THE Patriot

      WB just can't STOP getting in their own way and let these directors DIRECT! Can't AGREE with Ryan on this enough!

    92. Pamela Lansbury

      I love the first Thor and I also loved the first Wonder Woman. Both of their second movies sucked though.

    93. William Tovar

      so you are saying that warner brothers ruined their own movie? no wonder they were sold off by AT&T to Discovery

    94. Yibambe

      Not sure what planet you live on, but if you take all three Thor movies and put them together, you still don't get a movie as high-quality and successful as Wonder Woman.

    95. John Forrest

      Give us the Patty Jenkins cut of Wonder Woman!

    96. Muma Ndubula

      Love Thor more but WW 1 was damn good introduction movie

    97. Clayton Willis

      Ummm, WTF are you talking about. Wonder Woman is the absolute best movie from the DCEU yet. Maybe it doesn't beat Thor but to say it DIDN'T Work? Maybe you need to stop day drinking.

    98. MissNayNay

      The most wincing thing I heard in this video is the specialist of special effects say "Irregardless."

    99. BatMadd

      Um. This isn’t how it went. Thor made like 1\3 what WW did. WW got far better reviews and was overall a better and bigger movie. If you’re talking about “in retrospect”, I’m glad someone finally openly likes Thor. It’s been one of the least discussed, least of the MCU until suddenly it’s better than WW. I like it. I’ve just not heard many talk about how they like it.

    100. Princess Matrix

      I feel what really helped Thor's character driven moral vs Wonder Woman's is that Thor was completely powerless. Once a man who was one of the strongest on Asgard is now no stronger than your average gym junkie, and he needed to prove he was truly worthy of the strength he once had. Wonder Woman was always a god amongst men. And her moral of seeing the best in humanity falls flat because she never once experienced what it was like to be a human, to feel that powerlessness against what's before you. Being unable to feel that fear, the same fear that drives some to the war, is what made it fall flat.