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    In Zack Snyder's Justice League, determined to ensure Superman’s (Henry Cavill) ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) aligns forces with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions. The task proves more difficult than Bruce imagined, as each of the recruits must face the demons of their own pasts to transcend that which has held them back, allowing them to come together, finally forming an unprecedented league of heroes. Now united, Batman (Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and The Flash (Ezra Miller) may be too late to save the planet from Steppenwolf, DeSaad, and Darkseid and their dreadful intentions.
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    1. Bleach and vinegar makes chlorine gas

      The redesign for steppenwolf is fucking awesome

    2. Aakash Saini

      We live in an honour, where Batman is a distant memory! Isn't that right, Society?

    3. Chirag Zode

      Joker is back

    4. Chirag Zode

      Aquaman ko bhi acche se dikha na tha

    5. Jonathan Müller

      Let's make this the most watched trailer on HBOMAX channel. For Boss.

    6. The Predator

      Henry cavil is our Superman. Zack hit Wb with the Snyder cut now Wb hitting us with a Superman reboot. Bye bye Wb after Snyder cut 👋

    7. Diego Haung

      Rated R means #RestoreTheSnyderverse

    8. Diego Haung


    9. Cyan Hao

      here to say: Henry Cavill deserved better, WB did him dirty.

    10. Pradeep Kumar


    11. Jonathan Müller

      Who's here after WB announced a Superman Reboot Movie? #HenryCavillSuperman

    12. Gonzalo Arvietti

      VIEWS ARE ...FREZEED !!! WTF Once again a boicot against DC and snyder. What a shame

    13. Eric Headley

      Ok, this is just the trailer. But this looks badass. Why would they change this ?

    14. DRIA28

      Jared Leto is back, yess.

    15. Jonathan Müller

      *_HENRY CAVILL IS OUR SUPERMAN._* WARNER BROTHERS WILL NOT STOP THE SNYDERVERSE! #HenryCavillSuperman #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ReleaseTheAyerCut #MakeTheBatfleckSeries

    16. OriUs

      Come on guys ! Lets get this trailer be the HBO max's most viewed trailer. Just 2 million less than THe Witches

    17. JDWorld 100

      Hulk: - Puny Whedon!

    18. Mover

    19. Mover

      very good

    20. tommyBig Head DeeJay

      How about the jocker? Is the bad versión ....dont you think?😕😕😕😕😕😕

    21. The Shadow Man

      I really like this new version. Looks really good. Also I'd like if Sam raimi made his version of spiderman 3 from 2007. #realisetheraimicut

    22. Aimal Gerowal

      Looks like a sequel

      1. AlphaReturns


    23. Mahmud Goku

      Möbius is Marvel character what is he doing here ?

      1. Christian Ramirez

        I didnt see him where

    24. Dark Syde

      Snyder : I need dc fans. I’m building an alliance. To defend ourselves. From WB.

    25. J15 Ventura

      Movie is gonna suck

      1. Brightburn

        @J15 Ventura lmao stupid kid we dont see this movie we just see trailer even the trailer is better than marvel trash comedy hhahaha

      2. MrAizaz

        @J15 Ventura Not good but nearing GOATness

      3. MrAizaz

        @J15 Ventura Wandavision is good tho.. But my scope is aimed for this

      4. J15 Ventura

        @Brightburn bro wandavision is more interesting than this movie and is only 25 minute episodes 😂😂😂😂

      5. Brightburn

        Marvel sucks cry baby

    26. Duplex_YT


    27. Dima Smirnov

      Llegamos a los 19.6M hoy? Yo creo que si ;) #UsUnited #SnyderCut

    28. Saqeeb Amaan

      Wow nice this amazing

    29. crazy gujju

    30. Save martha

      Batman about to kill superman, superman scream save martha, batman realizing superman is human afterall, they become bff

      1. Brightburn

        Marvel is trash comedy

      2. Benjamin Sorensen

        @Save martha No thanks; you've already put forth enough stupidity for one day. It's a kind offer on your part, though.

      3. MrAizaz

        @Anmatrix Let him rot in misery.

      4. Anmatrix

        @Save martha see we don't need to protect anything from you. The only thing bothering us is if u don't like the movie of zacks movies why are you here trying to spread hate. There is no reason behind it. It's ok if u think we are cultist or crazy or bots. Let us enjoy. At least we don't go on mcu trailer to spread hate like u guys do.

      5. Anmatrix

        @Save martha common aliens were fighting there. He sees supes trying to defeat zod going down with pieces of waynes sattelite. The problem wasn't mainly because he was alien. It was simply because he was too powerful. What if he goes bad... He could destroy the earth. That's all was in movie. The plot of civil war was way dumber. Just a parody of bvs

    31. Smarties

      Someone please tell me that they are still working on the cgi because that cyborg shot throws me off, and I want cyborg to look good

      1. zhengyingli

        Smarties Yes, they are. Iris's car has much more detail in this trailer than the previous trailers. Plus, it's possible that Cyborg shot look wonky because it's merely a placeholder so we're not spoiled by how he really looks in the Knightmare sequences.

      2. Anmatrix

        They are. They say they are working till movie releases. Also the trailer on NLname even in 720 won't look good as movie is in imax. In movie it will be alright

    32. Abominatrix650

      Looks cool. Hope all goes well.


        @Anmatrix Also, SILENCE Kellum Dietz

      2. Abominatrix650

        They're just randos in the comments section. They are nothing.

      3. Anmatrix

        @CARPAINTM3MES ya I know. Not one there are many here all of a sudden. One by name baka gamer. Something needs to be done


        @Anmatrix One troll goes by the name: SAVE MARTHA

      5. Anmatrix

        Just look for trolls in comment section

    33. Shahil Swarup

      Please give a proper haircut to Superman this time.

    34. Anmatrix

      Wtf another wave of trolls guys. No need to reply to any of these. These trolls are bakagamer, save martha, killinwrillin. Don't interact with them. U know ur right.

    35. justchilling

      This look fan made 😭 also Snyder got a lot of movies coming out .

      1. Benjamin Sorensen

        It's safe to say Zack Snyder is a fan, yes.

      2. Anmatrix

        Stop crying troll. People know his worth he is a great director

      3. soy yo

        Stop crying

    36. Prasanth kumar Dummu

      I never watched a trailer that looks this clumsy 🙄

      1. Benjamin Sorensen

        That's okay; you don't look *that* clumsy.

      2. Sanjay Mahato

        Its better than endgame

      3. Anmatrix

        XD. That's best trailer. When a trailer is better than endgame. Marvel fans incoming

      4. Save martha


      5. soy yo


    37. Mohib Khan

      Marvel: we have a hulk DC: we have a Zack Snyder Marvel: then I m fucked up.

    38. BakaGamer177

      can't wait to see how disappointed dc fans when this movie come out LMAO, mark my word

      1. zhengyingli

        BakaGamer177 DC fans like Jokey's Corner and Pissed Joseph are going to be disappointed because they're haters. Normal DC fans will enjoy this movie like they did with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

      2. Save martha

        @Anmatrix whyyousaythatname?

      3. Anmatrix

        @Save martha actually DC fans are not as bad as u trolls who go on trailer of a movie which they are not gonna like and try to spread hate. Tho mark my words no one cares about you trolls or ur opinion. Martha scene was also great, it had a lot of depth, it's not for kids like u who can't use their brain. Tho most internet is now on DC side. People have started to understand how great mos bvs and watchmen are. U are still walking without brain

      4. Save martha

        Stt, don't say that too loud, they are triggered easily

      5. soy yo

        Why would the fans that have been asking for this movie be dissapointed? Your logic makes no sense

    39. Hasiel Sarsby

      Watch at slow speed at 1:13, Uxas/Darkseid CGI looks more better than the halleluiah trailer.

    40. Abdullah - Tech

      تعليق عربي وحيد !

    41. Nithish S

      jesus christ arrives on March 18 to watch snydercut ✝️

    42. FloorGang

      CGI is pathetic

      1. FloorGang

        @Art Marju bruh it's just a thing that I observed NOT AN HATE COMMENT !! If this was a marvel trailer and I would have noticed bad CGI I would still point that out jeez why do you people take everything so seriously 🤷🏼‍♂️

      2. Anmatrix

        @Art Marju ofc. There are suddenly lots of trolls here

      3. Art Marju

        Hmmm, you look the entire movie, or is only a hate comment? Funny men!

      4. AlphaReturns

        You do realize they are still working on the film?

      5. FloorGang

        @kyoki86 no dude I don't care about whether or not this movie comes out , it's just that like even video games have much better CGI than this

    43. Bogan Con Lai

      Does anyone know if this is going to be shown at the cinema or at IMAX?

      1. Benjamin Sorensen

        I know they want to; whether circumstances will ever allow them to is another matter.

      2. Bogan Con Lai

        @AlphaReturns Do you know this for sure? A cinema run was mentioned supposedly by Snyder himself earlier this year but I've heard nothing since. I'm sure this movie will look fantastic on a massive screen. It'd be a crime to see it only on a home TV screen.

      3. AlphaReturns

        It will be released in imax theaters at some point.

    44. ayrock06

      i think i wet myself watching this

    45. Grant Dupré

      Bit of a niche compliment, but I’m so glad this trailer isn’t using an orchestral rendition of some famous public property tune or pop song from the 60’s. It was a trend in trailers that always took me out of the moment, and I’m glad this one’s done away with it.

    46. User0011

      Batman trusting joker with a gun.... WooooW.. This dream sequence will be even better....

      1. MrAizaz

        @Save martha Nobel Prize for you man

      2. Save martha

        Because joker said the magic word, saveeee mar thh aaaaa

      3. Anmatrix

        Ofc he needs too. Joker has the last motherbox. Batsy has no other choice there

    47. feras hdaib

      ME: Please be good, Please be good

    48. Putrinia Channel

      Gile bos

      1. prashant singh thakur✌✌👍👍

    49. Jose Echevarria

      Just be an enjoyable, fun movie, it's all I ask


        @prashant singh thakur SHUT UP!

      2. prashant singh thakur✌✌👍👍

    50. faqih khoironi


      1. prashant singh thakur✌✌👍👍

    51. Teshiku

      No, don’t release the film in this aspect ratio

      1. Annie

        @Teshiku You have been under a rock, no offense. Every high budget block buster movie is filmed in this Aspect ratio, it's called IMAX. This aspect ratio is presented in 8k resolution on an 80 feet tall screen, and is known as the best format for watching a film. It's shape gives life to characters on screen. When the movies are released digitally, they are cropped to wide screen. Because people don't have IMAX screens at their home, and box aspect ratio on a 55 inch TV is a big joke. So, you can zoom in on your TV screen to make it wide screen. You won't loose any important picture, because this movie is filmed in a way that the important parts of the frame would be preserved even if it's cropped down to 16:9. They are releasing this without cropping because IMAX theaters are not going to open up anytime soon.

      2. prashant singh thakur✌✌👍👍

      3. Teshiku

        @Hasiel Sarsby wouldn’t really mind, it’s not like there will be extra important info that small

      4. Julio’s Videos

        you’re one of those people who are so used to seeing black bars on the top and bottom (2.39.1) the reason why you’re seeing those black bars on the side is because you’re actually seeing more on the top and not losing any image other than the 2.39.1 aspect ratio

      5. Teshiku

        @Anmatrix but infinity war isn’t square, I’m not big into film production and all that, but I’ve never seen a big cgi block buster in the aspect ratio I saw King Kong in, it feels so off

    52. Brian

      Will this 4 hour feature be released theatrically What about streaming

      1. Julio’s Videos

        probably not. i heard it’s gonna be on dvd tho, i think 4k ultra hd is one of them, at least that’s what i’ve heard

    53. Sankasur

      Ben Affleck still in 👍 ❤️

      1. Aditya Wankhede

        @prashant singh thakur please stop, dude.

      2. prashant singh thakur✌✌👍👍

      3. Anmatrix

        Remember there will be a batfleck movie if this gets successful and so will jl2

    54. Adrian Reyes


    55. Luan Lima

      We want Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill. Even Suicide Squad will follow up and Superman won't

      1. Edvin John

        LET'S GOO!!

      2. prashant singh thakur


      3. A Rivera

        Man of steel 2

      4. A Rivera

        Man of steel IS BVS.

    56. Dark Syde

      Just the name darkseid alone is terrifying unlike thanos.

    57. Ronan

      Does joker fight with darkseid?

      1. prashant singh thakur


      2. Anmatrix

        @Aditya Wankhede joker tells darksied that we live in a society and invites him to society. Then batsy, cyborg, joker, darksied and his gang live happily ever after in society

      3. Aditya Wankhede

        Ohhh hell no🤣🤣🤣

      4. Anmatrix

        @AlphaReturns xD.

      5. AlphaReturns

        Yeah and joker wins.

    58. Alex Ortiz

      The daffy invention timely warm because lunchroom socially charge towards a obsequious column. adventurous, astonishing television

      1. prashant singh thakur

    59. Dark Syde

      Snyder to WB : You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.

      1. prashant singh thakur

    60. Naqi Hassan

      Uxas Looks bulkier than Darkseid

      1. prashant singh thakur

    61. Rahul Ghosh

      " We live in a world, where after the release of this movie, the previous one will become a distant memory..."

      1. prashant singh thakur

    62. Assunto Nerd

      The God Is Dead!

      1. prashant singh thakur

    63. AlphaReturns

      20 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!



      2. TheAkibared


    64. Aluva Cafe

      MArvel Loki = DC Steppenwolf Thanos = Steppenwolf's boss

      1. Brightburn

        Marvel is childish trash

      2. Aditya Wankhede

        This steppenwolf looks like he can make anyone his slave. But I say that because I haven't seen darkseid in any major action pursuit.

      3. soy yo

        Honestly this steppenwolf looks like he could make thanos his slave

      4. AlphaReturns

        Darkseid is steppenwolf's boss.

    65. Xan Dex

      Bless the people who's first justice league is gonna be this movie

      1. MegaDoug

        And sadness to those who did not survive to see the day 😞

    66. Theta Sigma

      Honestly i dont care what they do if superman is in it, ill watch it. much less joker is also in it

    67. Kune Fun

      Hello all I wanna go live video on youtube but youtube request I have to meet 1000 sub . Please sub me thank I just need 1000 sub . Thank let be my friend

      1. Kune Fun

        Thank for subscribe


      If the Snyder Cut succeeds, silence Bruce Dietz! That cultist will pay!!

    69. Tanvir Hasan

      I think yt stop counting the viewers of this video... It has 18 million views on the first day,, and now it's only 19!!!!

    70. Cem C

      Im getting Endgame vibes With this one

      1. Anmatrix

        @Cem C hmmmmm

      2. Cem C

        @Anmatrix i don't know that... But it looks so similar i just watched the trailer today so

      3. Anmatrix

        Because infinity endgame was copied from zacks original justice league script

    71. Thomas Latimer

      Just Graduated BMT & off to tech School so dang excited for that & this movie I hope we get the sequel someday to! Let’s go Zack Snyder

    72. Nostalgia.

      I was a hater of Jared Leto as a joker but thanks to Zack Synder for giving him a new look, now i can die in peace.

      1. Nostalgia.

        @CARPAINTM3MES hmm


        Jared Leto in Suicide Squad should be renamed to Jared Leto Studiolized

    73. Iván Iglesias

      LOL 4:3

      1. MegaDoug

        True film format lol 😑

      2. Anmatrix

        1:33:1 for imax

    74. sohail shaikh

      Can someone explain the criticism and arguement going in comment section

      1. sohail shaikh

        @Benjamin Sorensen ohh ok thanks

      2. Benjamin Sorensen

        Some people hate Zack Snyder's work and some people like it. Simple as that.

    75. ajith aju

      this movie is going to be the blasting blockbuster of the Year


        @KrillinWillin Rename yourself to ShillinWillin

      2. Revenant

        @KrillinWillin hell the trailer is better than the 2017 version

      3. KrillinWillin


      4. Rajini Mohan

        Yesssss!! ❤️🔥


      Fans: The Snyder Cut is coming WB: I can’t be apart of this Fans: Then what can you be apart of?

    77. John Wick

      Is Jared gonna do stupid shit on set again and make people believe his joker is out of this world? Lol


        @KrillinWillin You think you are Daniel Day-Lewis or something?

      2. Revenant

        @KrillinWillin probably not.

      3. KrillinWillin

        @CARPAINTM3MES Yes



    78. I’m the UNKNOWN person

      “We live in a society, where Batman without diabetes is a distant memory. Isn’t that right, whedon?”

    79. John Lee

      People praising and getting excited just because the released justice league sucks. As if BvS that sucked wasn’t made by Snyder.

      1. Save martha

        Lol, if you do something bad and batman try to catch and kill you, remember to scream save marthaaaaa, he will think that you are human afterall and become your bff

      2. iso 9001

        @Anmatrix yeah i never understand why people dont like MoS and BvS, literally this movies are better than half of mcu movies no bias i have respect for MCU

      3. MegaDoug

        Both are, will be, fantastic comic book movies ❤️👍

      4. Anmatrix

        @Bruce Wayne and now internet is moving towards DC more than marvel. Like see in last few years 'I misunderstood bvs/Mo's videos are made daily on NLname. People except trolls are excited for zsjl too

      5. Bruce Wayne

        The only reason why you people keep saying BvS and Man of Steel suck because the internet told you so


      If the Snyder Cut succeeds:- SILENCE THE FACEBOOK PAGE: HACK SNYDER

    81. Akshay RK

      ᴡᴇ ʟɪᴠᴇ ɪɴ ᴀ sᴏᴄɪᴇᴛʏ ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ 🅜🅐🅡🅒🅗 18 ɪs ɴᴏᴛ ᴛᴏᴏ ᴅɪsᴛᴀɴᴛ..


      18th March:- Get the F Word Burger with the Snyder Cut

    83. Shahryar FunPlay

      isn't that right...batman?

    84. Mirai Devera

      Is that jonathan kents line? send here for a reason??

      1. soy yo


    85. Luciano


    86. Wild Russian

      wait so is he completely redoing the movie or?

      1. Jonathan Müller

        It's the original (full) cut.

      2. Wild Russian

        @Anmatrix oh shit, Preciate it that’s unreal

      3. Anmatrix

        Not redo. It's the original before joss whedon came in. Always has been. 3.9 hrs of unseen footage. Total 4 hr 12 mins. Shot before whedon. Darksied in second half. Backstory of all characters. Black suit supes, martian manhunter No cringe jokes. Total snyder. Batman is useful this time. Also Deathstroke. If u want a whole movie based on knightmare. If this movie gets success there will be jl 2 where earth becomes new apokolips and green lantern and other stuff

    87. Meet Fadia

      Me, a marvel fan, just watching this to hit the dislike button!!!!!! Any marvel fan here?

      1. MegaDoug

        We can love both, and enjoy this time to see these on the screen. The time will come when these movies will be as rare as westerns.

      2. Browser Jay

        Wow you marvel fans are really really sad people

      3. Brightburn

        @KrillinWillin hahaha you get butthurt not me cus you got mad at my comment 😂😂keep crying marvel fan cus i said truth salty loser

      4. Tanvir Hasan

        @Brightburn right...

      5. KrillinWillin

        @Brightburn You sounds completeley butthurt xD

    88. Tashi-kun's dungeon

      Now thats a joker

    89. I am Vengeance

      3 weeks to go. Who's going to watch it on Imax? 😢😭❤️❤️❤️

      1. AlphaReturns

        @Yash K. it will.

      2. Tanvir Hasan

        @Yash K. no, this will be released in the theaters,, but not in march... 😞

      3. Yash K.

        This isn't gonna release in theaters.

    90. Ronny Kazadi

      At least there won't be a "you should have gone for the head" situation. WW will go for the head straight away.

    91. Joanna

      Warmer Bros - do you wanna hear a Joke? Joker - we live in a society...

    92. Evidence Takaruza

      They said the age of the #SnyderVerse will never come again. It will , It has to

    93. Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo

      Me : It's Impossible! Snyder : No. It's Necessary!

    94. Case7372

      The new gods on apocalypse vs the new gods on earth

    95. Saiyan Goomba


      1. Tanvir Hasan


      2. Joanna

        dc jinda baad

    96. Deinmotei Isreal

      Trailer was awesome hope the movie is awesome plus I love the Joker reveal so unexpected

    97. AleK

      0:46 Darkseid

    98. Pc Jorge Luis 35 Player

      Notice how Doomsday holds superman

      1. Stephanie Castillo


    99. Dark Syde

      Bruce Wayne : I had a dream Almost like a premonition That there’s a Snyder cut coming

    100. The Rookie

      I am glad I decided not to watch Justice League.

      1. 1400 AK

        yeah ur definitely lucky af. I remember going to watch Josstice League Christmas eve 2017. what a waste