Zack Snyder's Justice League Official Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Story

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    Zack Snyder's Justice League Official Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Story. We breakdown the new Justice League Snyder Cut trailer and talk about the story, easter eggs, things you missed and what to expect in the movie.
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    Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I'm your host Paul and Valentines Day is cancelled because the new Justice League Snyder Cut trailer is here.
    Me and the wife had a lovely day yesterday because I told her after a leap year valentines happens on the 13th but it's over now and we're here to bring you all the granny goodness on the new look as well as what the extra and additional shots could be.
    You're living in a (bleep) dream world if you think there won't be spoilers here and as we will be talking about aspects of the nightmares scenes you might wanna switch off. If you enjoy the video then please hit the thumbs up and make sure you subscribe as we're almost at the half a million mark and you can tell people you knew me before it was cool.
    With that out the way thank you for clicking this, now let's get into the breakdown.
    Ok so up top I think one thing that we have to address is that the movie is officially R Rated and in the words of Johnathan Kent (bleep) them kids.
    I know there has been some backlash to this but I honestly can't think of the last time that I actually checked what the rating of a movie was before watching it. The main controversy surrounding this is how it's not really suitable for kids but I also don't know any kids who are willing to sit through a 4 hour film. I think a big change in the comic book industry came in the 80s when companies realised that adults actually spent more money on comic book stuff than kids did and no mom it's not a toy it's a $400 action figure that must be kept in it's box at all times.
    Snyder has been giving full creative control over the project and as it's clear that he's making the movie he wants to make and if you wanna watch a fun and friendly version of the film then guess what. You've got Josstice League.
    Now if you were following the comments on the last trailer then you'll know that a lot of people drew the conclusion that it would pretty much be the exact same movie just with a couple of extra scenes here and there. I think with this trailer they really pushed the idea to include some more focus on Darkseid and characters that weren't in the original. From the off I'll say that I think they absolutely nailed this as a way to promote the movie and I think I would rather watch this over the Joss Whedon version 10 times out of 10.
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    1. Heavy Spoilers

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      3. MixedFeelers 1138

        What if this turns out to be a prequel set in the Knightmare timeline leading into Flash's time travel cameo in BvS, with Wheadon's cut still (mostly) being the *main* timeline version of events?

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        Zack hinted martian manhunter dialogue ' there's an attack coming' As he mentioned in his Vero account @HeavySpoilers

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        what to check? it will be the same shit that happend in this movie justice league will be defeated and in the next sequel 2022 or 2023 they will defeat darkseid.....zack snyder can not deliver a great movie at all , rip

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      Anyone else kinda bummed with Darseid's appearance and his rather "eager to use fists" brawler type demeanor, despite us knowing he prefers to obliterate anyone with his Omega beams? He walks like he's a WWE wrestler instead of a ruler. His hands are nowhere behind his back. Its just a small let down...

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      Why is this riddled with so many assumptions. For example, Steppenwolf bowing down to Darkseid is after the Unity? Based on what? For all any of us know that could be the opening scene of the movie with Darkseid giving Steppenwolf his marching orders. There has been nothing established in this universe that Steppenwolf has been outcast and has to redeem himself.

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      Here's a heavy spoiler: this movie will be shit. Has anyone ever seen a Snyder film?

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        @C/B I put a side by side on my channel. If you play it in slo-mo matched with Joss's then it makes more sense but again it could be anything under the sun at this point.

      2. C/B

        Might not be, but likely is yeh. I think Supes is trying to stop Steppenwholf from escaping into the boomtube like 'where are you going' 😁


      The trailer showed us the potential of zack synder once again

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