Zack Snyder VS Marvel: The Real Difference Between the SnyderVerse and the MCU | SCENE FIGHTS!


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    Zack Snyder was finally able to release his true version of the Justice League to the public. Love it or like it, it stays true to his vision. But this got us wondering, what is Snyder's vision? What defines the SnyderVerse and sets it apart from the MCU?

    In this video we break down Snyder's literary influences and his philosophy to understand his work, from 300, The Watchmen, and his interpretations of Batman and Superman.

    We also take a closer look at the history of the MCU, and how Jon Favreau and Kevin Feige instilled that franchise with a core philosophy of its own.

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright
    Research by Sailesh Gudipati

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    1. ScreenCrush

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      1. Singtingz

        Not another AFK arena ad strategically placed within the video.

      2. Dole H

        Your video and message are misleading and it sucks..

      3. Daniel Vezina

        Easy Snyderverse was supposed to be Injustice prequel, then exec. got scared of a dark Superman.1 major difference, studio backing!!!

      4. Sach!N

        The wise man will bow down before the throne And at his feet they'll cast their golden crowns When the man ZACK SNYDER comes around. Amen! 🙏

      5. howdydutt1e

        Please do a "Army of The Dead" video. I need a break down for that 2.5 hours of my life.

    2. Nipitt Neeley

      Great channel with some amazing insight. Even when I don't agree I see his point clearly, respect him for it and grow because I listened to it.

    3. Justin H

      Damn, with all due respect Snyder was just the absolute wrong person to make a Superman movie.

    4. Jonathan Jourdenais

      Yeah but that thing about Spielberg...he denied it himself.

    5. Shado Man

      Marvel = Good. they listen to fans. DC = A piece of crap in a deep shitty hole that throws shit at it's fans.

    6. Karabo Mafa

      I think you holding Superman to a higher Standard to any of the MCU character whom seem to have been painted on a clean canvas and molded to the MCU instead of lore. What they did to Thor and Hulk is shameful

    7. Der alte Trekkie

      21:21 No, not like the Borg - more like the vulcans. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one." The problem of the Snyder Verse - and yes, I *watched* the Snyder Cut of Justice League - lies not within the length of it, although 4 hours and 2 minutes *is* a tall order and that indeed *is* a contributing factor to the problem, but with the question: What is done with these 2 hours 2 minutes, we got from the Snyder Cut? And most of the time it's boring. Slow motion, the backstory of the mother boxes, which adds a whole new can of worms to the problems already at hand - like, for example: How comes, that the humans decided to bury the box just something like 6 feet under and it is the last one grabbed by Spikewolf, while the more guarded boxes are grabbed with relative ease? - and the fact, that Cyborgs backstory is adding nothing new to the table. It's bland, it's your typical "My dad was never there for me"- thing, that I have seen in other movies and realized far superior. Then we have Darkseid, who... meh, let's be honest - he's just an idiot, who forgot that the anti-life-equation is on that one planet, where he got his ass handed to him and no amount of Zack-Snyder-Like-Mental-Gymnastics can change the fact, that he, and Terrio, frakked this one up. We have scenes, where Alfred is teaching Wonder Woman how to prepare proper tea and where he needs to tell Diana to step out of the way of him firing a laser at Batmans armor - and given what Joss Whedon said to Gal Gadot, when she didn't want to film the "Barry lands on Dianas breast"-Scene (basically, he said "I can make you look stupid") I can't help but think, that these scenes were shot by Whedon, since its making Wonder Woman look like an idiot. Oh, and who could forget scenes, in which Wonder Woman killed the terrorists. I know, they're terrorists, but they are humans. Wonder Woman - a true *Wonder Woman* has other methods, than killing them. Wonder Woman in WW 1984 didn't want to kill the soliders, so why is she so kill-happy here? And can we talk about the fact, that the death of Spikewolf is so unsatisfying? Yeah, he got punched by Supes, who lasered of his horn, then he gets stepped from behind by Aquaman and then Diana beheads him. Consider me underwhelmed. In the alleged "bad" version, he gets a taste of his own medicin by being wounded and then feeling fear, which lets the parademons gang up on him. That's so much more interesting and a good use of that concept.

    8. The Suave Critic

      Gods do a better job at saving the world when they truly want to, they stop pretending to be all good and take personal responsibility for something. Ngl I'd trust them more.

    9. Esphaeras Praestans

      So.. according to political pundits MCU : COMMUNISM DCU : CAPITALISM

    10. Aiko

      6:28 Did he just say that Pirates of the Caribbean is, I quote, "generic crap"?

    11. Froy Mora

      I dont think Zack Snyder reads comic books

      1. Frederick Colombs

        I think he does

    12. badfoody

      the problem with so many people is that you all try to call Snyder's Superman as bad because he suffers why is that a problem? Why is it such a fucking problem to see a man. Yes he is a man. He is Clark Kent from Kansas, and Jor El of Krypton. in the end just a man. struggle that's what DCU's heroes are about. struggling. they struggle through every challenge and every fear, every insecurity that digs into them. and they triumph over it so they can do what is right. no matter what anyone else around them say Maybe you're all too fucking sheltered to understand what struggle is. maybe you're all too fucking bratty to understand what it means to crawl out of the dirt and enjoy just breathing air seriously fuck you all

    13. badfoody

      i find it completely hilarious that people always say Superman didn't save people what do you mean? He was being beaten up by a Kryptonian. not just any Kryptonian, a soldier whose entire combat skills are genetically imprinted into his body. You think he had time to save other people? you think he even could fly away? NO fucking stupid

    14. Kyle Soto

      You broke that down beautifully incredible job sir much thanks to you.

    15. Jackson Pangambam

      And that's the Marvel

    16. David Ramirez

      I hate Zack Snyder with a passion

      1. David Ramirez

        @Frederick Colombs he’s a Christian 🤣

      2. Frederick Colombs

        @David Ramirez nope his worldview is not moronic

      3. David Ramirez

        @Erik Kemeey His worldview is moronic, as most Christians’, and his movies have terrible writing that he tries to salvage with video game trailer cinematics. 🤢

      4. Erik Kemeey


    17. Blah Blah

      I thought Man of Steel was a master piece

      1. Erik Kemeey

        it is a masterpiece

    18. Armani Martinez

      Please make a video and tell us what has John watts done for Spider-Man….. for marvel….. for film……

    19. Vaughn mitchell

      Tony stark with the catch phrases. Batman phrases are corny, "do you bleed"

    20. Vaughn mitchell

      Zach Snyder verse is way behind marvel verse.

    21. Risalat Rahman Hridoy

      Dude! Why do you sound like Steve Buscemi?

    22. Jennifer Saylor

      well thank you for explaining why I can't stand this Superman..

    23. Castle guard

      That’s true 😂. I haven’t finished it yet🤣

    24. Aleke Olisa

      I'm not a Snyder hater that's what all Snyder haters say

      1. Aleke Olisa

        @Dex when you say Snyder you obviously mean his movies...cuz very few people even know Snyder to hate him ...except if your just a bad person

      2. Dex

        I don't hate snyder as a person but his movies are ass.

    25. KC MAJOR

      Imagine a star wars movie written by george lucas but directed by zack Snyder 😳

    26. Regis Sanders

      "With great power comes great micromanaging" lololololol

    27. Regis Sanders

      the leaked plot that was supposed to be the next Justice League film was damn near the same storyline of Infinity Wars

    28. Dismythed & JWA

      When I saw this in my front page, I completely missed that this video was about what I requested a while back when you were already working on it. I only just realized that it wasn't just Marvel vs. Snyder, but Marvel vs. DC. Sseing the DC logo would have helped. Thank you. You did not disappoint. VERY good breakdown.

    29. MrAbwab

      Point is absolutely correct! Except you forgot to blame WarnerBros. If they weren't absolute money collectors that didn't care "much" of quality and content, DC would've probably been competing Marvel. Too bad.

      1. BAT MAN

        I mean synderverse would only last 5 or 6 movies. Compared to 20+ and on going marvel films

    30. Celon Delon

      So I’m rewatching Man of Steel and I came across another Jesus/ Messiah reference in the film. Superman is being interviewed by Lois Lane whilst he’s in handcuffs, during which Dr Hamilton interrupts and explains his reasoning for wanting to tranquillise Superman because due alien pathogens and Superman tells Dr Hamilton how he’s lived on Earth 33 years which is the same age Jesus was when he died i.e. the crucifixion , and I’m guessing the same age when he does in Batman vs Superman as there isn’t a birthday celebrated.

      1. Erik Kemeey

        So what is the problem

    31. Abraham Herrera

      Well, very fancy way of trashing the snyderverse. But these Gods don't need to do the things they do out of responsability or obligation, this just shows how entitled people think they are saying that if you are a hero you better get your ass out there and smile and save the world and be happy that you get to do it. Well, I got news for you!!!! Real heroes are very traumatized people and highly unstable because being a hero fucked up their minds and their lives. Grow up people!!! If you like to sugarcoat how fucked up the world actually is well that's what marvel is for, to give you a sweet sense of righteousness and hope because the world somehow has more good people than bad. That's fine, adore that mentality and apply it in your life. But there aren't many good people out there in the world and all of us should "COLLECTIVELY" realize that. And by the way individualism doesn't sound too bad, if 7.7 billion humans on earth were selfish enough to care for themselves we would have 7.7 billion people who have done pretty well for themselves. But that is not the case. Translation: humans are Gods, they just don't want to behave like Gods because it's too much work. So they spend their time discussing fictional Gods and how they have a responsability with humanity. Hi-fucking-larious.

    32. Mike Seibert

      Zach snyders snyderverse destroys marvel I don't even watch the marvel junk besides Spiderman or wolverine

    33. Shahrukh Ali

      um yeah! why not!!! you as far as I see is MCU youtube channel just like there are DCEU's so everyone has different opinions about these kinda topics otherwise there won't be Fans from either universe.

    34. Alex Bravo

      The aesthetics of the synderverse is cohesive and striking.

    35. Francisco Marmolejo

      Why don't you try to interview him (zack) instead of trying to figure out his intent???

    36. LIJO RAJU

      14:10 watch extended cut .he actually helped

    37. Arinze Onyiah

      I like the video essay. It was insightful. Based on what you've described about the DCEU I find myself gravitating towards the philosophy behind it. I think Zach Snyder's superman is more grounded and realistic.

    38. 28 Maitreya Gupta

      Idiots:-"But you wete not supposed to sayyy that. Feige Bad MCU Bad , Joss Good".

    39. Dicky Veto


    40. Dicky Veto


    41. RUBIX QOOB

      I know Marvel movies are lighter. But some pretty heavy shit happens in many of them.

    42. Slim Kim

      It's the DCUE not the snyderverse

    43. Robert Hicks

      This also explains why Snyder had such a hard time nailing Luthor's character. Luthor is the Ayn Rand Ubermensch, the self-centered idealist who believes in his own excellence more than others, and resents that a selfless character like Superman dares diminishing him by challenge that. It might have been interesting to reverse this, but what would a self-sacrificing altruistic Luthor even look like?

      1. Erik Kemeey

        Lex luthor character in BvS is what ayn rand would have made the hero of the story

    44. Dogwater Joe

      Mcu= people got powers, let's party! DCEU= people have powers...this is serious shit to consider.

    45. Srikar Mukkavilli

      Such an awesome video. Loved it through and through ❤️ great content ScreenCrush


      Mostly warner bros fault. Not his. Can't understand why people hate him.

    47. Shaun James Bryan

      good vid. although directors re-imagining Superheroes, an act of monumental hubris, is hardly limited to Synder & Ang Lee. It used to be the norm. Tim Burton's pantomime Batman was nothing like Batman. Joel Schumaker's neon embarrassment Batman was nothing like Batman. the Salkyind's Superman was only like Superman because Christopher Reeve understood the character. You move away from the source material that has already proven it's success and popularity, don't expect your audience to come with.

    48. Elvenjedi

      Stark's death is so much more impactful for me.

    49. Joe Arsenault

      Snyder movie was great, but Marvel is a good!

    50. charan saravanan

      Onnum puriyala 🙄

    51. aditya mark 69

      when WB takes a decision fans: 5:27 *HENRY CAVILL

    52. Tran Hung

      sup probably think human as his pet, even if human bite him, he still love human


      I'm sorry but two things. One , when Superman was in the courtroom and everybody dies from the explosion it's clearly shown that Superman is heartbroken by the scene as he knows the people will ridicule him for not helping or they will think that it's him that did the explosion as well as when everybody was coming to rescue the people Superman was seen trying to help but they said that they don't need his help. Two, Superman clearly knew that he was going to die or had a high risk of dying when he was flying the spear up to Doomsday because he just got nuked as well as how to fight with Batman before. Louis was literally begging for him not to do this but he felt like he had to. The journey Superman makes in his film connects with me so much because it shows how good people are made through the worst experiences.

    54. AJ

      Why would a video so dumb exist when Snyder loves the MCU 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


      Hey isn't ZSJL telling us the Super heros finally put their differences aside and joined together.

    56. Kisaragi

      So basically..... His vision is that they have to be assholes and dicks. Quite the opposite of 'living christ-like' or even the golden rule of for others to be kind, you also must be kind. bleh Where's the age old lesson of 'Hubris'?

    57. Popcorn Buster

      Every other comic book character can evolve but Superman can't lol You should read Action Comic Number 900 if you say so called 'Snyder's Superman' is not comic accurate If you have watched BVS: UE you'll realise Superman helped people after the court explosion Clark was right not to trust Zod because he shows his vision of building Krypton on Earth killing all the humans You didn't even talked about character development of so called 'Snyder's Superman' in the three movies

    58. Ikke Wang

      Snyder's Superman movies are amazing because of all the things mentioned in the video but also important is Henry Cavill, that was Snyder first best decision. The only natural special effect Henry Cavill CGI

      1. Ikke Wang

        @Erik Kemeey find some attention somewhere else because truthfully I don't have your time. I leave my comments whenever and however I want and never reading other comments. I do have things to do but I will give my opinion about what I want. Never will I be so lonely to comment on a comment because the comments are for everyone. With that being said I hope you live forever 😎👏🏽🇸🇷

      2. Erik Kemeey

        so what is the issue

    59. Peter Akinola

      DC is the best

    60. Drew Needs more sleep

      Marvel stayed true to their characters, Synder stayed true to his ego.

      1. Da Wae

        Nah, marvel cucked spiderman.

    61. Shihab RJ

      very well researched video.well done.

    62. Gibrán Urtu

      This was an amazing video, great work researching all that info and synthesizing all of it in this 24 minutes. I really enjoyed it.

    63. Samrat Mukherjee

      good very good video

    64. shed 117

      Have to disagree with you on Man of Steel and Henry's performance as Superman which is probably one of the best by no means is Man of Steel a perfect film but most of what he does is self sacrifice in that film his fighting beings equal to him hell even more trained. He willing gives himself up to humans he does believe in humans but with in reason its a more realistic look at how we would carry on how can you say humans aren't scared horrible beings of course he would be a little apprehensive. And the Avengers didn't come together until Phil Coulson was murdered by Loki so I feel your just twisting things to fit your narrative I don't feel we should have a Snyder verse but I would love WB to keep him on as a producer and pull their heads out their ass and continue you with what Zack set up new directors carrying on the DCCU. And not a thousand ideas that WB seem to be doing and give us a god damm sequel to Man of Steel starting Henry Cavill!!!!!

    65. Numinous123

      Ugh... Ayn Rand's The Fountanhead? The book for edgelords. Not a big fan of Snyder. What he did to The Watchman was just "meh". It could have been so much better.

    66. Kim Welch

      Thanks for explaining why I cannot stand Synder's versions. Thankfully he's stayed on the DC side which has always suffered from this kind of Hero=God mentality. And, what is amazing about Rand is that nearly every part of her philosophy is completely wrong so, of course, any art following it is going to be garbage.

      1. Erik Kemeey

        snyder is not a ayn rand fan

    67. Imran Theem

      Imagine russo brothers directing upcoming DC movie

    68. AeKings19

      What a clever analysis🤟

    69. tpjedi

      Love the video, explains to me why I love the MCU so much, I always feel disconnected watching Superman and Justice league, it doesn't speak to my deeper philosophy on life. ScreenCrush you guys crushed it in this video, made so much sense to me! Thnx

    70. Sean Emzeey

      I think Batman is the only hero that really felt obligated to serve humanity in ZSJL. If it wasn’t for Bruce the other guys wouldn’t have come together. That’s why Martian Manhunter gave him credit for that. The Flash scene preety much explains it all the team knew Bruce was the only one with an idea to come up with a team

    71. KRaZzy KaTT

      Good video but this is an L

    72. Rajneesh Sinha

      I see how you are being biased by saying superman prefers individualism and iron man prefers collectivism(taking them as an example), completely ignoring the fact that- i)how many people superman saved in man of steel (fighting kryptonians at the same time). ii)iron man was not ready to help avengers even after making time machine (not until pepper convinced him). iii)Superman sacrifices himself fighting doomsday instead of giving kryptonite to WW or try escaping from doomsday and trying to penetrate the spear again. And the list could go on. Many of your reasons are pointless which cannot be covered in one comment. I am just saying they both are collective sometimes and you can say individual sometimes and its not a topic on which you can compare them. I love both mcu and dceu but I now prefer the darker tone of zack over lighter and funny tone of mcu.

    73. Life of Animation

      After listening to your review, I start liking Zack Snyder. I think what he thinks is true in the real world. Just because a person is gifted with power, he shouldn't be obligated to serve justice or save people. In our real world, we love ourselves more than anyone else. (Sorry for the offense)

      1. Life of Animation

        @Andrew Wood Everyone has their own opinion so I can not argue. But, there is only one Jesus, only one budda, everyone else is just a follower. Because we are selfish and protect something dear to us in our darkest time, we can never become Buddha.

    74. Yash Arya

      I like Zach's universe because superheroes should also be allowed to make their own choices. I like how Clark Kent showed the feeling of revenge and fear and hesitancy that a normal human. Perhaps ZS is more relatable but at the same time, Marvel is more light hearted that only serves me to have a moment of joy.

    75. DoubtfulDylan Gaming

      In other words, people prefer a comedic group of selfless do-goods because that is how they would prefer to see themselves and what we’re told to strive for as a society. Snyder shows us “heroes” that act in their own selfish interests and to us that is an oxymoron. In actuality he depicts men transcended to become gods instead of typical heroes fighting for humanity and that was jarring to a lot of people. That’s my take anyway.

    76. Sach!N

      I'm iron man... 🤣 Cringe Man would've been perfect. "Marvel is Meh." - Scorsese

      1. Ant king with sexy eyes

        So ?

    77. django unchained

      So after all a marvel fan nitpicking dc . Lmao.

    78. Lemontain Gaming

      What??i like Jack Sparrow.....

    79. hafiz sehbaan abbasi


    80. hafiz sehbaan abbasi

      14:17 YOOOOO superman bad Iron man POG


      I came here to enjoy the both universes compition but I ended up getting a great life advice

    82. RODGER

      Zack Snyder SUCKS as a Director and should be let go. his version of the Justice League sucked and to goddamn longer then it needed to be and his Army Of The Dead was another movie that sucked as well. He needs to stay away from comics and zombies. He makes shitty movies.

      1. django unchained

        Pure hater.

    83. lone Stranger

      Zack Snyder can't make a good two-hour movie - He should stick to streaming series.

    84. Melkofficial

      Here is one difference, Marvel have released 23 movies and DC just 8 movies

      1. django unchained

        Yeah most of them are Garbage. Yes i am talking about MCU. Quality over quantity. Dumb!

    85. Kahlil Poet

      No DC Universe is Dark Dark...

    86. Bamaboyz


    87. Adam Lane

      Do you think this is our puppet masters way of subliminally nudging society to a more eastern philosophy of life by making marvel movies enjoyable and dc movies not enjoyable

    88. Elmer Son

      The difference is that the Snyderverse sucks and the MCU is great. That simple.

      1. Elmer Son

        @django unchained Lol nothing is more childish than a cinematic universe trying its best to think it's mature and but actually makes zero sense. Pretentious Snyderverse lol smh

      2. django unchained

        Nah MCU is childish. And Snyderverse is not . That's the difference.

    89. dAeve Fellows

      thank you for confirming how the DCU is just laced with rightwing propaganda and thats why it totally sucks.

    90. Ravenspyre

      The irony of a man saying he's trying to grow up a character while prescribing to a childish world view such as Christian Science and of course Ayn Rand philosophies. Both views are very childish views and just basic poppycock.

    91. Kyle Christensen

      Your editor is… something else. Constant cringey and overused jokes. Ruining the tone and feeling of videos like this. You need a new editor.

    92. Lance Uppercut

      Snyder's SuperRand!

    93. poopsbirdzilla

      you liberals hate snyder

    94. koushik raja

      14:44 oh that poor sexual harasser. it's weird how the people who cry about superman "ruining" this predator's livelihood, like devin faraci and max landis, turn out to be the real sexual predators and abusive assholes.....better look into your employees, screencrush.

    95. ace miz

      this dude sounds like zack snyders brother i swear.

    96. Ezra Motz

      ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ THIS IS A VERY LONG COMMENT. ONLY SCROLL DOWN IF YOU HAVE A COUPLE MINS TO SPARE. and that’s only if you’re a pretty fast reader…it’s more like five mins for slower than average readers haha. This channel is one of the few, if not the only channel that does film/TV/animated shows/character studies (mainly on superhero or fantasy movies or shows, so if you exclude all the other genres then that limits it down to only a few channels….if we’re talking specifically about NLname that is…but still that’s a very big chunk of the film and TV industry with just those genres alone and that’s where all the good juicy stuff is; all the Easter Eggs and fan theories, etc. So that’s what everyone wants to see anyways, including me being one of those people.) and movie/series/franchises/cinematic universe breakdowns, plus all the other stuff I already mentioned in the parenthetical above. But the main thing(s) that separate this channel from all the others (IMO) is not only do they constantly and steadily deliver on the quantity of the videos, but they are always quick and on time, which is also implying that they are always keeping up to date on the most recent shows and movies (but also every once in a while delving back into older classics for nostalgia or even other genres, which I love…since I’m just a huge film and TV fan of all movies and shows in general) and quickly releasing the videos shortly after these movies’ and shows’ release of each new episode or season. As a matter of fact, at least out of the other channels that are similar to this one that I’m aware of, Screencrush is always the first to upload a full in depth breakdown video after an episode or movie is released. And the thing is that it’s not just the quantity…the quality is always on point and everything is so well put together and executed nicely and neatly. They don’t sacrifice quality for quantity like a lot of other channels do. Plus, and this is just a bonus I guess but it’s a huge factor for me, is that he never tries too hard on his jokes, they are subtle (which is why they usually land most of the time…or at least they are usually somewhat funny the majority of the time, and I usually let out at least a little light chuckle or smile, but a lot of the times it’s an actual genuine burst of laughter) and they just blend in perfectly and keep the video from becoming too boring and make it entertaining while also giving out actual useful information for your brain at the same time. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, he doesn’t try to put one in *every ten seconds* to the point where you just wanna click off the video cuz you’re tired of constantly rolling your eyes at all the cheesy, unnecessary, and UNFUNNY jokes that become a nuisance after a while because they also interrupt the video and make you lose your focus, and then you have to rewind since you lost track of where the host left off; and that means hearing the stupid joke for a second time. SO FRUSTRATING 😣😩😤😰🥵 I don’t want to name any names though ( *cough* *cough* Heavy Spoilers ) lol ya but anyway I know they’ll probably never see this but thanks to anyone who made it this far in my own little “essay” or “channel study” of my own that I felt was deserved of and worth mentioning. 👍 👌 ✌️ P.S. shout out to not only Ryan, but of course the whole team for the great videos that help me get through the day and pass the time. I am so fascinated by all this stuff. It’s truly an escape from reality which I need sometimes…but ya also major shoutout to the editors, you guys are the true GOATS. And btw no disrespect to Heavy Spoilers. He’s ight too, so nothing against him, I just prefer ScreenCrush instead…haha thanks again keep up the great work guys if you somehow see this. Preciate you 🙏🏼 🙂

    97. Àngry foe

      This is DC (Zack Snyder) not your Marvel Josstice mind . WE are" not impressed"

    98. Àngry foe

      You're fucked up . do you want Joss back .

    99. Jack Saint

      Zack Snyder is the most overrated director today, jesus, what a mediocre man and all those nerds adoring him

    100. Ashton Ashi

      I rank mcu 1st and dceu second. Both of them have amazing visual. I love marvel and i love dceu too. You have ur view but i disagree regarding dc a lot. A lot! Zack snyder had a vision. His true vision is what made fans love him. He didn't start from ground zero and still made it look so amazing. He still went deeper into the characters. And he did amazingly.