Would your dog ever do this??

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      I want the dog and the house!!! Ha ha ha..

    2. Barbie3sunset/Bettijohatrix

      😂🤣😂🤣 Dog said 'you come find me and I'll try to look tempting so we sleep.' He knew when you car got into the drive way.

    3. Diane Harris

      This made my day.... No, my week!!!! 🤣😂

    4. Bailee Hammons

      Cute dog

    5. Tosha Smith

      😆🐶🙌🙃 That is hilarious! You bed must be the best! In the house.👍🙂

    6. Under Water

      Sick What a rubbish You not his Daddy... He is animal (dog) full of infection in Salaiva keep out of house to guard...

    7. Carmen Garcia


    8. Yvonne Valentine

      Yes that's my Bruno lol .😃😄🤝❤

    9. Annette Garcia

      Lol he's done for the day

    10. Simone GERAUD

      Trop bon,coolcool

    11. rosario cabahug


    12. The Wide Awake Club

      Just doing thus video to flex the house.

    13. C. N.

      Darn...this 8s a clean house....pay a really good tip to the housekeeper! She or they deserve it

    14. POOCHIE G

      That would never happen here! All of our Labs always greeted either one of us with the "Welcome Home Doggie Dance", even if we only walked outside to just get the mail! Hour & a half or 30 seconds equals the same reaction! 😄😁😆🤣

    15. MaryEllen H.


    16. Andrea Blume


    17. Anna Fitz


    18. Norain Adzar

      Beautiful life

    19. Kyra Johnstone

      The dog is just chilling there while his owner worries about where he is 😹

    20. hypingbts

      But my dog would never ahahahaha

    21. hypingbts

      Never seen such a unexcited dog when someone came home😂😂

    22. NA suzy Q

      Nice house!

    23. hypingbts

      I love his voice

    24. hypingbts

      The daddys home🥺🥺

    25. Ben P

      That dog is definitely a cat 😅

    26. Realize What

      Maybe he's in the house lol

    27. Antônio Carlos Fernandes

      Mais é folgado esse Magnus, kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    28. Sheila Sams

      🤣🤣🤣YES MINE DO TOO!!!🥰😁😂

    29. Gloria Dowdell


    30. J J

      😂🤣😅made my day.

    31. factenter

      Beautiful 🏠🙂

    32. Brenda Kositch

      You missed the view of the back window

    33. Vintee Agrawal

      When he said "daddy's home" i immediately started singing daddy's home by rustage

    34. Angie Marie Benjamin


    35. Stelli Angel


    36. Ragnar Lothbrok

      Ok I've seen enough Mr. Bezos hahahaha

    37. kenny228s

      Terminally chill.

    38. Alyssa Penas

      I love how you guys are like, 'Woah!! Beautiful house!', and then I am here not paying attention to his house, and looking for the dog behind the curtains.

    39. Jerri Plumb

      What an awesome dog. That's how's my brother lab is. But too funny😂😂😂😂😂😂

    40. Eye of Rah

      You just wanted to show off your house smdh

    41. Patricia Black

      Ok, you got 1 sorry dog. Either that or he's sick or something. Funny...Cute Ya....But L.A.Z.Y. Oh-Ya! And I agree, your house is G.R.E.A.T!

    42. Heidi Newberry

      He was to damn comfy to care about anything I love how are animals give us joy.

    43. Debra Clinkscale

      That's my beagle all day!!

    44. Punga

      Zero fucks were given that day


      Omg this is so cute. Daddy I needed a nap.

    46. J Y

      Magnus know he got it made. He not waiting by no door when that bed is calling his name 😅😄

    47. Jerome Maxius

      He's so cute 😊

    48. ANIYAHBOO1

      It scared me when he wasn’t at the door and didn’t come.I just know he was up to no good😆😆 nice home and even nicer son you have love it!!

    49. Felicia mendez

      This is a wonderful life.just relax hahaha 😂

    50. Drole

      His girlfriend just snuck out that’s why he didn’t greet you at the door.

    51. T. P.

      He’s fired! 🤣🤣🤣

    52. Dacia's D.I.Y's

      He had a ruff day🤣🤣

    53. Aisha Long


    54. Valerie Williams

      Dogs,living better than people...go figure

    55. Lívia Gacha Estúdio

      Que 🐕 cachorro folgado! 🤣😂🤣

    56. River of Souls

      That collar is too thick for its neck please please get a smaller one

    57. Kimababy68

      Beautiful house

    58. Jan Rydeen

      Looks like somebody is drugged.

    59. Silvia Castillo


    60. Tina Jackson

      If I was a dog and able to play in a house like that all day I’d be laying in the bed like I was in heaven to

    61. Trish S. Woods

      So precious and adorable. You are a great daddy to him. Keep up the good work.

    62. VoltZ

      Perfect video for a jump scare.

    63. Lauretta Del Mar

      Holy Christ that house is HUGE!!!

    64. Ms. Michele Bryant

      Yep until they hear us comming and jump down.

    65. Janelle Soledad

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a cutieeeeeee!!

    66. TheAedee

      😂😂😂😂😂I love Magnus, definitely a king pooch

    67. Madison Petterson

      Felt like this was a house tour

    68. Joure-Ellex

      That’s a nice big house my friend!!!!

    69. Queen Cecelia

      Nice house.

    70. CHHAYA


    71. brayden falk

      My dog is s corgi but she is a little bit dumb so yes she would do dat but I dont care she is pretty

    72. Wonderrrr

      Thanks for the house tour. Nice crib

    73. Hah Ahah

      Oh god , cute dogga😉

    74. Millie O.

      😄😁😆 💙🐕🥰

    75. Dalet Zepeda

      He didn't even flinch. 🤣😂🤣😂

    76. Suz C


    77. Lorenzo Ricci

      Abbiamo capito che hai una casa spettacolare

    78. Sondra Leonard

      Gorgeous home!

    79. Betania Baez


    80. Kayla Moreno

      My dog would never do that

    81. Cynthia Duncan

      Ha! Too cute👏👏😂

    82. Angela Araujo

      ♥️muito folgado 🤣😂🤣😂🥰

    83. Willetta Carter


    84. christuinoa

      ok but how satisfying is that beep every time you walk in 😭 future aspirations

    85. dechevers

      OMG! Is he drugged?

    86. •SmoothCupcake•

      My dog would do that Me trying to find my dog* Me:*finds him* My dog (Alex):Hi Mum

    87. Joe Cogliano

      That's how I lay down after work. You have a beautiful home

    88. Mimi Baldwin

      Magnus must be to old to run to the door and spoiled rotten knowing that you will not pop him for being on your bed.

    89. Marilyn Rowell

      What was he doing in the bedroom

    90. 김민아

      the dog be like DON'T DISTURB ME I'M TIRED

    91. AO VO on the Farm, Southern Illinois (LD 63)

      I had a dog that I swore would never get in my bed. One day, he did. I guess he was tired from guarding us for years. I could not get mad at him.

    92. Cylena Hood


    93. Allie

      That dog definitely needs therapy

    94. LB_ Vault

      Im trying so hard not to.....its getting harder.....god damnit....shit shit.....SHDHDHDHHD WHAT THE DOG DOIN'??

    95. sandishka

      What privacy..really .ok..rober already have a little an idea what to do??people for make videos their not worry about to keep privacy..comoletly safe

    96. Debra Metzger

      ....? Unnatural.

    97. Stormy Flores

      My yellow Lab knows my bed is really her bed... 😂

    98. Mary Stackpole

      Funny!!! What a great dog and house too!!!♥️