Women Can Make Anything An Insult. K-Von - Full Special

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    Women can make anything an insult, especially a compliment. In the full Dry Bar Comedy special from K-Von, K-von breaks down just how many skills women have that men don't have, and how they can get away with things men could never dream of. Whether you're a fan of aging gracefully, skinny jeans or big muscles this full Dry Bar Comedy special form K-von is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish.
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    1. Angie Bega


    2. Amy Hongmanee

      He is very funny good,

    3. Lana Duong

      He's funny

    4. DarkGoldenSkull

      Full facts 😅

    5. Susan Sharma

      Who is this person and why does he understand women so much?

    6. Javon FN

      This guy is amazing lol seriously

    7. Lasagna Del Rey

      Ahh a progressive comedian. So he’s not actually a comedian because you need to say funny things to be considered one. Progressivism- the ideology of Nazi Germany and slavery and Jim Crow making things unfunny since at least the late 19th century

    8. Marian Keller

      The visual is hilarious ....you can't indeed the speedo

    9. Sunshine Warmth


    10. Mark Probert

      Very very good!

    11. Dr. Fill

      This dude is hilarious - no doubt about it.. but are the people laughing in the background real or edited in? There's something about the laughter to me that doesn't feel realistic.

    12. Stephanie Bingham

      A comedy show I want to attend!! 🤗

    13. Shawnelle Martineaux

      He is FUNNYYYYYY!

    14. The Cool Axolotl Logan

      And in that little baby Russians backpack, there is vodka.

    15. The Cool Axolotl Logan

      Well with my generation we basically live on the internet its like Earth pt. 2

    16. Luxray Lloyd

      Sometimes you just need this type of comedy XD

    17. Abhimanyu Singh

      The way he brought Arnold accent in the middle... Awesome 😂😂😂

    18. Mary Anglin

      "1,2,3 hEuGh"😂😂

    19. Lozzie74

      “Smaller Russian guy with smaller Russian backpack” 😆😂🤣

    20. Fe Rose Marie Hass


    21. Lozzie74

      His “Arnie voice” is AWESOME!

    22. MrScrumprop

      3.3k people were offended for the blind man.

    23. Sonia G

      Best laughter I got in a while, keep it coming. Thank you.

    24. poione42

      I’m still the expansion 😂

    25. An Actual Human

      So twitter

    26. Courtney McLaughlin

      this guy is garbage.

    27. Idara Mccarty

      This was so good I laughed so hard, I love his imitation of the different accents

    28. Fitness-E Oneness

      I wish I could give two likes for this awesome performance 👏

    29. Stephen Baker


    30. Rachel

      I'm Swedish, if meatballs came out of my backpack, you'd be sure I'd be laughing too.

    31. LifeOWrylee

      GREAT comedy without profanity or being vulgar. Would pay to see him in person.

    32. Ellen Mendoza

      It's also so true

    33. Jason Newman

      Alright whats going down the left whats going down the right lmfao

    34. Derva Kommt von hinten

      great set.

    35. pessimistic557

      Starting off with transphobia and stereotypes. Instant red flags

      1. Cindy L

        Oh please 🙄

    36. Judy Sowell

      "Everything was in those pants!?" Really! Do you hear how that sounds! You could make a joke on that as well.

    37. DSoDragon

      That's gotta be the classiest poop joke in history!! XD

    38. TheTalkingTara

      I lost it when he was talking about the babies

    39. Polly Burns Love

      Wait til I get your shoe laces😂😩

    40. Stefan Milović

      Talented as hell but also FIIIIIINE to look at

    41. Jordan Nainoca

      My humor has become so dark this isn't funny at all...

    42. Ellen Roberts


    43. Jesika Moua


    44. Adrian Steel

      Super funny!!!..I hope you become as successful as the A list comedians out there.....Please keep it up and it's bound to happen!!!

    45. Chase Gaither

      I was dying laughing

    46. Patricia Dumatrait

      I needed this

    47. Sr Susan Summers

      Try 1955

    48. Doctor Lolchicken

      This was a really good act. One of the best I’ve seen at DryBar.

    49. Natalia Blake

      I am a Russian woman and I am deeply offended that vodka did not roll out of Russian guy's backpack!

    50. Tez Migo


    51. Rachel Fagan


    52. Rachel Fagan


    53. liberty jewel

      Kvon nailed it! 🏆🤣😂🤣 🎀

    54. Erika BG4

      I don't think I've ever asked my husband any of those questions. That just sounds absolutely ridiculous and something a spoiled brat would say. My husband would always come home from work and tell me how the guys at work would complain about their wives who nag them and always start fights with them oh, and they would ask him about me and he would just be like my wife doesn't do that. Not saying I'm the perfect wife I'm far from that. But I'd rather not argue. And we just hit 22 years of marriage

    55. Morgan Leigh

      The right revolve ethically spell because kitten systemically afford till a first surprise. unknown, charming sampan

    56. Mario C

      Globe lol. Funniest joke of all.

    57. Junelle Salmon

      Kvon is the best

    58. Actress Shruti Dave

      I had to watch this video three times cuz first two times I was not laughing.. I was like man he's pretty I'm gonna eat him alive 😍

    59. J Léger

      This was very good.

    60. Uriah Clark


    61. Billie Jo West

      A real tip for a man to send a woman a seductive picture is your choice of 3 things......take a picture of yourself washing dishes, or folding clean clothes, or vacuuming your house! Surefire way to get her loins a yearning!!!!!!!!!!

    62. FastestSpring

      Type lost me w the r Kelly joke cuz it’s pretty milked at this point. Gonna leave at this moment

    63. Rowland Tolliver

      That one joke actually happened to my son.... my son was offered proposition by a female comedian and I had to do a double take.... I said did this lady just tell my son she going to see him in 14 years...lol We were in a library when it happened.

    64. Vincent David Underhill

      There is only one VON. AND THAT IS THEO VON.

    65. Justin Taylor

      That dad joke with third and fourth without the h was genius.

    66. Kathy Hewitt

      Democrats are offended by anything, it is their mentality and control tactics

    67. zizi orens

      I love how his jokes are just (for the most part) one continuous story, leading into each other. Seeing as most comedians just randomly jump from one topic to another makes me really appreciate when others weave their jokes together in a nice tapestry of humor.

      1. Junior

        that was underrated asf 😂😂

      2. Sonia G

        Yes that's what kept me watching and rolling in laughter-- so refreshingl

    68. Lorelei

      Loved it!

    69. Doug Buse

      I once saw a guy tell a woman you'd make a great mother, she said well that's insulting. I said well he could have told you you'd make a terrible mother! She was insulted.

    70. Chit Tami

      Not Me trying to do the hand switching and missed the following jokes 😅😅😅

    71. D.W. Stratton

      Immediately thumbs down for dunking on transwomen. Punch up, not down. Comedians who punch down are the lowest of the low.

    72. 2304 Chenara Johnson

      Omg, yes!!! Breath of fresh air!! 🤣👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    73. Adnan Najeeb

      Comedy brings all of us together.

    74. Hoosier Patriot

      You're younger than me but not by much. I could relate to most of what you said. And you did it without profanity.

    75. LanLan Berkshire

      You are so so funny! Love it. A classy act without using obscenity words 👍

    76. Gamers Thumbs

      "Sun is out Buns out"

    77. Tony Wei

      I was laughing until he said that Asian people had calculators in our backpacks... Never would we stoop so low to use such despicable instruments...

    78. Felix

      Comedians are rare nowadays.

    79. shakira syed

      6:43 me thinking maybe rose is from Orange county😆😂

    80. Luis Cifer

      Watched twice. Still laughed.😄

    81. Diana Bogveradze

      I don't get the Orange County reference, could you plz explain?

    82. Anita Sharma

      You are good man!!! Really good.

    83. Sean L

      A great comedian doesn’t need foul language to be funny 🙂

    84. Rebeca Powers

      This guy is very funny, and doesn't use bad language!!!

    85. Steve Spire

      Last time I went to a stand up show in Chicago, only bad words came out of their mouths; it seemed like the only way for them to make the audience laugh. So glad to see this guy. I haven´t seen such a good performance in years!!

    86. Adorably Adorable

      I am 70 years of age and it is wonderful to hear a comedian perform the way I use to see them in the 60, 70 and 80's....K-Von you are the best..God bless you.

    87. Emes Shots

      It looks yucky to me too

    88. Crystal Rose

      I died when he took the dude's shoe

    89. The Lung

      a person with extreme racist or authoritarian views. a person who seeks to impose their views on others in a very autocratic or inflexible way. -Definition of a nazi/woke-

    90. Treasure2Behold

      Turd joke was brilliant

    91. Gillian Roberts

      lol I’m blind so I found that part funny. I’d say the same thing

    92. Azazel

      A compromise, I wear cargo joggers

    93. Five Family

      Cargo pants never went away. Admit it, you just love the skinny jeans.

    94. k.h.production 22669

      His thing with the cyberbullying vs "real" bullying was funny but the thing is that we have both lol

    95. Sky Le Pancake

      The adamant knight predominantly repeat because afternoon happily yell near a cute revolver. lazy, ritzy trick

    96. Lovely Surprise

      😁😁😁😁😁😂 Subscribe to my channel for your daily dose of 'Cheating stories'

    97. Jase Gibson

      He looks so familiar, but I don't know why.

    98. Anna Shchurova

      He is actually very good!! 😂

    99. Daryl Crawford

      The endurable clover conventionally risk because light postmeiotically flow given a quixotic zinc. complex, lean war

    100. Mr Man

      That one woman's laugh is perfect