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    CEO NLname wins free speech award:

    NLname has no obligation to free speech:

    James Charles:

    Eugenia situation:

    NLname sucks:

    NLname favours specific creators:

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    1. Sydney Watson

      This platform is a dumpster fire. :')

      1. Martin Cummins

        Brains, femininity, integrity, Dare I say it. Beauty. You have it all Sydney. Once there are women like you in the world, There is hope for the future

      2. shaun y

        One of the reasons why Google (owns YT) is under FTC and State Attorney Generals investigation?

      3. William Hall

        More like a landfill inferno.

      4. Andra Book

        youtube has gone to hell recently...i am blaming leadership. that girl is clearly ANA.

      5. The Number 3

        @Firebender 117 What argument have I lost? I don't play Chess with pigeons. All you've done is insult and admit your own ignorance: Winner?

    2. Kesshami

      Their response to Logan Paul's video in the "suicide forest" didn't even affect Logan at all, it only hurt small/new creators.

    3. izzy lee

      Gave herself an award hahaha

    4. Steven James

      Instagram and tiktok are even worse with the fans of the playground.

    5. Thomas Tedder

      At 4:30, for the women who are watching this video , understand only a very small percent, and im just guessing by all the men I had as friends, worked with , etc. that in general we like women who are healthy or even a bit over weight. I personally feel sorry for this young women whos look is very unhealthy. I hope she wakes up before she literally is a skin bag of bones.

    6. Thomas Tedder

      I think your solid, keep informing the populous.

    7. Robin Le Comte

      Sydney, with regards to your vlog on YT, you might be interested to note, that YT will no longer allow any person, who in the past has posted a vlog on model making, do so now. I am referring to those, who buy a plastic kitset model, and present a vlog on box content and construction details. YT "cite" a US Law, that is aimed at reducing "harm to the younger age", and also that such vlogs could be "deemed as enticement". It is interesting that kit set models, being reviewed and constructed, have notes on the exterior face of the box, that read - "this is not a toy", and "is not recommended for children under the age of 14 years". Those under the age of 21 (yrs) would not be interested in this type of hobby, any way. The end result, those who had the tenacity to put together a vlog regarding model making, aiming to provide help/assistance etc, for other like minded people have been removed, even previous vlogs, that could be of historical value, to a model maker. If you think "you are under threat", there have been many like you, who have gone to other platforms, because they do not "want the censorship" that YT had/ or would, place upon them. Do you look at Melbourne, and what is going on there at the moment?

    8. AjianAja

      I 100% agree.

    9. Rainbow Brite Brini

      I wish I could give this millions of likes.

    10. Street Monk

      It's called Communism, Sydney

    11. Nymphonomicon

      "Rules for thee, but none for me" be the creed for how NLname runs its site.

    12. Skil Set

      NLname is censorship❗

    13. Walter A. Hall

      great show

    14. Astinosis

      Imagine that, protecting people who sexually harass others. Meanwhile, they're the same people who virtue signal about stuff such as sexual harassment, but when it's in front of them they pretend it doesn't exist or just ignore it because it makes them uncomfortable.

    15. Climate Alarmist

      It’s like Helen Keller giving herself the Perfect Vision award..

    16. Brita Ahonen

      Feely girl.

    17. Brita Ahonen

      People don't sell Sydney to sydney. Then force yourself to play the game.

    18. Brita Ahonen

      What's the catch??? Really. Don't do it. That's impossible.

    19. Brita Ahonen

      Where do all these people that aren't permitted work in hospitality, medicine, they're not permitted jobs in computers. They go live at you tube....?

    20. Brita Ahonen

      They don't deliberately put strange videos on YOUR account. They're not permitted jobs in hospitality.

    21. Jdm OG

      This world is upside down. Up is down, left is right, truth is claimed false, gender is wrong, freedom is bought. Everything is applied for us and nothing is for the ugly fat rich people owning this world. One thing is true, we are fare more and we don't need to obey them or fight their wars. It's really enough, enough of these same rulers and same fat lies.

    22. Gagliardi Vex

      You should try bitchute I mean it has the word b*tch in it Susan is a corporate elitist sellout

    23. Jacquelyn White

      Move to Rumble

    24. Josh Salter

      Just like a girl I know once said she can do what I do so I grabbed my 60 pound weight vest picked it up with on hand over my head and said show me she didn't even try

    25. Marina Markova

      How come this video is up and available?

    26. Mal

      i would say they are just vacuuming up things for space.

    27. Arthur Gearheard

      You see young men engaging in homosexual relationships on You Tube.

    28. Ellis Simmers

      Keep stirring that pot girl 👍🤛

    29. Michael A. of the North

      Agreed. Thus Rumble and Parler. Build the alternative, Free Speech Platforms, STOP Posting exclusively on Tyrannical Websites. We now have choices. Thanks for your great content 👍

    30. Ghost Monk

      Its like the peace prize, always goes to war mongers

    31. Ethos Ari

      I’m glad you apologized for having feelings, I was wondering if you would. 🤖🤖🤖 Apology accepted. 😜

    32. jimmy demanski

      the matrix throws sketchy content out as bait in order to label those that click on those tiles to feed a data base on total population control

    33. Summer Rain

      I just got my channel canceled for free speech.

    34. Scoott

      Shit floats to the top. Yay humanity :(

    35. BD

      Sydney, Keep on exposing them for lying hypocrites that they are.... We are with you....

    36. TooManyHobbies

      Sydney, I'm glad you're on my subscription list. Are you on other platforms yet? OK, I wrote that before looking at the links. Hooray!!!

    37. Andrew Hatley

      The left loves free speech like a man who beats his wife.

    38. Corrine D

      Yay, someone with a brain!

    39. MemoryMori

      If I wrote my opinion (truth), Mama Susan would pay a hitman to kil me >D >D >D

    40. MAGA Fox

      Trump won the 2020 Election. Come on NLname delete my account suckers

    41. FuzzyJ

      MY GOD! i love you sydney. sereously, i love this woman.

    42. Leebo McCool

      Waaaaaaaah. If you want the money change if not just continue to whine about everything. Either way NLname will still be here.

    43. Elite Knight Productions

      I miss 2006 youtube once google took over after closing google videos it went downhill. I would like to get a ship and fly to another star system and start over there since HELL there are at least 100 planets within 100 lightyears we know the closest 4 light-years XD. If we can go that fast or I hope a black hole eats us since it will be like POP and absorb us .

    44. Marie Grace

      Stockholme Syndies 😅🤣❤🧡

    45. Matt H

      The tyrants in charge of North Korea and Iran, Hezbollah, etc still have their channels and pages on social media....

    46. Matt H

      D!ck or d!ldo is not demonitized and not age restricted. Contrast that with some of the stuff that is... That says it all doesn't it? ""Free Speech" Award" awarded to: NLname!!! Wow! Much shock! Such surprise! Sponsored by: NLname!!!

    47. Kevin Cox

      “I give myself a free speech award” feels a bit like “Democratic Republic of ...”

    48. Bennu

      I recently leant that the trending page is all hand picked. By people. So the suicide forest video was green lighted by someone at NLname. Someone sat there and watch that horrible thing and said “This is great! Let’s put it on trending so everyone can laugh at the suicide victim!” That’s scary. If I were in charge of what’s in trending, it’ll be mostly wholesome cat videos

    49. Greg Settle

      This is what happens when "Liberals" are in charge. Only OUR freedom of speech is correct.

    50. M L

      Google owns NLname! 🤓🏴‍☠️🇸🇪

    51. Vlad Nemin the word "fascism" by any chance? 🙄

    52. B.R. Agi

      Good on you Sidney

    53. XENON3120

      why do people complain about fairness this is no fairy tale real world is about money

    54. XENON3120

      money is made of hypocrisy, its simple as that, nothing fabcy to say here

    55. Dave Simmer

      Go to Rumble?

    56. Константин Матвеев

      Gulags did not existed, unlike USA prisons, which have right now more inmates than Stalin and Mao combined.

    57. nbh camp

      Twink video * I must be saying something they don't like I can't edit 😂😂😂😂

    58. nbh camp

      The quartering 😂😂I watch him but man's a simp

    59. Nugsy Malone

      Are you the chick from Supernatural?

    60. Chris Pell Bois

      After a while , it's obvious youtube is being run by a duck , with 5 hamsters running the servers and being moderated by a yes/no ball ^^

    61. Michelle Baden

      On a programming level it makes sense when titles and facial recognition flags it immediately as a bad video. How would you solve that algorithmically?

    62. Didleeios88

      I have that same top. 🎯

    63. Emperor Norton Winks

      Thanks for the welcome but I have been in hell for years

    64. Firebender 117


    65. D. R.

      No difference between FB and NLname. They’re inconsistent. When they’re inconsistency, everyone has a problem. Even the money makers throw fits over it.

    66. SingleBrainCell

      Creating a free speech and then giving it to yourself. Very free speech like.

    67. Xoruam

      "YT acts like conservative voices and serious discussions about political issues are more damaging than someone filming a dead body and posting it on the internet" Because they are, to the left. From the very beginning, socialism was built on lies and misunderstandings, and if people understood that, those movements would immediately die. Which is why the left has to use sophistry, manipulate the definitions and introduce censorship whenever they get the chance. Otherwise, they would never survive as a serious movement.

    68. Rabert's World

      While Patriotism is the mother of American's downfall, Hypocrisy is the Father.

    69. Malo Fankhauser


    70. Tribal SPIN

      “Having an eating disorder” implies she is actually eating something.

    71. Jesse Otero

      They need to demonetize AI

    72. Jesse Otero

      He needs to find a motel

    73. Jesse Otero

      Where is the beef on this girl

    74. Jesse Otero

      Witch hunt! Witch hunt! 🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️

    75. Melrose Honey Flower

      Your great at your videos 😊

    76. Arthur Schopenhauer

      NLname censors political discussion but does not censor content that promotes terrorism, criminal activities ( such as fraud and hacking, break and enter crimes etc.).

    77. Arthur Schopenhauer


    78. RAE DR

      Before I didnt like your channel all that much and I don't even know why but I'm finding myself agreeing more and more with your points and in which direction our society is going. Thanks for all the information!

    79. lykou sar

      Petitioning Elon not to let "woke people" on Mars

    80. Noneya Bidness

      Well, Russiagate actually happened and the 2020 election scandal actually didn't happen. As in, as a matter of verified fact.

    81. CSR

      not long ago they had PEACHERS RUB UNCENSORED MUSIC VIDEO on youtube and i reported and spamed it to all chanels till they finaly removed it. It was the most disg thing i ever saw

    82. Robert Akscyn

      Keep up the good fight

    83. Quiet Dignity and Grace

      NLname: Where Double Is Standard The 2019 Pedo hunt literally cut my channel in half. In that you can't broadcast live from a mobile device unless you have 1000 'scribers. Fine Susan, then buy me a camera and about 300 ft of co-axe so I can do garage and yard stuff like I had been for about a year already. What happened to that program where NLname content creators could view and review other peoples videos? Sort of an "in house" policing. I can't remember what it was called... just about the same time as "NLname Red" popped up.

    84. Thamus Jones

      NLname, a friend of the playground fans including the one that didn't....

    85. the real Jack Myers

      They are legalizing sex crimes online, as they are on the street, here in California. The state that has legalized child rape, surprising no-one in the nation. This state is the shame of the world, you may be sure.

    86. Elena The Artist and Gamer

      I like you. I'm subbing 😃

    87. Sir sweet and sour chicken balls

      when are you going to sing again?

    88. Captain Ahab

      I don’t agree with everything you say but I will defend your right to say it

    89. Grace Matthies

      Wtf ever happened to freedom of speech

    90. Barnabás Molnár

      13:03 well for the left those are more damaging apparently😅

    91. Rant and Roll

      Expecting giant corporations (G**gle) to behave reasonably is folly at best, dangerous at worst. As in the parable of the fox and the scorpion, what do you expect, it's a scorpion.

    92. Emmanuel Feltaous

      So glad I found you. You've got a new fan!!!

    93. Mark Stine

      Spot on Sydney!💯

    94. Scott Matznick

      Can't give you a one way ticket to Mars, but I do have two tickets to paradise. Care to join?

    95. Hannodb1961

      As a South African, I want to apologise for giving you Trevor Noah. To be fair, in South Africa he was a truly brilliant and loved comedian. But then he had to sell his soul to the American leftist overlords. However, to redeam our nation, we also gave you Elon Musk. 😁

      1. David Green

        that sounds fair.

    96. Darmok Lives

      Hates NLname.. while on NLname.. this channel is amazing.. and not in a good way.

    97. Ethen Hunt

      The fact your Australian... The words surf and shark 🦈 Haha .....ahem .

    98. Critical Thinker

      In my opinion everything you see going on today has its roots in an entire generation now from the cradle to college having grown up with anti - social media/ cellular devices. They are bombarded every day with every lunatic ideas from around the globe... they have nothing they can call their own, they have no fashion statement...they have no song....they have nothing to define they’re generation. I’m so glad I grew up without that crap influencing my decisions.

    99. BudZ1LL4 BudZ1LL4

      i like this lady

    100. Peter Olbrisch

      Blah blah blah blah blah, have you considered having an editor?