Work From Home Office - Workspace + Desk Setup Tour 2020

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    Take a tour of my work from home office.
    👨🏻‍💻 Check out my previous setup from 2019:
    🧹 Watch my organization process video:
    🎨 Take a tour of my wife's workspace:
    If you want detailed photos and a breakdown of what's in the space, I've made a blogpost about my workspace here 🏠:
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    🗄 Storage + Organization
    Besta Storage Unit:
    Snaptoggle Screws to Mount Storage:
    Neat Filing Cabinet:
    File Folders:
    Filing Tabs Organizer:
    Pegboard Accessories:
    Ikea Alex drawers:
    White Shelves:
    Short White Shelves:
    Plastic Drawer Dividers:
    Divider Box:
    Overhead Storage Bins:
    🖥 Desk & Tech
    MacBook Pro 16":
    Dell Ultrasharp 34 Inch Monitor:
    Monitor Arm:
    Extra Monitor Arm:
    Twelve South Vertical Stand:
    MacBook Hub:
    3M Command Strips:
    Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse:
    Logitech MX Keys:
    Felt Grovemade Mousepad:
    Audioengine A2+ Speakers:
    Speaker Stands:
    AIAIAI TMA-2 Headphones:
    Countdown Screensaver:
    Phillips Hue Bridge:
    Phillips Hue Play Lights:
    Phillips Hue Smart bulbs:
    Phillips Hue Bridge:
    Phillips Hue Go:
    Fado Dome Light:
    📷Video Conference Setup
    Inspired by Caleb Pike @DSLR Video Shooter :
    Magewell Adapter:
    TRRS Splitter:
    Audio Cable:
    DSLR Camera:
    Camera Lens:
    Tripod Extender:
    Camera Ballhead:
    Screw Adapters:
    HDMI Cable:
    RODE Videomic Pro + Microphone:
    Manfrotto Articulated Arm:
    💺 The Chair
    Lino Chair by Herman Miller:
    📽 Camera Gear Used to Shoot this
    🎧 Do you like the music in this video? It's all from the Epidemic Sound library. Use my link to get your first 30 days for free:
    🖼 Artwork
    Most of the Posters are from Mondo:
    Gandhi Poster by Robbie Conal:
    🖌 Wall Paint
    Satin Black by Behr
    Everything listed, including the organizational bits, are listed on my Kit Page:
    Hello. I'm Matthew Encina. I'm the Chief Content Officer at The Futur and a Creative Director at Blind. I’m a Filipino-American. Born and raised in LA. I studied Graphic Design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. I've been a creative professional for over 15 years directing, designing, and animating for some pretty awesome clients.
    I love to rock climb, breakdance, train in combat sports, play video games, drink coffee, and nerd out on video games and comic books.
    You can find me on many platforms:
    Instagram (Workspace Aesthetics): mod.musings
    Instagram (Creative Projects & Thoughts): matthewencina
    Twitter: matthewencina
    The Futur:
    It's nice to meet you.
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    1. Hai-Vincenté RiaEkin

      clock or time on your screen?

    2. Bidat Tree

      im here for the screen lol


      Wow this is so beautifully think-throughout office-studio. This is exactly what I want to built for myself too.

      1. Matthew Encina

        Enjoy the process! Make it a space you love.

    4. Dillon Huffman

      Totally should have put the spherical hue light over a Goku Spirit bomb figure.. Awesome setup.

      1. Matthew Encina


    5. DIDI BOLD

      This is great, the storytelling, production. Everything is spot on 💯👍🏿💎

    6. Nicole

      What a great space. I’ve worked from home for over 20 years and have never had a space this nice and well thought out, and now I’m wondering why I’ve been so lazy! Thank you for the inspiration.

    7. Ricky Nolan

      What is the timer counting down to? It’s like 40 years, is it counting down to retirement?

    8. Rino Ishak


    9. Shafin hakim

      Glad to see mahatma gandhi,I live near his native town 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    10. Bijendra Makwana

      Awesome office

    11. VOUT OO

      Love it


      very nice

    13. Povìc

      Hey anyone know which screensaver he is using please ??

    14. BillPay Connect

      Im sooooo confused and need your advice or anyones advice really. I just upgraded my macbook and it was a huge leap for me. I bought the 16in macbook pro but after reading and watching so many reviews, I'm having doubts if I should return it and go for the 13in pro m1? As a designer, what would you do? I will be using this for my main device btw.

      1. BillPay Connect

        @Matthew Encina Ugh thats what i thought. I just want the best bang for my buck, and people comparing this 13in m1 to their fully decked out macbooks or even imacs is what got to me. I still have the return policy for my newly bought 16in pro and im pretty frantic on which route to choose thinking about whats best for me and future me.

      2. Matthew Encina

        Both are great, however, M1 isn't yet optimized for many software today. If it were me, I would wait for the next iteration of the hardware, and wait for Adobe to be optimized with the M1 chip.

    15. Vladimir Garanin

      What is the main monitor model?

    16. June Perez

      What's the table top called from Ikea?

    17. Z Vill

      Whats that wooden hex ball please ?

    18. 朱昱霖

      could you tell me about your screensaver?

    19. Jochem Hendriks


    20. Angel Morgado -hot dog hot dog hot digittydog-

      Yo how did you do that with your computer clock thing

    21. Smol Doge

      It's not the workspace, but the work that makes you want to leave or stay. 1. A good workspace + crappy work (incompatible with you)= hours of sitting there procrastinating never getting anything done. 2. A good workspace + good work = hours of sitting there being productive, maybe more than you actually need to be 3. An average workspace + crappy work = hours of being elsewhere procrastinating. 4. A average workspace + good work = sitting there for the optimal amount of time, getting it done and moving on elsewhere. Personally, I prefer #4 above. These workspace setup videos are just eye candy. Although this one seems like much sweeter candy

    22. Joshua Balisi

      What’s the cm size of your table sir?

    23. СGI FАСE


    24. Alvito Prayudhi

      i need the name of the big box up computer thank you

    25. BB NC

      This is the best video for a desk setup I have ever seen! You are the man! Thank you for making this video

    26. Yutsi Yutischi

      Hey Matthew! I wonder how you keep your work/life balance? Seems like you work a lot, and I wonder how you deal with that. Maybe, you would consider to make a video about it?🌸

    27. Angel Chavez Reyes

      Which iPhone desk stand do you recommend for working?

    28. CC Teo

      i thought it's better to keep those cameras in a dry cabinet?

    29. dian febriansyah

      beautiful and clear looking

    30. bukan tukang

      diggin the paintjob!

    31. Noah Morrell Jr.

      Dude this rocks!!!!!

      1. Matthew Encina


    32. Sandeep Roy

      I really love the way you adjusted everything

    33. Asad Khan

      would you consider buying a 49" monitor or do you feel 34" is enough?

    34. Joe Yi

      Table? How to get it

    35. Hamza Puris

      Shortly, amazing. Keep up the good work man :)

      1. Matthew Encina


    36. Earthkeeper .25

      Hello Matthew, could you please tell me what is the color you used on your wall painting? Thanks in advance.

    37. iRO Chaos Soma Lee


    38. 戴立偉

      what's the countdown's meaning on the monitor?

    39. N. A.

      Son of a b****

    40. Tisho

      What's the color of the wall? Building a setup with similar white desk and I want a dark grey color behind the desk.

    41. Nicole Langford

      I know it's your desk.. haha but I do personally like the monitor lift you had before. It has a very cool look to it.

    42. seth black

      Taeha should make this guy a good keyboard

    43. Nikolaj Stimose

      What is that timer called

      1. Matthew Encina

        Everything is listed for you in the description.

    44. evolvearte

      Nice job bro, how do you have your closet organize?

      1. evolvearte

        @Matthew Encina thanks man, I'll take a look.

      2. Matthew Encina

        You can kind of see it in my organization video, but I plan to do an overhaul of that space as well.

    45. Thisanga Lithmin

      Nice home 🏡 office 🤘

    46. edlska

      it would be better if you would only use the MacBook and btw there are some mechanical keyboard great choices for a new keyboard I would recommend it would be great for you

    47. yam tom


    48. Arnaldo Rodriguez

      I need those floating drawers, sorry to ask but lol I cant find those on the video description, Im i blind? if its not there , whats the name haha 😂 amazing sstup

    49. Manan S

      respects for putting everything in the description

    50. Chilly64

      Nice setup.........Well done!

    51. nymartin

      Can I get a link to the screws you used to mount the besta to your wall?

    52. Berlin Flow

      how did you adjust the height of your table and chair?

    53. Caspar Yu

      Dream Room for boys

    54. RR77

      How much you pay all of this?

    55. Sanjeevani Tiwari


    56. Juan Diego Guerrero Diaz

      How you manage to clean the dust of all those things? I hate how my collectibles gets a lot of dust 😭

      1. Matthew Encina

        A Swiffer is your best friend ;)

    57. Олег Темпов

      This is something wrong with your brain, to put so much time to organize simple things. I guess you just have no other interesting things to do lol. Get a life.

    58. Thomas Miller

      I love your videos and setup so much you inspire me so much, I wanted to go into Informational Technology at Four County Schools I didn’t make it but I did make into graphic design I hope to be as good as you one day!

    59. shaaz nasir

      This is amazing.

    60. Florian Honegger

      how did u attach the hue play lights to the monitor arm?

    61. Edward F


    62. Naveen

      My dream is to build a pc 🙂😌😕😏🤧

    63. Orlando Angelo Cerezo

      Who’s excited for the 2021 desk set-up??? I am 😄 Great work Matthew! I hope to see more videos like this. It’s so inspiring! Great way to destress after a full day of work.

    64. widya nabilah


    65. OlTcNuke

      how do I get that clock screensaver for my windows computer?

    66. C.J. Santos

      The Tyson poster still available anywhere?

      1. C.J. Santos

        @Matthew Encina salamat pre

      2. Matthew Encina

        Gian Galang

    67. Jesse Struyvelt

      Do you keep backups of those hard drives somewhere else? Or how is your backup strategy working? Would love to know!

      1. Jesse Struyvelt

        @Matthew Encina thanks! Do you copy them every year to keep the magnetic force on point? Or just leave them?

      2. Matthew Encina

        Exported files are saved to the cloud, old working files I just leave on the drive

    68. risehigher

      Hey Matthew, whats that countdown running on your screen? Your estimated life expectancy to keep you motivated?

      1. Matthew Encina


    69. Cristian Ind

      what does the countdown on the monitor mean?

    70. De Goya

      where can I buy the notebook?

    71. moreseun

      So many good things 👊🏾. Great space! But I don't think I could ever mount a storage unit over my desk with over 5k worth of tech!

    72. Kaddhu is ours Okay


    73. Eight Rays Studio

      Great setup!! I was sold when I saw your video calling setup with the DSLR as webcam & rode microphone.

    74. macster1000

      Very cool!

    75. Nathan Blakeslee

      I love the time/date screensaver. Where can that be found?

    76. Dumisa Nzama

      How much does this cost?

    77. Swanidhi Singh

      That is one expensive setup! Thanks for sharing the detail though


      U have mahatma Gandhiji's pkoto i respect it

    79. Immortal

      what does the 15000days countdown symbolise?

    80. T N

      *_Got myself Autonomous Ergochair 2 and Smart Desk 2 last year. Very happy the quality, performance and the warranty. Totally recommend buying this._** I used this PROMO CODE: R-FLAT30 **_to get a good discount. Thank you Autonomous_* *_btw the customer service people were very helpful as well. Slow claps for them!!_*

    81. Hammad S

      Does anyone know the paint colour on his walls? Looks like a dark grey (specific name?)

    82. Rafał P.

      pure, minimalistic, I love it Bro !

    83. Gigog 94

      name case pc?

    84. Kaamil-Inaam Naicker

      What a neat, organised guy. Respect!

    85. Fushun Hiu

      Hi Matthew, i have a question about the desk. Is middle of the top sink after long time?

      1. Matthew Encina

        No. There’s hardly any weight on it.

    86. Kevin Elomina

      When I saw how he filed his papers, I fell in love with him. You do not find a man like that everyday.

      1. Kevin Elomina

        @一人ラー That's probably how their love story really started. 😂😂😂😂😂

    87. Suddenly Monday E-Learning

      I wish I have money and create this set up

    88. Wenting Zhang

      You know the feeling when kerning was off and you feel uneasy looking at it. This is how I feel looking at the overhead TV cabinet... Holding so many expensive gears, hanging on top of other expensive laptops, monitors, and more gears. I am sure it is sure and all, but design-wise, it is very triggering... Why not have a vertical cabinet to the left of your desk to hold these gears, it would be easier to access. Aren't you worried that when you reach the camera inside, you are not knocking over other cameras in the way? What a bad design choice visual-wise AND function-wise...

      1. Matthew Encina

        I'm glad this wasn't designed for you then 😅

      2. Wenting Zhang

        I forgot the mention another expensive gear the floating TV cabinet is hanging over is... your head. Feel even dangerous to look at and think about. I am sure it is secured and all, but... why though.

    89. Prince Isaiah

      If I were you I will be working and working all day

    90. Jeff Osborne

      Looks great. Well done.

      1. Matthew Encina


    91. Pink Diamond

      Yo what’s that monitor background?

    92. rkem

      Hey Matthew - very nice setup! where did you get those cool posters?

    93. Alex Flores

      The responsible puffin peroperatively ask because twig secondly support anenst a nifty jasmine. tiny, knotty pizza

    94. TheMiguelBi

      the besta above the head to store the photographic compartment is a fantastic idea. In a few months she will move house. I will certainly take inspiration from your station. Thanks for the video!

      1. Matthew Encina

        You’re welcome

    95. artibiter 277

      god i wish i had a monitor

    96. Baccuus

      What custom built counter top are you using?

      1. Matthew Encina

        Butcher block

    97. Jedi Age

      Absolutely love this! Can I ask how you have setup your Macbook Pro with the hard drives you have in the drawer? Would love to learn more on this. Big love from Australia 🇦🇺

      1. Matthew Encina

        Thanks. The hard drives are old ones. I use a usb dock to mount them when I need to retrieve info from them

    98. Golden Griffon

      What's with the countdown of doom? Estimated remaining lifespan? Interesting motivator.

      1. Luca Marziali

        @Matthew Encina what's the screensaver?

      2. Matthew Encina

        Yes. We die slowly everyday. We should always make the most of the time we have left.

    99. Scorpio Sting

      Is the countdown on your monitor the estimated time of your days to live? Doesn't make you anxious have it in front of your face everyday?

      1. Matthew Encina

        It’s my motivation.

    100. Joan Belcher

      Would you be willing to share how you manage keeping your macbook connected to your monitor without overcharging the battery? I just got an LG 49 inch monitor which I use with my MacBook Air....LOVE it, but don't want to damage the battery by leaving it plugged in all the time, but when I disconnect it, I loose the monitor! HELP

      1. Matthew Encina

        I could very well be straining my battery. So I wish I had a better answer for you.